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Looks Cool


I think this mini looks cool. I don't actually have it, but that doesn't seem to stop other people and at least what I have to say is about the product!.

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Good, but not great.


This is a fairly fearsome hell hound mini. The sculpt is good. I think I might be a little prejudiced against this one though. The features are more pointy and I always think of the 2nd edition Monstrous Manuel art for hell hounds which is more of a great dane type look. The flame look and work with some semi clear plastics was a good choice, but I feel the outer flame look too light. I'm much happier with mine now that I dry brushed on some orange and red over the yellow highlights and I would recommend trying it to anyone else who feel the flames are too light. It really made a dramatic difference. I would certainly like a few more for a whole pack of hell hounds and would give any others I got the same dry brush treatment.

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Solid rendition of a classic guardian


While there certainly isn't a great deal of flash, oohs and ah's to this simple mini, it is a nice sculpt. I'd love to have a dozen or so to line a few halls and keep my player wondering if something is going to jump out and kill them or if it really is JUST a column. I came into mini's for RPGs late in the game for prepainted minis, so it is hard for me to say if its been done before. I have seen quite a few constructs done, but don't recall something that suits this particular guardian. There is something about the sculpt i really love and it is hard to put my finger on it.

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Nice detailed mini


I got one of these in a booster (I did not buy a case). It has a nice pose and quite a few levels of detail as far as paint steps go. The sword is a softer more bendable plastic and I have some concerns about that, but it is no better or worse than many other sword wielding plastic minis I have. Would be good for a variety of female PCs.

Based on many of the comments I have seen about breakage in other minis, I am wondering if the shipper for cases is not handling them well as opposed to cases shipped to stores.

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A fun sceanario with a little prep work.


I've run this a couple of times and enjoy running it. The end boss can be a lot of fun if the GM makes good use of his abilities. The first time I ran it I thought the maze skill checks were too hard, then I reread it and caught the find print. If 3 players make aid another checks and aid a 4th making the survival roll, the DC is pretty reasonable unless you have a party where everyone is WIS 7. I think transparency with the skill checks is needed.