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HP 28/28 | AC 17 (T 13 FF 14) | Init +1 | Perception +1 | Saves 6/4/8 | CMD 16 | 4 Warpriest of Erastil | Human (Varundi) Male


Spells -/4/2 | Fervor 5/5 | Blessings 5/5 | Sacred Weapon 4/4 | Inspired | GM Reroll +1 |





Strength 14
Dexterity 15
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 13

About Jiggo Maelerant

1e character. >2e version here.<

"Oh! You dropped this." Jiggo hands the coin you tried bribed him with back. "I don't need that, haha! As long as you're doing alright."

Role: Jiggo is here to frontline or use magic to enhance the party when needed.

Bot Me:

When the fight starts, Jiggo will cast Bless or use the Good Blessing to enchant the frontliner's weapon against evil.
Jiggo will either use his staff (and 2-weapon fighting) or use the Aid Another Action to help the front liner's attack bonus. It depends if Jiggo is the frontliner.

: Jiggo was raised in a small village and was taught to believe in his community. He was taught that the world works in odd ways, but by working together, the world will turn out for the better. This made him a bit gullible, and he was quickly lead astray by an out-of-town woman he'd never met before. Maybe he fell in love with her. Maybe he thought he could bring the happiness in her heart. Eventually she left when a wandering paladin appeared in the village, leaving him a quarterstaff as a gift. Jiggo eventually discovered the paladin was looking for a demon he injured who fled in the direction of the village. That event taught Jiggo he could help others by travelling the world and spreading the good word to others.

Jiggo follows Erastil, the God of farming, hunting, trade, and family. Jiggo has learned a well-connected family is the easiest way to grow.

: Jiggo's a very kind person who believes that no one is born evil - only the weakness of man that gives into temptation will spread evil. He's a big believer in communities and urges people to cooperate rather then compete. If he thinks there is a chance to redeem someone, he will try, even if that leads him into a trap. He believes that if you are good, you feel good. He'd rather talk it out, rather than bash you with his staff.

Bot Me!:

As the battle starts, Jiggo will either cast Bless, or he will use the Good Blessing to enchant the damage dealer's melee weapon for extra damage against evil.
Jiggo will either hit things with his quarterstaff (he has 2 weapon fighting) or use the Aid Another action to help his allies hit. Depends if he's the frontline fighter or not.

Why did he join the Pathfinder Society:
: Jiggo has found the opportunity to help others, and to save communities from succumbing to evil. He finds the Silver Crusade particularly interesting, and joined them in their mission to save people from evil.

XP: 10
Fame: 18
PP: 6
PFS#: 133608-5

Saving Throws:

  • Fortitude 1 Con + 4 Wrp + 1 Cloak = 6
  • Reflex 2 Dex + 1 Wrp + 1 Cloak = 4
  • Will 3 Wis + 4 Wrp + 1 Cloak = 8

  • Cloak of Resistance +1

  • Inspired: Once per day as a free action, roll twice for any skill or ability check and take the better roll.
  • Defenses and Movement:

  • HP: 10 (Wrp 1) + 3d8 Wrp + 4 Con = 28
  • AC: 10 + 2 Dex + 1 Dodge + 4 Armor = 17
  • Touch: 10 + 2 Dex + 1 Dodge = 13
  • Flat footed: 10 + 4 Armor = 14

  • Initiative: +2

  • CMD: 10 + 2 BAB + 2 Str + 2 Dex = 16
  • Attacks:

  • BAB: 2
  • CMB: 4

    Masterwork Quarterstaff
    Base Attack: 2 BAB + 2 Str + 1 Masterwork + 1 Weapon Focus = 6
    Base Damage: 1d6 + 2 Str
    Offhand Damage: 1 Str
    2 Handed Damage: (2 * 1.5) = 3 Str

    [dice=Quarterstaff, TWF]1d20+4[/dice]
    [dice=Bludgeoning Damage]1d6+2[/dice]

