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So... a witchwarper can transform food items?

Please tell me that's a cantrip :D

Hey, as much as you can laugh at getting sweets, you... could technically transform a poisoned or rotten stuff into an healthy one ;)

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Well, no new race considering that the new iconics are Kasatha, Lashunta and Human... It would have been fun get either 3 non-core races or have say an Elven Biohacker, a Dwarven Vanguard and a Gnome Witchwarper.

THAT BEING SAID, that means that all 3 classes will be used for new aliens in AA4 and beyond, which may leads to new alien grafts and concepts, such as a witchwarper entity for overusing its powers, and the same could be used for the other two classes.

So for my updated wishlist:
* Artificial intelligences (we... should have gotten them by now)
* Witchwarper/Vanguard/Biohacker-related aliens
* Large and bigger Drones, maybe as an extra option for mecanics
* Solarian-related aliens, such as an alien made of both photon and grativon particles (not a class, but a monster)
* Outer dragons
* Heralds for some of the new deities
* More colossi... and please, give us a Colossus monster graft already!

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Occultist, because you are essentially a Magus with better armor options, as psychic spells aren't affected by armor.

Vigilante, because you have many talents to substitute feats with, and the number of archetypes give you a LOT of variety.

Kineticist, because it's the closest thing to DnD's warlock and its at-will blast is a better and safer alternative to damage spells.

Elementalist Shifter, because the energy damage can be quite useful... and TWFing it could make it cool.

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Anorak wrote:
Man, James, We need a Starfinder Novel.

I would like a comic book adaptation as well ;)

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Their cantrips are now scalable by levels... or half their levels to correspond to their heighest spell levels.

They now have some sort of unlimited ammo.

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avr wrote:
A giant tortoise has a fair amount of AC so if you're sick of losing mounts they're an option I guess. Just make sure to give it all the mobility feats you can (step up etc.) and get someone to cast longstrider on it.

Here's what I have found:

- Give the Giant Tortoise the Racer archetype (+10 ft).
- Buy it the Horseshoes of Speed (+30 ft).
- Pick the Barbarian Mounted Fury archetype's Fast Rider ability (+10 ft).
- Pick the Swift Foot rage power 3 times (+15 ft.) as well as the Ferocious Mount and Greater Ferocious Mount powers

The Tortoise can now move at 75 ft while its rider is raging... and it can sprint at 750 ft once/hour, and that's without spells.

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SunKing wrote:
Slim Jim wrote:

Loved: Archetypes. Best idea Paizo had.

Wanted: A Pf2 that was a natural upgrade from PF1, but depowered the OP core caster classes.
Hated: The bleeding-edge dope published from especially from 2015 onward. (I recall the overpowered 3.5e splats heralding the end of that system as well.)
Will Miss: PF1, warts and all, as it was the d20 system I love.
I too support the ‘natural upgrade’ path PF2 could have taken. I hope this forum remains a great place to support a fan-generated ‘natural upgrade.’

I keep saying multiple times: I'm perfectly fine with Paizo upgrading the aging d20 system for something better, simplier more streamlined.

I am salty that I essentially need to "get down the hill, change my gear and climb again" instead of just "getting better gear in mid-ascension and keep on climbing". In short, I kinda wished that at least 50% of P1E was converted for 2E, be races, classes, spells AND monsters, have the 50% coming shortly after and THEN getting brand new materials.

For instance, we just got the Shifter class... only to be dropped from P2E until further noticed... You would think that after so many revisions, they would have given the Druid something equivalent in 2E ^^;

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My issues with multiclassing:
- The requirements are rather steep and can mess up your builds.

- Some requirements are solely for lore reasons, such the Shadowdancer's Perform skill, which is never used again in the PrC itself.

- A PrC basically halts progress for your base class[es]. Since many base classes state the "per class level" rule for scaling/advancement, PrC levels don't count toward them unless specified, not to mention that several class features are even tied to specific levels.

