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Full Name

Jarl Tehnos


Human, Soldier 3, HP 45/45 , Defenses F 16 - R 18 - W 14, Force Points 6/6, Initiative +9, and Perception +8 (No Special Senses)








Basic, Bothan, High Galactic

About Jarl Tehnos

Jarl Tehnos

Soldier 3

Background - Disgraced

Strength 10
Dexterity 17
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 11

Force Points 6
Initiative +8
Hit Points - 45
Wounds - 14
Defense –
Blast Helmet Vest – Reflex Defense +2
Fortitude - 16
Reflex - 18
Will - 14
Speed 6
Base Attack - +3
Melee - +5
Vibroblade – 2d6 +1
Ranged +5 (+1 w/in 30’)
Blaster Rifle - 3d8+1 (+1 w/in 30’)
Blaster Pistol - 3d6+1 (+1 w/in 30’)

Rifle Weapon Proficiency,
Pistols Weapon Proficiency,
Simple Weapon Proficiency,
Light Armor Proficiency,
Medium Armor Proficiency,

Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Skill Focus [Pilot]
Extra Second Wind


Commando – Indomitable (1x day), Touch as Nails (Second Wind 3rd Time a Day)


Skills: Trained
Acrobatics +4
Climb +1
Deception +1
Endurance +8
Gather Information +1
Initiative +9
Jump +3
Knowledge Tactics +10,
Knowledge Galactic Lore +3,
Mechanics --
Perception +8,
Pilot +13,
Stealth +3 Additinal Class Skill per Race
Survival +3
Swim +1
Treat Injury +8.
Use Computer +3,


Comlinks (Long Range)
Power Pack (3),
Power Recharger,
All Temperature Cloak
Liquid Cable Dispenser's (3)
Hip H0olster

Ascension Gun (Galaxy At War p. 37), Merr-Sonn Model 434 (Clone Wars p. 63), Blastech DLT-20A (Clone Wars p. 62),
Credits: 170

Personality & Appearance:

Standing 6' tall and weighing 180 lbs. Jarl is in great shape. Jarl looks good for his age though his hair has greyed prematurely he still has all of his hair! His eyes are light and fierce though somewhat vacant.

Jarl is a storyteller. He will regale his comrades with his experiences from all of his past battles. Though he smiles when the men joke there is a sadness about him that can't be pinpointed without deeper probing, fortunately no one has probed the deep recesses of Jarl's mind.


Born 40 BBY on Fedalle, a wealthy and industrious world of the Core, Jarl’s family served as guardians for an affluent manufacturing clan. As he got older he was groomed to join his father and continue in his line of work but fate intervened, in 23 BBY the Clone Wars exploded and at age 17 he enlisted with the Republic's new division Rahm Kota's Militia.

Though most soldiers were clones at this point, his training since birth and his status as a non-clone volunteer granted him an opportunity to enter Officers training even at his young age. For the next three years, he served under General Kit Fisto. His participation in the Battle of Mon Calamari granted him rank almost immediately as the SCUBA fighting was a particularly dangerous mission.

Impressing the General with his bravery, he was assigned to his army again for the Battle of Khorm and helped liberate the world from Separatist rule. With these two deadly battles under his belt, Jarl rose up the ranks quickly proving himself with valor. He liked the Jedi and even had a chance to meet Master Fisto twice who he found to be honorable and wise. The last time he had the privilege to serve under master Fisto was at the first Battle of Cato Neimoidia. The ground assault on the stronghold was lightning fast but proved to be of little avail as the main target for the raid, Nute Gunray escaped before he could be captured.

Jarl was next assigned to General Aayla Secura and instructed to go to Felucia where some of the main fighting was taking place with the Separatists. Despite his rank, Jarl was demoted for the assault which did not sit well with him. Jarl was still on an offensive on the planet of Felucia when Order 66 was carried out. He was shocked by the brutality of the act and confused when he was told the Jedi were traitors to the Republic.

After the battle ended Jarl was next assigned to invade Kashyyyk under newly appointed General Vader. His team was not the 501st and was on the planet more for logistic support than real action. Again the atrocities committed on the wookies’ made his stomach turn. Sick of the infantry grind and what it did to his psyche, Jarl asked to be reassigned to the Imperial Navy as a deck security officer.

Even in the Navy though Jarl knew that what he was doing was wrong. He thought that perhaps not seeing it on the ground he could live with the terrible deeds being committed by the Empire but he could not. On the verge of going AWOL, Jarl was called into a meeting with the Captain of his vessel.

"Tehnos. It has come to my attention that you have been questioning orders from superior officers. You were given a transfer to my ship due to the fact that there were glowing reviews of your service record.

I see now that you have become insubordinate and seditious. Now I should have your Court Martialed but you have never taken overt action against the Empire. I won't have one of my men even thinking about, much less actually performing, an act of sabotage. I am recommending dismissal for you, with no pension. Consider this dishonorable discharge a gift. But for your service record I would have you thrown out of the airlock for your lack of fealty to the Emperor. Dismissed".

That turn of events sat fine with him, though his name being disgraced and the loss of pension hurt and hurt bad. Jarl decided to get away from the Core Worlds where his past would mean much less. Using the skills he had grown up learning and developed further in the Army and Navy, Jarl became a mercenary hiring out to the highest bidder.

Currently he has settled in at the Krai Ven Station which seems to be a good place to seek gainful employment whether of the merchant variety or the underworld variety. The galaxy has been been turned so far upside down, he just seeks out credits - as morality has largely become a moot pursuit.