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Silver Crusade

Skyland Games did a writeup this week of the Mysterious Disappearance of David Trampier.

Silver Crusade 2/5

Rayaq wrote:

I had thought that my time in this so-called "Lodge" had come to an end, after being left to die running useless errands for the Heidmarch wench... but it appears that my beloved Sarenrae had other ideas. My friends, it pains me that you are willing to do as your masters in the Lodge tell you to, heedless of the consequences to your souls and bodies, and so I must remain to help you to see that it is the light that creates the Shadow.

((Rayaq can heal high level. One more until 9th level))

Now, now, Rayaq.... The Heidmarches have been good friends to the society. Just because you became a shadow doesnt mean things are as shadowy as they seem.

(Pauses, then raises hand at Rayaq, concentrating....)

[Karak stands ready, currently at 10th]

Silver Crusade 2/5

Slow week for the legal biz. Any interest in a Thursday or Friday 'High Noon' table at WT? Can run just about anything.