    [dice=Quarterstaff, TWF]1d20+4[/dice]
    [dice=Offhand Damage]1d6+1[/dice]

    [dice=Quarterstaff, 2 handed]1d20+6[/dice]
    [dice=Bludgeoning Damage]1d6+3[/dice]

  • Single Dagger +4 (1d4+2/19-20x2)
    [dice=Slashing or Piercing Damage]1d4+2[/dice]

  • Two Handed Weapon Daggers +2/+2 (1d4+2/19-20x2, 1d4+1/19-20x2)
    [dice=Dagger, TWF]1d20+4[/dice]
    [dice=Slashing or Piercing Damage]1d4+2[/dice]

    [dice=Dagger, TWF]1d20+4[/dice]
    [dice=Slashing or Piercing Damage]1d4+1[/dice]

  • Weapon of Peace trait: (When using a melee weapon to deal nonlethal damage, the penalty is -2 instead of -4)

  • Good Blessing - Holy Strike: Jiggo can touch one weapon. For 1 minute, It will glow and deal an additional 1d6 damage to evil creatures. It is treated as good for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

    Masterwork Composite Longbow (+2 Str)
    Attack: 2 BAB + 2 Dex + 1 Masterwork = 5
    Damage: 1d8 + 2 Str

    [dice=Masterwork Composite Longbow]1d20+5[/dice]
    [dice=Piercing Damage]1d8+2[/dice]

    Attack: 2 BAB + 2 Dex = 4
    Damage: 1d4 + 2 Str
    [dice=Slashing or Piercing Damage]1d4+2[/dice]

  • Skills:

  • 12 : (4 * 2) Warpriest + 0 Int + (4 * 1) Human Skilled
  • ACP: 0

  • Climb 2 Str + 3 In Class + 1 Rank = 6
  • Diplomacy 1 Cha + 3 In Class + 3 Rank + 3 Skill Focus = 10
  • Heal 3 Wis + 3 In Class + 2 Rank = 8
  • Knowledge (Religion) 3 In Class + 2 Rank = 5
  • Profession (Social Worker) 3 Wis + 3 In Class + 1 Rank = 7
  • Sense Motive 3 Wis + 3 In Class + 1 Rank = 7
  • Survival 3 Wis + 1 Rank + 3 In Class = 7
  • Swim 2 Str + 1 Rank + 3 In Class = 6

  • Community Blessing - Communal Aid: Jiggo can touch an ally. For the next minute, they grant a +4 bonus with Aid Another actions. Jiggo can apply this power to himself as a swift action.
  • Inspired: Once per day as a free action, roll twice for any skill or ability check and take the better roll.

  • Feats, Traits and Class Abilities:

  • Human: Combat Reflexes
  • 1: Two Weapon Fighitng
  • Warpriest 1: Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff)
  • Warpriest 3: Dodge
  • 3: Skill Focus (Diplomacy)

    Class Abilities

  • Aura: Jiggo gives off a good aura just like a level 2 Cleric would.

  • Sacred Weapon: Any weapon Jiggo has Weapon Focus with will deal at least 1d6 damage.

    At 4th level, the warpriest gains the ability to enhance one of his sacred weapons with divine power as a swift action. This power grants the weapon a +1 enhancement bonus. For every 4 levels beyond 4th, this bonus increases by 1 (to a maximum of +5 at 20th level). If the warpriest has more than one sacred weapon, he can enhance another on the following round by using another swift action. The warpriest can use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to his warpriest level, but these rounds need not be consecutive.

    These bonuses stack with any existing bonuses the weapon might have, to a maximum of +5. The warpriest can enhance a weapon with any of the following weapon special abilities: brilliant energy, defending, disruption, flaming, frost, keen, and shock. In addition, If he is good, he can add ghost touch and holy. Adding any of these special abilities replaces an amount of bonus equal to the special ability’s base cost. Duplicate abilities do not stack. The weapon must have at least a +1 enhancement bonus before any other special abilities can be added.

