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Blessing of Ashava:
Ashava’s blessing has granted a temporary form of lycanthropy that is fully under your control. This has no influence on your character’s alignment, personality, or motivations unless you would like to make this a transformative experience for your character. The blessing has the following effects.

You can change shape. You have three forms—your typical form, a wolf form, and a hybrid form. You can shift to any of your three forms as a move action. If this PC has earned the Celestial Lycanthropy boon from #10–05: Mysteries Under Moonlight, Part 1, you gain that boon’s benefits for free for this entire scenario.

If you shift to your hybrid form, you gain the following benefits.
Senses: Your senses sharpen, granting you darkvision (60 feet), low-light vision, and scent.
Defenses: You gain DR 5/silver and a +2 bonus to natural armor.
Attacks: You gain a bite attack that deals 1d6 points of damage if you are Medium or 1d4 if you are Small. If the bite attack hits, you can attempt a combat maneuver check to trip your target as a free action.
Pack Leader: You can communicate and empathize with wolves. You can use Diplomacy to alter a wolf’s attitude, and you gain a +4 racial bonus on the check when doing so.

If you shift to your wolf form, you gain all of the benefits listed for the hybrid form as well as the following two effects.
Speed: Your base speed increases to 50 feet.
Wolf Shape: All of the gear that you are carrying or wearing melds into your body until you switch to another form. All items that give constant bonuses still give their bonuses, except armor, which does not function. Unless you have other feats or class features that would allow you to do so, you cannot speak, cast spells, or manipulate objects that would require the use of hands.