- As a few others stated, since the addition of archetypes, PrCs have become almost useless. Sure, you trade features, but your key abilities aren't affected. Even more, the Assassin was essentially rendered useless thanks to the Slayer's class.

- Many PrCs could have been turned into archetypes, such the Battle Herald for Bards, Horizon Walker for Rangers or Rage Prophet for Warpriests.

- I understand that Prestige Classes are supposed to be a special membership card, but in many situations, you cannot simply be "part of the organization". You always had to be a "member in becoming". There also can be an issue due to how the lore has to be adapted for homebrewed campaigns... or how it will be implemented in an existing one.

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- The Kineticist, Occultist and Vigilante
- The support for 3.5 players
- The Adventure Paths and its content
- The archetypes
- The artworks
- The consistent format

- The prestige classes, mostly because after the introduction of archetypes, they felt restrictive and repetitive.
- The feat bloat, as many could have been merged into one single feat that scales with your levels.
- Lack of extra information for monsters, as some of them didn't get descriptions due to the page space.
- How they treated the Shifter, I would have loved more transparency...

- A dragon-like PC race... or a Medium Kobold...
- An AP compendium, like 4 or 5 APs bundled into a single book. Same with modules and booklets.
- An AP Bestiary, full of reprints.

Will miss
- Pretty much everything missing from 1E... Yeah, I'm a little tired of seeing companies hitting the Reset button...

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I get that the Monk and Rogue got unchained, but... were there serious issues with the Summoner and Barbarian?

The Fighter should have been unchained prior to those two...

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How about a topic to brainstorm ideas for civilizations, clans, tribes and whatnot for your next campaign?

I'll start.

#1 The PCs stumble upon a hidden city (naturally or magically) where all citizens are celedons, who are all worshipping Brigh, The Whisper in the Bronze. They do not fear or shun mortals, but they are cautious to keep their society a secret. They practice construct crafting and it has become one of their primary (and most lucrative) trade. They have also discovered soul binding, and it is something that many celedons would like to get their hands on, as being transferred from one body into another (particularly a golem) is a sense of pride, accomplishment and prestige.

As a society, celedons aren't much in discord. They all worship the same deity and work on various tasks. Classes of any kind can be found, even non-construct-related like druids, as their studies in nature help them develop new things for their city. Of course, they do not need to harvest food, but they are aware that natural resources are needed for their work.

Rumors have it that many explorers who found the city didn't return. The story is that the celedons use soul binding to also condemn criminals and transfering their souls into machines with little to no control. Soul binding doesn't allow body restoration as long as the soul is traped in the soul stone. While celedons aren't afraid or xenophobic against mortals, they do punish outsiders as such if they cause trouble or jeopardize their existance.

The laws are as any standard society, but celedons themselves aren't much concerned as breaking the rules, as they know that they may lose their sentience. They were built to serve a deity and rare are the ones who diverge from that path. There have been pragmatic incidents in the past, such as celedons wanting to dominate mortals (mostly of evil alignment), but according to stories, Brigh herself intervene and supressed the opposers.

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Zaister wrote:
I am baffled by the negativity of some people who seemingly want the new system to fail commercially, just so they can then say "told ya so".

I get the feeling that it's because of how poorly D&D 4E got received... which was why so many players jumped off the boat and joined Pathfinder. They didn't like 4E's system (me included) and preferred the old one, so seeing that Pathfinder will be changing systems soon too doesn't please those who joined them in the first place.

Pathfinder is now known to be a "better version of D&D 3.5", so many people want PF2 to flop as hard as D&D 4E, so Paizo can backtrack, keep the D20 system and make it "3.75".

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Look, PF2 is looking to streamline and clean up a LOT of the previous D20 rules, which BTW, are going to turn 20 years old soon. It's outdated in several departments, so yes, I approve Paizo's initiative to upgrade the rules from an aging system to a new one, and they seem to keep it together and try to recycle all possible options so that players won't be left out.

They're not removing gnomes, for instance :P but they are converting half-elves and half-orcs into human bloodlines instead of races, like subraces.

