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I've read it and I like the idea, but for me there is still a big problem.

Why should I take "offensive training" or "defensive training" for my character? I can get "strong" or "dextrous" instead.

I tried to use this for my Magus and planning the next levels, but every time i'll end with increasing the attributes before choosing these weapon or armor bonuses

For example:

lvl3: +1 to all saves
lvl4: offensive or defensive training +1
lvl5: +2 primary attribute (str)
lvl6: +2 secondary attribute (con or int)
lvl7: +3 to all saves
lvl8: +2 secondary attributes(con or int)
lvl9: improved offensive or defensive training +2
lvl10: +4 primary attribute (str)
lvl11: +4 secondary attribute (con or int)
lvl12: + 4 secondary attribute (con or int)

I really like the whole idea, but at the moment it is no working for me. Maybe with some restrictions, at which level you can take another improvement to the attributes or something.

Ooh, and I am sorry for my bad english :)