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Erik Mona wrote:
but by the time the PCs finally fight their way to the dungeon core I think they're going to be awfully disappointed by a fight that doesn't provide much interest in the way of tactics and abilities. Sure, the core can use message to call other monsters to defend it, but that doesn't really speak well for its own value as a monster. So, weirdly, we have a monster here who is more fun in play before you meet it and fairly underwhelming when it comes to the final battle.

Isn't that exactly what makes this monster interesting. You have a lot of "main-monsters" doing nothing all the time and then making boom when you bump into them. The are all fearless fighters fighting till the end. This one (dungeon core) does exactly the opposite. It is brave as long as it is save and then turns out to be a weakling. I like the flavour of an enemy annoying the players all the time and then laying (nearly) helpless in front of the players. For a change it is a great thing! And there is no reason for the dungeon core (for the DM) to be the only "boss-encounter" in its dungeon. You could combine a classic boss-encounter with a dungeon core... What they could do together ;-)

I like the dream distilled creature a lot. It has some very interesting rules.

Wolfgang Baur wrote:
Or is it not a touch attack? It's actually hard for me to tell for sure from the text, and that's a problem.

I think it is pretty obvious ;-)

It says: "Melee 2 incorporeal TOUCHES +15/+15 (disprove existence)", and "A creature hit by a complexity golem’s TOUCH is affected by a disintegrate spell"

The complexity-golem's disintigrate touch attack seems to be very strong, but being CR 15 it seems to me to be ok. Strong but ok. Isn't that they way it is meant to be? ;-)

Some don't like the golem to be immune to magic... No player likes any immunities, i think. But a golem without immunity to magic?

I think this is a great submission. I can understand that the writing is important but... In some other submissions you can find errors in the stats-section... I think this is much worse than some small faintnesses in the language.
I think what is really important is: First the idea. Second the accurate stats. Of course it entails some work to correct language errors, but what about stats-errors? ;-)

I just read this country. I find it overwhelming creative. It is something really new. All the complaining about the missing name... Is it really important to have a name here? I think the general idea is what really counts. And the idea is really great. The druids desperately raising the tower... It is really good and offers a lot of possibilities for adventurers to interfere with the region.

This one definitely got my vote!