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UllarWarlord wrote:
I want to know who on earth made the Gentry High Hat. Sure, may have been a wee bit underpriced for what it does, but it's still REALLY REALLY cool. I would totally pick it up for use in many of my campaigns (where I'm either a snooty PC or NPC). Props to you, designer!

That would be me! I realized pretty quickly I'd made a few styling and formatting errors, and there is a good argument for my pricing being too low. However, I was happy that it survived through all the culls to the end. I'm very flattered by your words. It was definitely in mind that this would be a perfect item for the ever present PC or NPC that prefers someone else doing their drudge work.

The original design was going to have a human butler, but I was unsure how to pin that down mechanically. Being able to reference the NPC codex was a boon, but morphed the butler in a halfling page, which was still pretty neat.