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Full Name

Kappi Matarito




Rogue 9 HPs 69/69, AC 20, FF13 Touch17), Init +6, (fort +5, ref +13, wil +5), Trap Spotter +20







Special Abilities

trap finding, sneak attack 5d6, evasion, rogue stuff...


Chaotic Good




the road...


Varisian, Taldane, Skald


unlicensed treasure prospector

Strength 13
Dexterity 22
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Kappi Matarito

Human Rogue
Level 9
HPs 69
AC 20= +3armor +6dex +1dodge
Initiative +6

Fortitude +5, Reflex +13, Will +5

Langs: Varisian, Taldane, Skald

Special Abilities: Finesse Training (short sword)
Sneak Attack (5d6)
Trap Finding (+5 perception/disabledevice)
Evasion (1/2 damage, then no damage on save)
Trap Sense +3 (AC bonus for traps)
Improved Uncanny Dodge (can't be flatfooted or flanked)

Rogue Talent: Trap Spotter, Combat Trick (2-weapon), Positioning Attack, MinorMagic (magehand), MajorMagic (vanish)

Debilitating Injury (when takes sneak attack damage)
Bewildered (1 round, -2 AC for party, -4 AC for rogue)
Disorientated (1 round, -2 to hit, -4 to hit rogue)
Hampered (1 round, targets speed is halved, can't 5' step)
Rogue's Edge: Perception

Feats: Point Blank Shot (+1 hit/damage inside 30')
Precise Shot (shoot into melee)
Deadly Aim
Weapon Focus (sh sword)
Extra Rogue Talent (major magic)

Traits: Restless Wayfarer (+1 local/geography, bonus lang)
Frontier Forged (+1 survival/perception)

Skills: Acrobatics +6+3+9=18
Appraise +1+3+6=10
Bluff -1+3+2=4
Climb +1+3+5=9
Disable Device +6+3+9= 18 (+5 traps)
Escape Artist +6+3+3=12
Knowledge Geography +1+3+3+1=8
Knowledge Local +1+3+6+=10
Knowledge dungeoneering +1+3+2=6
Perception +2+3+8+1=15 (+5 traps)
Profession (Tinker) +2+3+1= 6
Sense Motive +2+3+1= 6
Sleight of Hand +6+3+7=16
Stealth +6+3+9=18
Swim +1+3+4=8
Survival +2+2+3=7
Use Magic Device -1+3+5=7

BAB +6/+1
CMB +7
CMD +23

+1 Sh Sword, +14/+9,1d6+7, 19-20 X2
+1 ghost touch Sh sword +14/+9, 1d6+7, 19-20 X2

1 mwk Tomahawk, melee +13 ranged +14
2 (1 cold iron) Tomahawks, melee +12, 1d6+1, X2
ranged +13 10'
4 Daggers, melee +12, 1d4+1, 19-20 X2
ranged +13, 10'
4 Javelins, melee +7, 1d6+1, X2
ranged +13, 30'
Bladed Belt, +13, 1d6+6

mwk Studded Leather Armor
cold weather gear
water skin
4 days trail rations
2 empty sacks
5 candles
2 sunrods
2 moonrods
Snow shoes
Belt Pouch, thief's tools, 1 holy water

Bag Of Holding
3 alchemical fires
1 tanglefoot bags

Potion of Heroism
Potion of Darkvision

Scroll of Darkvision
Scroll of Permanency

Lesser Talisman of Freedom
Chime of Opening
Cloak of Resistence +1
Rimepelt Cloak (bundled up for sleep time)

Cockroach Vest:
Vest grants temp hit points equal to rogue level when dropping below 0 hps.

Blinkback Belt:
A set of clips is attached to this segmented belt constructed of metallic links. Up to two one-handed melee weapons or up to four light melee weapons can be hung from the belt in straps or sheaths. When the wearer draws a weapon attached to this belt and throws it before the end of her next turn, the weapon teleports back to its strap or sheath immediately after the attack is resolved.

Ring of Feather Fall
2 weapon blanchs (cold iron)

4200 gp
27 sp