  • Favored Class: 4/6 Combat Feat

  • Blessing: 5 (3 + 1/2 his Warpriest level) per day
    Good Blessing
    Holy Strike (minor): At 1st level, you can touch one weapon and bless it with the power of purity and goodness. For 1 minute, this weapon glows green, white, or yellow-gold and deals an additional 1d6 points of damage against evil creatures. During this time, it’s treated as good for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. This additional damage doesn’t stack with the additional damage from the holy weapon special ability.

    Community Blessing
    Communal Aid (minor): At 1st level, you can touch an ally and grant it the blessing of community. For the next minute, whenever that ally uses the aid another action, the bonus granted increases to +4. You can instead use this ability on yourself as a swift action.

  • Fervor: 5 (1/2 level + Wisdom mod) times per day, Jiggo can touch one creature to heal 1d6 hit points. This is a standard action, or a swift action if Jiggo uses it on himself.

    Jiggo can also harm undead this way, although it provokes an AoO.

    As a swift action that does not provoke, Jiggo can cast a spell upon himself (and only himself), ignoring somatic components.

  • Channel Energy: Jiggo can release a wave of energy by channeling the power of his faith through his holy symbol. Using this ability is a standard action that expends two uses of his fervor ability and doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity. Jiggo channels positive energy and can choose to heal living creatures or to deal damage to undead creatures.

    Channeling energy causes a burst that affects all creatures of one type (either undead or living) in a 30-foot radius centered on Jiggo. The amount of damage dealt or healed is equal to the amount listed in the fervor ability. Creatures that take damage from channeled energy must succeed at a Will saving throw to halve the damage. The save DC is 15 (10 + 1/2 the warpriest’s level + the warpriest’s Wisdom modifier.) Creatures healed by channeled energy cannot exceed their maximum hit point total—all excess healing is lost. A warpriest can choose whether or not to include himself in this effect.


  • Weapon of Peace (When using a melee weapon to deal nonlethal damage, the penalty is -2 instead of -4)
  • Inspired: Once per day as a free action, roll twice for any skill or ability check and take the better roll.
  • Magic:

    Wand of Cure Light Wounds (28 charges)

    Caster Level check: +4
    Concentration check: 4 + 3 = 7
    Base DC: 13

    Today's spells
    Level 0, DC 13, 4/day

  • Light
  • Guidance
  • Stabilize
  • Virtue

    Level 1, DC 14, 4/day
    Detect Evil - [/url=]Detect Evil[/url]
    Divine Favor - [/url=]Divine Favor[/url]
    Protection from Evil - [/url=]Protection from Evil[/url]
    Shield of Faith - [/url=]Shield of Faith[/url]

    Level 2, DC 15, 2/day
    Bull's Strength - [/url=]Bull's Strength[/url]
    Restoration, Lesser - [/url=]Restoration, Lesser[/url]

    Quick Spells

    Level 1
    Bless - [/url=]Bless[/url]
    Detect Evil - [/url=]Detect Evil[/url]
    Divine Favor - [/url=]Divine Favor[/url]
    Hide from Undead - [/url=]Hide from Undead[/url]
    Protection from Evil - [/url=]Protection from Evil[/url]
    Shield of Faith - [/url=]Shield of Faith[/url]

    Level 2
    Aid - [/url=]Aid[/url]
    Align Weapon - [/url=]Align Weapon[/url]
    Angelic Aspect - [/url=]Angelic Aspect[/url]
    Bear's Endurance - [/url=]Bear's Endurance[/url]
    Bull's Strength - [/url=]Bull's Strength[/url]
    Hold Person - [/url=]Hold Person[/url]
    Protection from Evil, Communal - [/url=]Protection from Evil, Communal[/url]
    Restoration, Lesser - [/url=]Restoration, Lesser[/url]

