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Tell the players you'd like to run an adventure with the ship they start with.

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I'm bashing together an Excel ship sheet (the foundation of which I stole from a build sheet posted here) and having the roles and maneuvers and actions all together would be a great help.

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I suspect random encounters are significantly increased in the presence of players. :)

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I'm running a (mostly) Fading Suns game on top of D20 Modern right now. We're testing out Starfinder as a system improvement over what we've hacked together.

What we're doing right now is the same as what Starfinder does, using some variant rules from the D20SRD. We replaced critical hit multipliers with hits directly to HP. Normal hits do Stamina damage - glancing off of you or making you struggle to barely evade - as described.

Might be an option to consider?

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Gun control is an idea that probably sells better when the populace can be convinced that things are normal and that present times bias toward peace.

A setting with any reasonably interesting amount of conflict and chaos is going to see people wanting to be ready for whatever comes, as best they can.

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Jek wrote:

A species that is actually a great many small organisms that work together to create something resembling a single body due to the advantages it gives over their normal form. When the organs they make start to fail, they just repurpose other parts of their body to have the same function. They let you play the hive mentality, without the player or DM having to deal with an actual hive getting in the way; it also gives the player some body sculpting, which is one of those things you see a lot in futuristic societies in fiction--although that's typically just a matter of money rather than species.

Long long long ago, there was a quirky game called Cyborg Commando.

The alien species your Cyborg was battling against, was a colony organism. It had no distinct organs. Rather, every cell performed a little bit of every function. The bigger the alien got, the smarter, stronger, faster it got. I seem to recall they were basically plasmoids but started trying to adopt human shapes (though larger) to deal with their troublesome conquered Humans.

In a D20 / Starfinder setting, a plasmalien could improve all its stats by growing in size, or depleting all stats by shrinking. Baseline being Medium, with buffs or debuffs for growing or shrinking.

Perhaps they wouldn't respond to normal healing techniques, but would have HP/Stamina for each size level. Shoot a Large plasmalien a lot, and it becomes a slower, weaker, dumber Medium plasmalien. Shoot a Medium plasmalien a lot, and it becomes a weak, slow, dumb plasmalien that can now slink into a small duct to hide.

Perhaps, if it can't benefit from normal healing, it could heal by absorbing enough food (or "food") to grow a size level.

Worst comes to worst, a plasmalien could store a Diminutive sample of itself in the fridge - where the party forgot about that lobster they bought a few planets ago. If the main body is killed, its allies could crack open the containment and feed it back to regular size.

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I'm certain that there would be massive problems with licensing them, but here's a good start for you.

Also, I'd love to see a revisit of the aliens in D20 Future. (And the classes, while we're at it.)

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In our read-throughs so far, the equipment leveling has been quite unpopular. So we'll probably have a "a gun is a gun" conversion toward standard D20 equipment stats, but with options for masterwork from there.

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We're playing a D20 Modern + Future + D20 OGL rules options game, with Fading Suns as the primary setting. I got really interested in Starfinder as a (one hopes) consistent ruleset and maybe some setting motifs.