What I kinda don't like about PF2 is that they're essentially hitting the RESET button on everything. They're not going to convert every single PF1 rulebook under 2 years and then start from there for new materials; they're gonna go back all the way from your standard Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide and Monster Manual 1 and work their way back up.

If they are leaving things unwrapped in PF1, but will eventually wrap them up in PF2, I'd be fine with it, but it won't happen. They won't take all races, classes, feats, items, spells and monsters from all previous rulebooks, convert them to PF2 as soon as possible and then start from there to add new stuff.

It's like if they climbed a mountain at a certain altitude, going back down to get new gear and climbing it again instead of calling a chopper to bring the new gear at their level. Please note that they didn't reach the summit yet ^^;

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Milo v3 wrote:
They also don't have rules for the Massive creature ability in either Alien Archive.

You're right...

Considering that kyokors are the same size as kaijus, I assume that this is the ability:

Massive (Ex): Because colossi are so massive, uneven ground and other terrain features that form difficult terrain generally pose no significant hindrance to a colossus’s movement, though settlements or areas of forest are considered difficult terrain to a colossus. A Huge or smaller creature can move through any square occupied by a colossus, and vice versa. A colossus can make attacks of opportunity only against foes that are Huge or larger and can be flanked only by Huge or larger foes. A colossus gains a bonus for being on higher ground only if its entire space is on higher ground than that of its target. It’s possible for a Huge or smaller creature to climb a colossus — this generally requires a successful DC 30 check, and unlike the normal rules about colossus and attacks of opportunity, a Small or larger creature that climbs on a colossus’s body provokes an attack of opportunity from the monster.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:
JiCi wrote:

I can understand that Paizo wants to "stay away from dragon-related stuff" in Pathfinder. However, it's still disappointing taht it wasn't capitalized on.

{. . .}

What did the Half-dragon template got? Kobolds... which are the equivalent of goblins... Good luck swallowing this pill.
{. . .}

If they hadn't made Kobolds so horribly nerfed out of the box, this wouldn't have been so bad. Would it have been so game-breaking for them to have not had a -4 Strength penalty?

They currently have these modifiers:

+2 Dexterity, –4 Strength, –2 Constitution: Kobolds are fast but weak.


These would probably be a better set:
+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, –2 Strength

They,re fast, physically weak, but they have a tendancy to compare themselves to true dragons. You can say they're boastful, but at this point, just show that they mean business.

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1) Scalable feats instead of having to pick 3-4 feats. For instance, TWF grants you Improved and Greater TWF as you level up.

2) Make Knowledge checks more useful. It was nice to get a Knowledge chart for monsters.

3) Make Perception a class skill for every single class. I get that you get a class bonus instead of having to spend 2 points for 1, but please stop justifying that your guard (Fighter) doesn't need Perception...

4) Scalable magic items. Ok, true, Pathfinder Unchained had that alternate rule, but that should have been made into a mainstream rule. Unchained classes got more exposure than any other Unchained rule...

5) Make any 1st-level abilities at-will usage. Someone's gonna have to explain me why a Domain's or School's most basic abilities aren't at-will. The Kineticist's Kinetic Blast is at-will, so why not those?

6) Make the Fighter unique, because there are a LOT of problems with it:
- Bravery is too weak; make it +1 / 2 levels, especially for a specific effect that requires a Will save... and that the Fighter doesn't excel at.

- Weapon Training is useless, because you will never use 4 different types of weapons. You have your melee weapon (one type) and your ranged weapon (one type), that's it.

- It lacks a fighting style. Every archetype could be layered on top of the base class without trading and the Fighter would be fine. Weapon Training should be replaced with fighting styles, where the Fighter gets abilities and weapon mastery feats.

- It lacks a key special ability. Barbarians have Rage, Cavaliers and Samurais have Challenges, Ranger and Hunter have spells, fighting styles and companions, Brwalers and Monks have fighting styles, etc. What does the Fighter have? Nothing. If you want to make a BBEG, you cannot purposefully pick the Fighter, not even for the evil general of the opposing army, as the Cavalier or Samurai would be better.

