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A Fantastic Scenario


I recently judged this scenario at a convention, and I can safely say it is one I will enjoy running again and again for no credit. The premise is solid, and each of the preliminary encounters can play out in a completely different way. I especially appreciate how the “against the clock” timing contingencies – both real-world and in-game – give the players a heightened sense of danger and consequences should they dally. Even with these mechanics, my players found ample time to role-play several of the fantastic faction missions quite cleverly.

Now any GM running a Tier 7-11 scenario has had to suffer through a couple of embarrassingly under-powered encounters. Not every encounter need be a tough challenge, but that doesn’t stop us from groaning quietly if the next act in an otherwise delightful mid-level scenario involves eight level 2 warriors with 12 strength, clubs, and leather armor. Wrath of the Accursed stands out to me for having NPCs with beautifully designed stat blocks, each one (with one minor exception) an exciting challenge for different reasons across both tiers. As icing on the cake, the inspired, well-thought-out tactics sections compliment the NPCs’ personalities and recent events in the scenario while recommending very wise use of class abilities.

From this it may sound like Wrath of the Accursed is only fun for GMs, but I assure you that my players had a great time. With Eyes of the Ten now completely released, this is a scenario I would recommend for anyone looking for a “last hurrah” scenario before starting up the retirement campaign arc.