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Exactly what every Campaign should start with!


I found this book through the excellent podcast series DM's Block and instantly knew I had to pic it up. I expected another 3rd party mediocre layout but WOW was I mistaken. This book is professional as all hell. Its layout was perfect for quick reference. Its illustrations are terrific and show a slightly humorous side at times to convey the shenanigans that I am sure would ensue during play. I have just started a campaign a month previous to purchasing this book and had them begin at level 0. Boy I wish I held off and had this resource to actually do it right! This is a MUST OWN for every Game Master in my opinion. Chuck full of everything you would need to make some epic level ordinary peasants(If that makes sense?).

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Best Intro To Gaming Since The Redbox


You will not get more bang for your buck in ANY box set I have seen before or since this product. Just give em your money and wait by the mailbox with a smile on your face. Your in for a treat!

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Bringing Back The Glory Days!


Taldor has that feel of Greyhawk...old school gaming with a gritty edge to it. The book itself is beautifully illustrated and well layed out. I do wish it gave me a little more information on the local areas and some different crest designs for the region but hey...what you don't provide means I can improvise. Its almost like Paizo set up the base for something amazing...then allowed you to take it over and make it your own. I don't need to be hand held through what a game designer thinks is HIS/HER definitive vision of Taldor. I actually like the set up and release for me to be able to fill in the blanks. FOR TALDOR! FOR THE GLORY OF YOR!

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New Format Brings New Excitment! A++++++++++


First lets talk about Paizo's new format for the module line. One word FANTASTIC! More Sandbox style play is intermixed with a more versatile adventure for the PCs. The Map of Belhaim is seriously the most gorgeous Map of a town I have seen. Perfect for giving those detailed accounts of where everything is for the PC's to explore. The book laid out the Town beautifully. I especially liked the Chart of how many people reside in a specific place and how the are indifferent or otherwise from the group...brilliant. Pair this with the fact Paizo put out the superb Gamemastery Card set as well as the Unbelievably cool CALLOUS JACK Paper Minis to compliment the set. Overall I am excited to be a Pathfinder Fan when this type of quality product is put out. Really solidifies my belief Im playing the right game at the right time.

Now the Module itself. I really like how they left room in there for me to fill in the blanks and build upon what they had. The story was simplistic yet giving that element of fresh intrigue for the characters to REALLY see some different things while still holding true to the classics. The Art inside was very well laid out and colorful. Almost had a hint of "Old School" feel to it.

Thank you PAIZO for really delivering a TRUE Module. Mixing Sandbox with the story is EXACTLY what has been missing from Modules and adventures in the past. It gives that flexibility for the GM to present the players a REAL world to live and play in!

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Long Overdue Review


This is by far the most useful set of paper minis that has been put out. Very rarely can you find, just the average townsfolk. I utilize this and will continue to do so in EVERY Campaign I run. The art is fantastic and truth be told I wont purchase a paper mini set unless its from Callous Jack. Unbelievably detailed for the Sandpoint setting and incredibly versatile in its use in ANY other RPG setting. Incredible work giving us what we desire Paizo!

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Another HOME RUN from Callous Jack and PAIZO!


I have ordered the Dragons Demand Module as well as the Gamemastery Deck to go with it. I saw that paper minis where released to go with this new Module and WOW....seriously WOW! These are superb. I now have everything needed to run a great series of adventures set within this module. The art inside is some of Callous Jacks best as each mini is detailed enough to even give the players immediate immersion into the game. Super excited the way Paizo has unrolled this new Module format! Totally hope that they follow this as an example for their future module releases. Callous Jacks serious art style is the only way to go for your minis IMHO.