  • Gear:

  • Mithral Chain Shirt (1100)
  • Masterwork Quarterstaff (600)
  • Masterwork Composite Longbow (+2 Str) (600)
  • 20 Arrows (1)
  • Cleric's Kit (16)
  • -backpack,
  • -a bedroll,
  • -a belt pouch,
  • -candles (10),
  • -a cheap holy text,
  • -a flint and steel,
  • -an iron pot,
  • -a mess kit,
  • -rope,
  • -soap,
  • -a spell component pouch,
  • -torches (10),
  • -trail rations (5 days),
  • - a waterskin
  • -a wooden holy symbol.
  • Journal (10)
  • Ink (8)
  • 2 Daggers (4)
  • Wand of Cure Light Wounds (2 PP)
  • Acid Flask (10)
  • Alchemists Fire (20)
  • 2 Flasks of Holy Water (50)
  • Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000)

  • 2675 gp
  • Faction Goals:

    0/2: Defeat an outsider that has the evil subtype or an undead creature whose CR is at least equal to your character level.

    0/2: Defeat a divine spellcaster whose patron is an evil deity and whose CR is at least equal to your character level.

    0/2: Accept the surrender of an enemy combatant (other than an evil outsider or undead creature), and ensure his fair treatment until he can safely be released, ransomed, or delivered to authorities for justice. Alternatively, allow such an enemy combatant with no means of escape to flee without further harm.

    1/2: Forgo your Downtime and succeed at a Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), or Perform (oratory) check with a DC equal 15 + your character level to organize a charity event. Alternatively, donate resources worth 100 gp per character level to charity.
    Slave Pits of Absalom

    0/1: Rescue a named NPC who is a divine spellcaster with a good-aligned deity or a named outsider with the good subtype. Alternatively, collaborate with the NPC to overcome an obstacle directly related to the PCs’ success conditions, such as defeating a foe; summoned outsiders do not contribute to this goal, but called ones do if not coerced into service.

    0/1: Have a number of ranks equal to your character level (minimum 4) in Diplomacy, Heal, or Knowledge (religion).

    0/1: In the course of an adventure, purify a corrupted object or location, or remove an evil force that is possessing or otherwise controlling a creature.

    0/3, 0/2: Serve as the GM for an adventure that grants 1 or more XP, and apply the Chronicle sheet to this character. Checking 3 boxes counts as one goal for earning faction rewards; checking all 5 counts as two goals.


    The Wounded Wisp:



    Wow, what an adventure. That was my first, almost my last! All over a bottle of wine.

    Venture-Captain Dreng dressed up as a beggar to play a trick on us. Heehee! I was about to hand him some gold coins before he dropped the ruse and tasked us. He wanted us to visit the tavern The Wounded Wisp and retrieve a bottle of wine. I don't mind helping someone out, but why does he want alchohol while he's on duty?

    We reached the basement level and as we pulled the bottle of wine, a secret passage opened. A...thing crawled off the ceiling and tried to eat Puss the Cat. I tried to talk it out of its hunger, but it wouldn't listen to reason. After we defeated it, we noticed an old desk, full of documents written by an old pathfinder who was at the verge of solving a mystery. He didn't succeed, but he left enough clues for another group to finish in his stead. He was eventually betrayed... terrible.

    Our first clue was in the cemetery of Abadar. The blacksmith Arkath took a clue to his grave. We had to open the masoleum to inspect the body. A cleric of Abadar arrived just as we broke in. Looked pretty dicely, but I was able to convince the man to let us finish our investigation (after we paid for repairs, of course.) And we found a silver coin inside the corpse. It was a Pathfinder's Coin, and had a hidden message explaining a man named Fimbrick would have more information.

    Fimbrick's house was empty. We entered quietly, but we must have triggered a trap! Three shadowy bugs appeared and attacked us. Fimbrick left a trap, but also left a message for us. Told us the password was 'Wiffle'. Password for what?

