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Full Name

Javier Delgado


Gnoll Troubadour 7 / Shifter 2 (Apex Shapeshifter)


HP: 23/69+18, AC: 23/19/23, Saves: 11/12/7 I: 4, P: 12, Spell Points: 12/14









About Javier Delgado

Who is this guy? (Background):

Since he was very young Javier had always struggled to fit with his gnoll’s clan, infected with wanderlust, unaccustomed to life away from the city and fascinated by foreign cultures, he quickly left his home to explore the world, choosing a life of adventure. Discovering a knack for manipulation and a gift for impersonation, the young Gnoll got by living as a con artist, thief and in general enjoyed the high life by separating the fools from their money.

Eventually he ended up in Risur and was briefly an apprentice of a local druid to snatch from them the secret of shapeshifting in order to become even better at his cons as Gnolls aren’t exactly trusted and there were limits to what mundane skills could do in disguising his nature. There, he made a few heists in Flint, in order to finance a luxurious life-style, but eventually came under the attention of both the RHC and a local crime family that he had stolen money from an RHC Inspector (maybe Deft?) got to him before the mobsters and while he arrested the young gnoll, he also saved him from ending up in a shallow grave or on the bottom of the bay.

Once his sentence was served, Javier, grateful toward the man who had actually saved his life and whose contact he had kept during his time in prison, intrigued by the life of the Constabulary, begun to serve first as an informant and later as a full time agent and a spy, staying infiltrated within criminal rings and terrorists cells for months if needed be in order to help disbanding them.

Recently he had been sent in his native land, after years of absence, to keep tabs on the Bruse and his intentions and he had built for himself the persona of an ambitious weapon dealer interested in all the new technologies.


Init +6; Perception +12 Darkvision 30 ft.
AC 25, touch 21, flat-footed[/b] 21
(+4 Dexterity, +2 Natural Armor (Gnoll), +6 Unarmored Defense, +2 bracers of armor, +1 Ring of Protection)
hp 69 (9d8+27)
Fort +9, Ref +14, Will +7
Base Atk +6/+1; CMB +6; CMD 19
Short Bow +1 +11 1d6+1 + sneak attack 2d6 and Fatal Trust 2d6
Masterwork Sword Cane +11/+7 1d6+3 + sneak attack 2d6 and fatal trust 2d6
Claws (+1 with amulet) +11/+11 1d4+3 + sneak attack 2d6 and fatal trust 2d6
Sneak Attack/Fatal Trust both can be used in the same way, when the target is flanked, flat footed, denied dexterity bonus to ac, but fatal trust can’t be used during full attack actions.
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 20
((10 for 16 dex + 5 for 14 cha, 2 for 12 con and 3 for 13 int) +2 racial bonus to con, +2 stat advances for leveling to Cha, +4 cha and +2 dex and con from magic items)
Skills (6*7 + 4*2 + 7 fav class + 9 int = 66 +9 bluff and +5 sleight of hands due to spheres) Acrobatics (Dex) 9 (+16), Bluff (Cha) 9 +17, Diplomacy (Cha) 7 +16, Disable Device (Dex) 2 +9, Disguise (Cha) 5 +19 (+29 with shapeshifting), Fly (Dex) 1 +8 ,Knowledge (Geography) (Int) 2 +8, Knowledge (Local) (Int) 4 +10, Knowledge (Religion) 2 +8 (Int), Linguistics (Int) 7+11, Perception (Wis) 9 +12, Sense Motive (Wis) 9 +12, Sleight of Hands (Wis) 5 +12, Spellcraft (Int) 1+5, Stealth (Dex) 7 +14, Use Magic Device (Cha)3 +11 Languages: Ber, Common, Primordial, Draconic, Goblin, Dwarven (Crysillir), Elven, Sylvan.

HP: 69/69, AC: 25/21/21, Saves: 9/14/7 I: 6, P: 12, Spell Points: 14

Class Abilities: Troubadour:

Performer Sinergy In your base persona you get +2 morale on all saving throws
Personas/Method Acting In 10 minutes you can assume one of your three personas, gaining the appearance of that persona (that can be of a difference race or gender) its trope and quirks (similar to talents, but they work only for that persona). You can replace one of your personas in 5 days of work (2 with Improvisation),
Actor Training
Improvisation every disguise you create count as a persona for other actor training feats, when you discard a persona to make a new one you only need two days
Greater Lies when you try to lie through truth detecting magic, with the Flexible Truth feature there is no caster level check and the effect is automatic.
Hearsay you can roll knowledge checks untrained and gain +2 to all knowledge checks.
Master of Disguises You gain +6 on disguise check when assuming a persona.
Quick Change twice per day you can change persona as a move action, however you don’t disguise yourself when you do so.
Flexible Truth surface thought reading and lie detection magic only works on you if the caster succeed a caster level check of 18, however with Greater Lies the caster level is removed and the effect is automatic. With surface reading thoughts you can choose what the caster sense.
Magic Talent You get an extra magic talent. (+1 every 4 levels after the 5th)
Greater Actor You can create personas with 2 tropes.