- A good example of a key ability would be a "focus strike", where you deal your weapon damage / level + modifier, one time / 5 levels.

- Another example would be that the Figther gets to choose one Critical feat for free every 4 levels.

7) Make the Monk less stat-intensive... and make its speed enhancement useufl or give it a ability to trade said speed for power when it cannot run back and forth.

8) Dwarves still don't have the warhammer or heavy pick equivalent of a Waraxe (exotic, 1d10).

9) Orcs don't have racial two-handed axes and swords.

10) Halflings don't have many melee racial weapons.

11) Prestige classes should be turned into archetypes. I'd rather be able to progress in a base class than be halted.

12) Multiclassing should be progressing your base classes equally or to some degree. If your a Fighter 10/Wizard 10, you either have your abilities scaled to Fighter 15th or Wizard 15th, not being flat out halted at 10th.

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If the "dragons are rare, so are their offsprings" reason isn't enough, the "half-dragon template is OP beyond repair" might be...

Still, a Medium Kobold variant (like Hobgoblins) that is based on true dragons (and not wyverns like Wyvarans) wouldn't have broken the game either...

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All archetypes that give you a Drake companion from Legacy of Dragons are pretty bad and disappointing... The Drake itself is the problem. It takes way too many class features and it takes way too many abilities to make it decent.

Biggest offenders are the Drakerider (cavalier) and Silver Champion (paladin), because the Drake becomes suitable to riding only by 13th level, for a Medium character.

Oh, and the Drake doesn't initially fly and needs abilities to be allowed as a mount... and it's Any Nongood, which probably the dumbest thing I've seen, not because drakes in Bestiaries aren't of Good alignments, but because the alignment isn't even changed for the Silver Champion.

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Rysky wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Cavall wrote:
It's not an unfinished class. They updated it right away and have supported it with options ever since, up to and including their latest releases.

If it was the case, they would have released a statement to tell us: "here is the newly-revised class."

Not even their PRD got updated with this...

Didn't they do exactly that?

Also when was the last time the PRD got updated on anything?

They did not... They addressed in a blog post that they should have playtested the class before publishing the book, and that they were reworking it. They added/tweaked stuff mostly in FAQ, but never in a proper document that lays down the changes, whether be before or after the PRD got carried over to the Archives of Nethys.

They released Wilderness Origins, and they still didn't address it...

Is it really this complicated and costly to release a 5-page PDF document with the new shifter class?

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Cavall wrote:
It's not an unfinished class. They updated it right away and have supported it with options ever since, up to and including their latest releases.

If it was the case, they would have released a statement to tell us: "here is the newly-revised class."

Not even their PRD got updated with this...

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SorrySleeping wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Xenocrat wrote:
I don't think they're going to rewrite the book, sorry.

So, they're just gonna leave us with scattered info in the site? Yeah, no, at this point, it would be wiser to reprint the book, or dude, offer a PDF for it.

Can't they just offer a file with all the corrections? I know that WotC did this for their erratas.

Paizo is probably done with PF1 and spending time on it. WotC is a bigger company, and likely has stuff to detail and correct older editions as the newer one comes out, unlike Paizo.

The problem here is that it's "unfinished business". They stated that they would be relooking at the Shifter to make it better... and never brought it up in a later post.

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Ok, someone's gonna have to explain the reason why Form of the Dragon III is not used for the Dragonblood Shifter (even at 20th level), just like it wasn't used for the Dragon Disciple PrC (even at 10th level). Is the spell too powerful for non-casters or something?

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I'm pretty sure that you see a spell's name, thinks it's very useful/powerful, but gets completely disappointed when you read the description...

For me, these are Magic Jar and Possession. These allow you to take control of any creature, but there's a huge problem: "You can’t activate the body’s extraordinary or supernatural abilities, nor can you cast any of its spells or spell-like abilities."

