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Draco Bahamut wrote:
There is hope for non-asian martial arts ? Still have hope for a Luchador or a Capoeirist.

You realize that Paizo would just created their own martial arts styles like they have for the other sourcebooks ie Aldori Dueling Style is not like actual fencing. So if they make a style mimics real life martial arts there will be so much changes to it that it won't be the actual style. I have only seen one or two RPG's that had actual real life martial arts and used that actual names but none were fantasy games.

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Starbuck_II wrote:
Shadowdweller wrote:
Rogue. Because Ninjas can't do the archtypes.

Which archetypes?

It can do 50% of them.

It can't do archetypes since Ninja is a more detailed archetype for Rogue then the others archetypes are.