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Great book


I love the book and everything about it from the new classes to some of the Archtypes.

Still wish we could have gotten an Artificer class archtype for the Alchemist but with rules for class design one could make it.

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Need more Spell/Formula Books


I have to say I havent gotten my hard copy yet as it in the mail but looking through the PDF it looks great tho my only complaint is there isnt any new preconstructed spell and formula books for wiz,mag, and alch.

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Good but not Great


First off this is my first review of any Paizo pathfinder or any RPG product.

It gets 4 because there are tons of options for all the classes that use magic. Tho I would love to see how the rules would be changed for those using the more primal dragons for Dragon disicple would work.

Alchemist to me should have gotten actual magic Item crafting archtype ie artificeresqe not a rogue with potions to buff himself.

One of my quips is not alot of fire spells for arcane users as I love fire and my gnome alch is pryomanic and had cold eversion so ice spells wouldnt work for him.

Clerics I loved to seen a Priest Archtype sort of like in the Tome of Secerts.

Also like to seen some newer magical items and armor as this is book titled Ultimate magic other then the spell books.