So I can possess a dragon, but cannot use its breath weapon...
So I can possess a gray render, but cannot use its rend ability...
So I can possess a pixie, but cannot use its spell-like abilities...

Yeah... kinda of a bummer... and no, Greater Possession doesn't allow it either...

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I really LOVE the Brawling Blademaster. Also, please excuse the obscure reference, but... this archetype makes me thinks of Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia:
- Yuri was a knight before being an errand; we all know that cavaliers and samurais fit that trope ;)
- He rarely wears armor; the archetype favors light armor or none. I know that in the game, armors are equipable items, but his original outfit doesn't have armor pieces, as opposed to other characters.
- He fights with both swords/axes and his fists/kicks; guess what the archetype does emphasize on.
- He's ambidextrious; the archetype allows you to switch off-hand weapons.
- He has several one-on-one duels; the archetype keeps the challenge ability. In other Tales games, the main characters have less duels, although Asbel Lhant from Graces F is the closest to match Yuri in terms of duel numbers.

So... yeah :)

For my part, the only thing I might want to do is to trade the katana for a better weapon, such as the split-blade sword :P

Oh yeah, fun fact, the Brawling Blademaster can be combined with the Ward Speaker, no joke :D

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Pseudodult wrote:
JiCi wrote:
- Solarian armor crystals; ok, listen, the Solar Armor downright suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks, when compared to the Solar Weapon. Many of the Solarian's abilities are more beneficial to the weapon than they are for the armor, so can we please have SOMETHING that buffs the armor to the same level as the weapon?

Yes having tailor-made light armor that has specified armor slots that are intended for solarian crystals would be the greatest thing to happen to armor route solarians.

They could even implement the dent system to the crystal where you would use mysticism to mend it after a beating.

Pseudodult wrote:
HammerJack wrote:
I don't even think special armor would be needed, just a single crystal going into the mote would do the trick, probably. Also, that would keep it consistent with how weapon crystals work.

Yes I guess that would make it less restrictive on the solarian to have to always use that one specific type of armor. I'm curious what benefit would you want to see the crystal grant?

A simple flat AC/DR buff seems boring to me since the class feature already does that.

How about if the crystal does a damage type whenever you are attuned and a foe is near you, you deal that damage type and dice, and a reflex save for half so it would be like an aura effect. If the crystal has a critical effect it would proc if someone rolled a nat 1 to hit you.

Pantshandshake wrote:

I was thinking that the crystals could serve as modifiers for the Solarain revelations, actually.

Perhaps by raising the effective charisma or character level to influence DCs, or maybe a set of photon crystals for various photon revelations, and the same for graviton.

Maybe one that allows an extra revelation in one side or the other before you become unbalanced.

Or how about a crystal that grants weapon prof and specialization with longarms, so you can make a ranged light armor Solarian without dipping or burning feats just to be competent?

Here's my major gripe with Solar Armor: it doesn't scale as much as the Solar Weapon. A Solar Weapon is roughly equivalent to a regular melee weapon in terms of damage. Furthermore, crystals INCREASE damage output to a Solar Weapon and there are a lot of these.

A Solar Armor doesn't equates to a suit of armor of the same level. It grants a very small bonus to both ACs and energy resistance, but it doesn't work with heavy or powered armors. I get that armors in Starfinder have a wider range of protection than in Pathfinder, but you still have to rely on your regular armor.

The Solar Armor doesn't have a +1 AC/2 levels advancement and the Solarian itself barely receives abilities that enhance the Armor. I feel like it's awkward that you receive extra melee attacks... when you probably do not want to focus on this if you have selected the Armor. You don't receive fortification or such instead.

Personally, I would have loved to get Solar [Melee] Weapon and Solar [Ranged] Weapon as a choice and have the Armor being a revelation. Speaking of these, I've looked really hard and I have yet to see specialized revelations (weapon or armor exclusive).

As of right now, the Armor could use Solarian "Armor" Crystals that increase the AC bonuses and energy resistances, add more resistances (electricity, acid, force and sonic), add armor slots (item attunement basically) or add more fusion slots.

