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The idea of a short, but maybe able to continue, campaign is bearin down hard on me. I've played a lot of games but only dm-ed for irl games. But I'd love to run a Magnificent Seven riff using pathfinder rules. When it comes to classes, I'd say have a good story. I'd admit ninjas or winter witches if they had a good concept that fits in. Gunslingers obviously allowed, archetypes encouraged. Magic could exist if you explain it in genre or a fusion.

This is just an interest check. I'd have to develop it, but I want to see if there's interest first.

Caveat: race and the genre. I mean human constructs of race, and how that has shaped this country and in ways, this genre. This is a roundabout way of saying stereotypes will not get much consideration as pcs. Characters can be in-world racist, as was prevelent, but expect that to have negative karmic responce, unless we agree on an arc for your character. I'm not interested in hateful for hateful's sake.


So I'm on my summer vacation and I thirst for gaming. Any other Brooklyn folks interested? Could meet at a bar and just enjoy some Pathfinder.

So in one of my tabletop games I'm playing a fourth level druid with a wolf for an animal companion. Is there a way to add more wolves, to form a pack? I know the Beastmaster PrC gets extra companions ...could wild empathy and animal handling eventually do it? Is there a feat I'm missing? Or should my main wolf take leadership? Anything I'm missing?

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Hey, folks. I'm not really the GM, obviously, but the good Captain couldn't open the thread himself.

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As the doors hissed open, Heraclio smiled. "Morning, Captain. Shall we traverse the unknown?"

Hey. I tried this before but the thread wasn't working correctly. You can see who figured it out here:

Anyway, Ruprecht Redwine is the man with the plan, he's been sending me designs and they look great. So, this is a recruitment/interest thread for a VERY rules-light TOS Star Trek pbp exercise in group storytelling more than a randomized encounter. The Captain will serve as GM, setting up stories and subplots for other characters to develop and go wild with. Now, let's see if this gets more attention when the thread actually, you know, works.

So once upon a time there was a website, I forget the name, that had a great Star Trek pbp system filled with dedicated writers who were great at collaboration. Something happened to it while real life got weird for me and it doesn't really exist anymore. So my main man and I were thinking about trying to restart it here. He'd "GM" it as a Captain and sort of head-storyteller, with other players taking up other positions. The only rules would be to write interestingly, basically. We'd probably start with us, another friend or two of ours from RL, and some folks from here, if there would be interest.

Writing ability and cooperation would be tantamount. Our objective would be to tell fun, old-school style stories where everyone gets a moment to shine. We wouldn't want a lot of Mary Sue-ing, or chapters and chapters of internal thoughts that go nowhere, but I think you guys get that. Would others be interested?