Class Abilities: Shifter:

Shapeshifter - You gain the alteration sphere as a bonus sphere, you consider your shifter level as your caster level for alteration spheres, it stacks with level from other sources.
Wild Empathy
Quick Transformation you can shapeshift as a move action and maintain concentration as a move action
Bestial Trait: - Claws (you get 2 retractable claws that deal 1d4 +1 damages, you can keep them while shapeshifting.


Paco Cordero y The Spy Cunning Servant/Scoundrel. You gan an inspiration pool of 4 (half level +1 int modifier), you can use a point it to add +1d4 to any skill check or ability check. Quirks Greater Insight (inspiration is 1d6 instead of 1d4), Underworld Inspiration (you can add inspiration for free on Bluff, Disable Device, Intimidate Sleight of Hand). Expanded Inspiration (you can use inspiration for free on Diplomacy, Heal, Perception, Profession and Sense Motives). You gain Sneak Attack as a rogue +2d6 (+1d6 every 3 levels).
The spy has been created for his infiltration in Ber, he is a Gnoll weapon merchant, visiting the city to see the king new technological prodigies thanks to his new pet inventor. He is obsequious, yet playful.
Octavio, The Assassin Hero/Scoundrel, You gain Sneak Attack as a rogue +2d6 (+1d6 every 3 levels), Your base attack bonus becomes equal to your scoundrel class level and can be used to qualify for feats that require it (+8). You gain the Unarmored Mastery Feat, Combat Reflexes and Uncanny Ability (you can spend a spell point to gain +4 stealth, +20 ft movement speed or +20 to acrobatics to jump).
This form is persona is thought for combat, it is a feral looking minotaur fighter, with a cruel grin and a violent personality and fragorous laugh. It is used as a base for combat shapeshifting (due to the unarmored mastery)
Enzo Giovanni, The Good Priest Mentor/Cunning Servant, your caster level becomes equal to your character level (8, as the multiclass still costs 1 level), You gan an inspiration pool of 4 (half level +1 int modifier), you can use a point it to add +1d4 to any skill check or ability check. Three extra magic talents. Life Sphere (you can cure 3d8+8 for a spell point) Invigorate (you can grant 8 temporary hit points for 1 hour for free), Restore (for 1 point you can heal 1d4 ability damage, remove fatigued, sickened, shaken, staggred, dazzled and battered and downgrade exhausted, nauseated, frightened and panicked). Talents: Restore Health (you can cure diseases and poisons with a caster check and +1d8 to cure), Restore Soul (you can cure ability drains and temporary negative levels),
The Good Priest is an old Crysilliri priest of Trigenes, he has a grandfatherly look. He is a traveling healer and mostly used when he needs an innocent facade and when you need to provide healing in case of emergency.

Sphere Powers:

Spell Points 14
Alteration Caster Level 7, DC: 18 Drawbacks Lycanthropic.
Talents Dragon Transformation, Elemental Form, Size Change, Lingering Transformation, Bestial Reflexes, Bestial Spirit, Greater Transformation, Mimicry, Avian Transformation.
Alteration: can shapeshift (duration concentration +2 rd or 12 min with 1 spell point, concentration can be maintained as a move action). Can gain 1 shape and up to 3 traits from talents that you know. Can only use it on himself due to Lycanthropic. Grants Blank Form. Gear melds while shapeshifting, but still works (no armor or weapons though), you lose any natural attacks (except those granted by bestial traits) or natural armor.
Change appearance: gain +10 to disguise checks, you can appear whatever creature you desire, but you don’t get any trait out of it.
Blank Form do not lose natural attacks, you can gain as a trait: DarkVision 60 ft, Low Light vision, 2 claw attacks (1d4), 1 bite attack (1d6), 1 Gore attack (1d6), 2 Slam Attacks (1d4) ,2 Pincers (1d6/secondary), or +10 5o disguise checks.
Dragon Transformation, you take a dracoinc shape, 4 legs, head, 40 ft move speed and a tail, +3 natural armor (but you lose your), a bite attack (1d6), a 60ft line or 30 ft elemental cone that deals 3d8 damages and recharges in 1d4 rounds. You can as a trait grant the breath weapon and double its size.
Elemental Transformation You transform in an elemental of your size by spending 1 additional spell point, you gain only 50% resistance to crit and precision damages instead of immunity. As a trait you can grant elemental resistance to an element 6,
Size Change: As a trait you can increase or reduce in size, up to Huge and down to Tiny gaining the appropriate modifiers to your stats (strength, dexterity, armor class, weapon damage, stealth and reach)
Lingering Transformation when you stop concentrating your shapeshifts last for 2 more rounds, and when you spend a spell point the duration is doubled (already included)
Bestial Reflexes as a trait you can grant Lounge, Leaping Attack, Pounce or Trample abilities.
Bestial Spirit as a trait you can get Trip (to a natural attack as a free action), Ferocity, the ability to talk to animals and vermins or rend (claw +½ strenght if you hit with both claws).
Greater Transformation You can add 1 extra trait to your transformations (included)
Mimicry You can study a creature for a full round action to gain an alteration talent appropriate to the shape of that creature for 1 hour.
Avian Transformation You transform into a flying creature, as a trait you can add: 2 talon attacks (1d4), wings (30 ft speed poor maneuverability, 2 wings attacks (secondary 1d4).