    Dailung had a hunch and returned to the Wall of Names. Each line is dedicated to a Pathfinder who lost a life in the line of duty. Fimbrick's notes indicated three of the names were fake, added by a traitor. The deeds line up with people who took the Test of the Starstone, a test to reach godhood. There is only one success I know of, and that was by accident. Why would you force immortality upon yourself? A fool's goal.

    It turns out one of the shrines has a plate that can be written upon. Writing the word 'Wiffle' exposed another secret wall. It was the traitor's secret notes! Plenty of lost information, written and compiled for the taking.

    On our way out we were ambushed by a bunch of mercenaries. One of them tore right into me and knocked me out cold. Ouch! Luckily we beat them. It turns out a Taldan woman named Miranna hired them to ambush us and steal our stuff. We staked the meeting place but no one arrived. Anyway, the information we found solved many mysteries...and opened a few new ones. Can't wait to see what's next!

    Mists of Miangi:




  • Wand of Cure Light Wounds (2 PP)
  • Masterwork Quarterstaff (600 gp)

    I write this journal entry as I wait for my hair to dry. I picked out so much monkey business that must have been thrown in there.

    Trouble in the Blakros museum...again. One Nigel Aldain, a former Pathfinder who left under less than agreeable circumstances, is now a curator at the museum. Too bad someone brought something from the Mwangi Expense that messed up the place. I tried finding more information, but there was a beggar who had so many interesting talks about his pet pig...I lost half the day.

    We entered the museum and found several skeletons, zombies and a ghast come to life. Er, unlife. I'm not sure if I did much, but I did bless Callan's mighty axe to cleave one of them in two. Rest easy.

    As we moved into another room, two of the clerks attacked us! They ran on all fours and were completely feral. We managed to subdue them, but then we heard a noise from a closet. Saldak, a researcher, managed to hide as a mysterious fog rolled into the museum. Unfortunately his friend was not as lucky. One of his friends was torn apart by the feral ape-like men.

    Saldak gave me a scroll, written by the Mwangi tribes. They warned of moving the three Three Tik Taan Idols from the local tribe, and the terrible curse it brings. I escorted him out of the museum and continued our investigation.

    After subduing another feral worker in the lavatory (and giving respects to the half-orc he slew), we made our way to the main exhibit hall. There we found Nigel, chained to an obelisk, surrounded by monkeys. And a gorilla roared at us. My friends quickly put it down, but we were soon assaulted by three idols. Tough little buggers, I couldn't get my staff to connect, but luckily my friends had better aim.

    As the dust cleared and the idols were smashed, the monkeys in the room left and we were able to rescue Nigel. He was quite thankful Pathfinders were willing and able to come to his aid, and realized that whatever upset him was in the past. He promised to let the society take a closer look at the museum, and invited us to the grand reopening of the museum.

    That did sound interesting, but I had more important things to do, like visit the homeless shelter and see if that man I met earlier made it there or not. Graxos called me "Carrot-Top" which I didn't understand at first. Then I realized he was talking about my hair. And then I realized the monkeys made a mess of it while we were fighting the idols. Jumpy little critters.

  • The Confirmation:



    An exciting journey laid before us. We would travel with the lovely Janira to a mountainside. During the full moon, gillmen would travel there, and we were to investigate the significance.

    We all shared our stories with each other, and why we became Pathfinders. We also joked a bit at Amarandlon's expense (sorry my friend, it was too easy!) We were attacked by a swarm of snakes, and I was reminded to always be prepared. Flasks of alchemical fire did the job there.

    Just as we reached the cavern, a huge minotaur roared at us. Janira bravely diverted its attention while we fled into the cavern system. I wish I could be that strong, and brave!

    After crossing a pit (and finding a cloak,) we came up across what seemed to be the remains of a shrine dedicated to Aroden. I think there were once 12 panels, once for each guise of Aroden, but I was only able to identify the hunter, the shepherd, the soldier and the craftsman. There was also a miniature model of a city nearby. All of this was very beautiful.