You're "wearing" two armors... can we please have something that emphasize on this feature?

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- More weapons with the integrated quality... or at least some rules to add whatever qualities we like to another weapon.

- Softwares; I'm pretty sure that softwares can grant skill bonuses, increase hacking DC or such.

- More powered armors... such as low-level Large, more Huge and more Gargantuan armors. Not asking for many, but at least a few that fill the gaps.

- More options for starships, such as weapons which can shoot in a different arc, or swapping 2 light weapon slots for a heavy weapon.

- Vehicle-focused archetypes; I know that there's the Ace Pilot, but... come on, how about more?

- Solarian armor crystals; ok, listen, the Solar Armor downright suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks, when compared to the Solar Weapon. Many of the Solarian's abilities are more beneficial to the weapon than they are for the armor, so can we please have SOMETHING that buffs the armor to the same level as the weapon?

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I have... two that come to mind:
- Feats; mostly because they are a LOT of them, but most could be merged into one single feat that scales up with your level. For instance, Two-Weapon Fighting should have been one sngle feat that gets better, instead of 3.

- Multiclassing; because it HALTS progress when it comes to class features. A 10th Fighter/10th Sorcerer will never be as good as a 20th Fighter or a 20th Sorcerer. Technically speaking, half the levels you take in another class should increase your primary class. This is why people want more archetypes or hybrid classes.

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Might not, mostly because I just don't want to re-buy the same books over and over, unless they release a complete conversion guide.

I'm totally okay with Paizo upgrading the rules after using a 18-years old system; I'm just not comfortable at buying the same books all over again...

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Got my copy, really liking it :)

There are a few nitpicks though...
1) There is no Uplifted Template Graft. We have a bunch of entires to create animals, butnothing for uplifted versions.

2) Some of the aliens' names are tongue twisters. Would be it too much to ask to have a "common name", or a reference for easy naming?

But aside from that, it's pretty good :D

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Nethys... Ok, back in D&D 3.5, the deity of magic was Boccob, who was essentially similar to Nethys, as he claimed that magic is mightier than morality. However, he made it look like he was simply a researcher trying to push the magic arts further and further.

Nethys is... a god with a split personality disorder, who's constantly trying to get more power via magic even if it means to destroy the world.

I'm almost tempted to accuse Nethys of causing the Gap, in Starfinder...

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The Marine Entobian booklet has been released on Paizo for a few weeks now, and it's a great work as always :)

Now... what's next? All 15 Remarkable Races have been converted into the Cerulean Seas setting (mogogols, obitus and zifs being featured as "standard" races in the setting). I've heard of a "planar race" booklet.

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"A look at three of Tian Xia's most commonly worshipped deities: Hei Feng, the Duke of Thunder; Tsukiyo, the Prince of the Moon; and Shizuru, the Empress of Heaven."


I was wondering when the Tain Xian deities would be presented like the other dieties.

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Guys, don't forget that the game is only 1-year old and that it basically starts from scratch. If you compare to Pathfinder, Paizo used the OGL content to publish both the rulebook (essentially combining the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide) and the Bestiary.

Furthermore, they're using a brand-new set of rules for everything, they can't just bring a bunch of new rules and hope that everything fits like a glove.

Finally, they did give us rules to convert Pathfinder stuff into Starfinder. While you do have some busy work, you can still use races, classes, items and monsters from Pathfinder into Starfinder. We're talking about a LOT of books.

On a sidenote, they are trying/testing a new publishing process with smaller books, but at a tigher schedule, such as releasing smaller Alien Archives instead of beefier Bestiaries.

On another note, Starfinder's world is... much larger than Pathfinder, so they need more time and resources to flesh out new planets.

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They've updated a 20-years old system :P

No seriously, the D20 rules are almost 20-years old... and Paizo has been using these rules since Pathfinder Day 1.

