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I will have to agree to disagree on the whole bank vs. crowdfunding topic. A crowdfunding option in my opinion is a gamble where going the more traditional route is safer for both the business and consumer but that is just my opinion.

I agree with what you’ve said both here and the Kickstarter comment page for the project. I sincerely wish that there was something more that we could do as consumers to recoup our losses from this company. I’ve tried to just let go and accept that I threw away $475 on this but for some reason cannot let it go. It is the way that it is being handled that is my main issue. I hope that someone will soon be able to give us some answers other than “wait and see”

As I have said before I Hope Paizo does do something here for the backers because it was their endorsement that got my money out of me. I know how I would handle this in my business all I can do is hope that people at Paizo feel the same way.

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I must say that I am very disappointed at how Paizo is handling this fiasco with ninja division and their kickstarter project for the miniatures. I would never have put my money into this project if it weren’t for Paizo assuring us that it is worth backing. Even when you look at the kickstarter page Paizo has their name and logo all over it right there next to ninja division. The fact that things seem to be going belly up with this project and Paizo has nothing to say about it. The right thing for Paizo to do would be to step up and offer something as a sign of good faith and appreciation to their customers. This entire thing seems rather fraudulent to me at least. The fact that funds were secured under false pretenses to cover past expenses with no intention to follow through. I truly do feel bad that the owners of ninja division are going through such hardships, as a fellow business owner I feel for them, however, in my opinion it is unethical what they did and since they are not able to follow through on their commitment then as their partner in this endeavor I believe it should fall on Paizo to make it right to the people who have invested. It is the ethically responsible thing to do.