    In front of the city, with his back turned to us was a gillman, praying in the pool. He was deaf and mute, which is why he didn't hear us approach. Still he was kind, and managed to tell us that the gillmen use this pool as a shrine. He said the influence and protection is fading, and nasty monsters are invading and defling the grounds. I made a quick prayer to Erastil to protect the caverns. He suggested we go to the west to rid some more of the invaders.

    After we repelled some lizards, we heard Janira and the Minotaur not far from a cave exit. We hurried just in time to watch it knock Janira out. We hurried to help her and managed to slay the beast! Well, Callan, Hasshin and Issac slew the beast- I just helped everyone recover their wounds.

    Personally I think the mission was very successful. I did promise to return and help the gillmen however I could to repel the invaders and sancify their place of worship. One day I will gain the strength needed to do it.

    Godsmouth Heresy:




  • 2 flasks of holy water
  • Cloak of Resistance, +1
  • The Dalsine Affair:

    (GM Credit) The Traitor's Lodge:

    7. Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts:


    Sell the Studded Leather Armor
    Buy a Masterwork Chain Shirt
    Buy a Composite Longbow (+2 Str)
    Sell the Shortbow

    Rebuild Ideas:

    Losing Self-Sufficient, Persuasive
    Gaining Combat Reflexes, Skill Focus (Diplomacy)

    Spending 10 PP total and 1500 gp

    8. The Twisted Circle:

    Gameplay Thread


    Mercy’s Blessing You survived the transformative power of Verdant Spark, and you now have a measure of protection against other conditions that would attempt to harm your body. You can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet to reroll a saving throw against a poison or disease and take the better result.

    Nira’s Gratitude Thanks to your assistance in solving Mercy’s mysteries, Nira has slowly started to regain her sense of self and memories as Amenira. After receiving some repairs at the Grand Lodge, she is eager to continue to learn and explore alongside of people who helped her. A spellcaster of at least 7th level can take Nira as a familiar with the Improved Familiar feat. Use the statistics for a neutral aligned soulbound doll (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 255). If you make this bond with Nira, you must provide a copy of Bestiary 2 as if the improved familiar appeared on the Additional Resources page. This boon also bypasses the restriction that soulbound dolls are not normally available as familiars.

    If you do not take Nira as a familiar, you can still ask her to follow you. If you do so, you can coax her to remember some of her former abilities at great effort. After you roll a Knowledge check, Perception check, or Sense Motive check but before the results are revealed, you can cross this boon off of your Chronicle sheet to roll a second time using Nira’s bonus instead (6 + your character level), representing Nira’s insights. This act is mentally taxing, and Nira cannot provide this assistance more than once.

    I'm level 4!:

    Level 4 Stat Boost: +1 Wisdom (now 16 Wisdom)
    +1 Will Saves
    +1 to spell DC / Concentration checks
    +1 Wisdom based skills

    I'm a level 4 Warpriest!
    HP: 5 + 1 Con (now 28) (noted)
    Saves: Fort/Will +1 (now +6/+8) (noted)
    Blessings: 5/day (noted)
    Spells per day: 2 level 2 spells (1 + 1 from high Wisdom) (noted)
    Skill Points: 2 Int + 1 Human
    +1 Diplomacy (now +10)
    +1 Heal (now +8)
    +1 Swim (now +6)

    Favored Class Bonus: 1/6 Combat Feat (now 4/6) (noted)
    Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (noted)
    Sacred Weapon +1 (4 rounds per day) (noted)
    Fervor (5/day) (noted)

    9. Slave Pits of Absalom:


    Faction Goal completed
    Forgo your Downtime and succeed at a Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), or Perform (oratory) check with a DC equal 15 + your character level to organize a charity event. Alternatively, donate resources worth 100 gp per character level to charity.