Martial Abilities:

Martial Tradition - Thief: Rogue Weapon Training, Scoundrel Sphere, Fencing Sphere, Finesse Fighter. +3 Feats from leveling: Finesse Fighter II , Unarmored Training. Expert Faint, Fast Faint(Bonus from talent).
Rogue Weapon Training blade boot, butterfly knife, garrote, hand crossbow, kukri, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, starknife, switchblade knife, sword cane, war razor, and whip.
Unarmored Training You gain +3 to AC when unarmored, +1 for each 3 ranks in acrobatics you have when not wearing armor and at maximum at heavy load or when helpless or immobilized. It applies to touch attacks, does not stack with similar abilities. It is lost when shapeshifting with the exception of blank form.
Finesse Fighter I& II you can use dex instead of strength when attacking with a light weapon (including natural weapons) and you can add half of your BAB to damages (3)
Martial Focus You can spend martial focus to roll 13 on a fortitude or reflex saving throw. You can use a total defence action to regain it.
Fencing Sphere You get +5 ranks in bluff for talent in the sphere (max hd), you can make an attack action or attack of opportunity against a target you are flanking, is flat footed or has lost dexterity to AC to deal +1d6 precision damages (+1d6 for each 5 points of BAB) for a total of 2d6. Fast Feint: you can feint as a move action. Expert Feint: when you feint successfully the target loses the dex bonus to AC until your next turn.
Scoundrel Sphere You gain 5 ranks in sleight of hand and 5 for each talent, you can use Dexterity instead of strength when using steal or dirty tricks combat maneuver.You can make a melee touch attack as a swift action to make a target battered (-2 to CMD and can’t make attacks of opportunity against combat maneuvers, can be removed by taking a total defense action) for 1 rd and give it a -2 penality to perception checks.

Traits, Theme, Feats:

Reactionary +2 initiative
Gift of Magic (Alteration) +2 to caster level with the alteration sphere.
Docker: you are a bit of a bohemian artist and rabble rouser. It opens up the Docker Jank Feat that allows allies with to use aid another once each combat with a swift action granting a +1 bonus to ac or to the next attack. More than an artist I imagine him as the bohemien leader of a troupe of thieves.
Extra Magic Talent x3: Gain 3 extra magic talents.
Extra Combat Talent: +1 combat talent
Shapeshifting Disguise: when you use shapeshifting to change shape it lasts until you shapeshift again (+10 bonus to disguise checks).


Magic and Combat Gear: Cloack of Resistence +2 (4000), Bracer of Armor +2 (4000), Handy Haversack (1000), Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 (4000), Ring of Protection +1 (2000) Headband of Alluring Charisma +4 (8000), Belt of Physical Might +2 (10.000), Googles of Magic Sight (1200), Sleeves of Many Garments (250), Traveler Any Tool (250), +1 Short Bow (2370), Masterwork Sword Cane (345). 3 Potions of Invisibility (900), 2x Potions of Protection from Evil (100) 40 common arrows (2gp) 1.743 gold.

Mundane Gear: Outifit, Noble (75) , Traveler Clothing 1 , crowbar (2) grappling hook (1) 50-foot silk rope (10) 3x chalk (3cp) caltrops (1), 5 different Signet Rings of various houses and corporations (25g), Soap(5sp), Steel Mirror (10gp), 30 sheets of parchment (6), Disguise Kit (50gp), Kit Forger (200gp), Kit (bard 41 gp), (most of the gear tend to be hidden when on missions).
He probably also has a few forged documents corroborating his current occupation as a gnoll weapon merchant of a minor house there to see the Bruse.