I will say this:
- The rules are far more streamlined and "simplified", as every action is clearly summarized in a few words. They will save a lot of pages with that new format.

- They kept all the iconic characters.

- Everything has been nerfed... but to a reasonable level.

- The new rules are similar to Starfinder.

Basically, it's like a video game sequel, being an actual continuation of the first game's story, but with better gameplay as the developpers learned from their first game. Pathfinder 2.0 isn't a reboot like D&D 4e and 5E were.

Paizo doesn't "try something new to appeal to a new crowd"; they are "updating something old to make it better".

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Tender Tendrils wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
JiCi wrote:

"Six of those suits are Medium, eleven are Large, and one is Gargantuan."

Mech confirmed :D

But not a very big one.
Well, mechs come in all sizes, so :P

The height entry for gargantuan is 32-64 feet, and the RX-78 Gundam (one of the most iconic mecha) is 60 feet tall, so that's actually conceivably as big as a Gundam.

It's not in pacific rim or evangelion territory (though evangelion is notorious for its inconsistent scale, which range between 40 and 200 metres) (I don't know the imperial conversion for that)

I think gundam sized mecha suit in an rpg where you are on foot most the time the best, as that's the biggest mecha you can realistically interact with. The Kyokor in the alien archive gets into weird territory with it being colossal but it's attacks all still only hit on person at a time when realistically it should be able to hit entire crowds with one sweep of its claws

- Avatar's mech suits are the same size as Na'vis, and they're around 10-12 feet high.

- Pacific Rim 2's Scrapper isn't close to be as high as the regular Jeagers :P

- The Mega Man X series had mechs (Ride Armors) that were roughly twice as big as X, Zero or Axl.

- Xenoblade Chronicles X's Skells look... Huge at first glance.

- The Metal Gears in Metal Gear Solid look Gargantuan at best.

- StarCraft has the Terran Goliath, Protoss Dragoon, Terran Viking, Protoss Stalker and Protoss Immortal.

- Rumble has a small mech in League of Legends.

- D.Va has one as well.

- The Titans in Titanfall are around 24 feet high, so ;)

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Upgrading items: a way to manually upgrade your items, such as weapons, using skill checks instead of constantly buying new ones. For instance, I'd like a rule that allows me to upgrade a 1st-level pistol to a 2nd-level one using a Craft skill check.

Mechs... need I say more :P ? I will say that powered armors... seem to be covering what mechs could be used, if the Flight Frame and Jarlslayer are good examples. Still, having 1st-levels powered armors WITH the upgrade rule would be good.

Actual Pathfinder class convertions: The Legacy chapter does explain a few things, but that's it. I feel like an actual breakdown of all classes from 1st to 20th-level would be required. They could start with the 11 core classes and move from there with archetypes, such as an Oracle archetype or a Magus archetype.

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May I ask if the book will include new rules or similar?

I'd like to see a rule which allows players to "manually" upgrade their gear, such taking a 1st-level pistol and upgrading to 2nd, 3rd and 4th via Craft checks instead of purchasing a better weapon.

I'm asking this as some players will want to keep certain items for "backstory sentimental value", but it can be hard if you just replace them ^^;

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Gloomblade for me... since it offers a LOT of versatility in terms of weapons :)

Ok, so you might not be able to form ranged weapons, but you can form thrown weapons ;)

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CorvusMask wrote:
To be fair, not all tales are probably true. Like, Planar Adventures turns the "Groetus eats atheists" into a legend :p

What would be so "legendary" abour Pharasma having an affair with Desna, considering that Desna herself is in a polyamorous relationship :P ?

