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Sovereign Court 5/5

I, for one, am immensely proud and grateful to have become a daughter of the illustrious Blakros family.

...even if we do have some... less than pleasant suitors.

(Yep, I bought the vanity on this character. Enjoy the thought of one of the Blakros daughters being a nagaji.)

Sovereign Court

Milady Dralneen,

it pleases this humble servant greatly that you have turned your attention to matters of such scholarly import. Though I was not allowed the luxury of choosing to become a Pathfinder, I have found some solace in its desire for discovery and knowledge. Knowing that You, as my patron of sorts, have spent time researching things close to my lowly heart makes me believe that perhaps this... rental I am on shall not be such a horrid time after all. I could complain about the company, but as that is not my place, I will merely pray that fortune will befall me and I shall no longer be the only one keeping in mind the value of law.

Grateful to be your servant, negotiator, and archivist,
Josei Kilojarrah