(Ok, fine, maybe Pharasma wants to keep it to herself, considering her gloominess and seriousness ^^; )

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Rysky wrote:
Cole Deschain wrote:
The deity sections aren't so much long on new information as concisely informative about the general state of a deity's business, which is something I appreciate.
We do now have in-canon confirmation that Sarenrae, Shelyn, and Desna are lovers, which is nice to see ^w^

Well, at least they finally confirmed it. Seriously, that was speculated for far too long now :P

Here's something that surprised me:

Planar Adventures, p. 211, Cynosure:
The Song of the Spheres is absent from Cynosure more often than not, preferring to wander the cosmos. When present, Desna prefers privately hosting friends or lovers rather than holding court. While Black Butterfly and Pulura are the most common of these, many deities have been known to accept Desna’s invitation, from Sarenrae to Shelyn to Calistria; tales hold that even Pharasma, wearied by her eternal duties, once left her throne for a time to find solace in Desna’s realm (and, some whisper, in Desna’s arms).

Even Pharasma might be getting a taste for Desna.

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Double Axe
Skull Ram

That's all I could find...

As for the rest:
branched spear
curve blade

double waraxe
boulder helmet

battle ladder
flick-mace (reworked in Melee Tactics Toolbox)
hooked hammer
piston maul
ripsaw glaive

double sling
sling staff
stitched sling

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Wait... did the artist draw the image THAT fast... or what it already drawn :P ?

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Soulgear wrote:
I don't know where you got the line, "and class features"... I can't seem to find a source for that.

You won't find it anywhere. I was rewording it in a way that would suited me better ^^;

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

So, who do the Aphorites descend from?

Any Lawful outsider category??? Seems to be the only thing missing.

On a sidenote, I... kinda wish that Aasimars get a Manasaputra bloodline and Tieflings get a Saktil and a Dorvae bloodline.

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Both sites are pretty good, but I will give credits to the Archives for allowing to search by sources.

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Remarkable Races Submerged: The Sisiutl available on Paizo ^_^

Also, the Nelumbu is the next product in line (via Facebook)

Finally, the aquatic Entobians and the planar races are next. How? When they announced that "they have great plans for 2018", they revealed their line-up, including these two races. "Planar races" is a rather vague term. The asparas, brothers of frost, genais, shazalarian tritons, hai nus and spirit folks would qualify for this booklet. We'll have to wait and see.

On a sidenote:
- Mogogols, Obitus and Zefs won't be getting a booklet, since they are described in the regular campaign setting books.
- Boogles will not be getting an aquatic variant. Then again, the aglooliks (Indigo Ice) are pretty close to being your "small-sized tech-savvy race" ;) The hitogoi (Celadon Shores) are also tech-savvy as well. I cannot help you if you were inclined at getting a goblinoid race though :P
- Xax will not be getting an aquatic variant... at all. The race wasn't the most popular Remarkable Races, unfortunately. So if you wish to play a radically different race, the oculi (Azure Abyss) is your safest bet.

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Remarkable Races Submerged: The Sisiutl on RPG Now

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[Insert planet's name] world guide: basically more info about each planet/station/star with more cities, adventure ideas, places of interest, items, monsters and more.

I don't think that each planet will ever be as detailled as Golarion's regions, but it would be a good start.

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The D20 system is almost 20-years old (18 to be precise), so I see no problem upgrading it, especially since P2E will have a LOT of key components from P1E.

The ONLY problem I see is this: when Pathfinder came out, I could still use my old D&D 3.5E materials in the meantime. For P2E however, barely any news has been announced about a convertion guide. Furthermore, P1E lasted for 10 years. I don't think that rebooting everything is going to be favorable, especially when their lore is going to move forward with whatever happened in APs. What they should do for the next 2 years is to put out convertion guides for all classes, races and monsters that cover all 10 years and THEN start publishing new materials with the new rules.

I mean, are we REALLY going to wait another 10 years to get new monsters in a 7th Bestiary?

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Summoner is a hybrid game between a holographic video game and a trading card game, as players battle others with digital creatures, each with stats, attacks, special abilities and the like. The game's designers have released several packs of cards featuring heroes, monsters, weapons, spells, traps, fields and much more to pepper battles. There are also live competitions held in conventions, where the holograms are heightened for greater spectacles.

While the game itself is harmless, there have been reports of obsessive gambling and similar problems, not to mention that it tends to attract a younger, more vulnerable demographic.

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