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Full Name

Jamisen Tinsson


NG L.Slinger (Solemn Traveler) / Marksman (Shroud) 4 | Vigor: 48 | Wounds: 36 | Def: 22 | FF: 13 | DR 7/adamantine | Crit Def: +16 | Saves: F: +8 | R: +12 | W: +11 | CMD: 21| Fast Healing: 2 | Init: +11 | Per: +13 |


Senses: Darkvision: 60', Scent: 30', LLV | Speed: 30' | Grit: 6 + 1 Temp | SP: 7 | MP: 7 |

About Jamisen Tinsson

Human Werewolf Gestalt Legendary Gunslinger 4 (Solemn Traveler) / Marksman 4 (Shroud) ; Mythic Tier 2 (Trickster, Psion)
NG Medium humanoid (human, shape changer)
Init + 11; Senses: Perception +13, LLV, Scent 30'


Jamisen is of Irish descent. His parents Jaime and Eimerade immigrated from Ireland to northern New York. before he was born, when his older sister Amily was only 3 years old. Eimerade was a homemaker, while Jaime worked as a tinsmith. When Jamisen was 8 years old, Jaime was killed on the street in a mugging. Eimerade threw herself into the church after being widowed, leaving Amily to the day-to-day business of raising Jaime. Jamisen watched the hanging of the man convicted of mugging and murdering his father with no delight or enjoyment - only a sense of fulfillment. He followed that sense into the constabulary, working to preserve the peace and security of his town. Amily left town as soon as Jamisen could fend for herself, to pursue the life she never had - chasing dreams of gold to California. Four years ago now, rumors began to reach the ears of the constabulary about a witch practicing his unholy craft and pledging souls to the devil. Jamisen was not a superstitious man; while Eimerade sought solace in the church, Jamisen took a more active route to dealing with the evils of the world. He did not expect to find anything real in the mists of rumor - and it cost him dearly. Jamisen panicked when the night lit up with maroon flares of light, flaring to the rhythm of the witch's chants. He pulled his rifle from its sling and shot at the witch. He killed the witch - but not before his death curse leapt out and swamped Jamisen. He aged six decades in the next breath, falling to his knees in the agony. Before his knees hit the ground, the world around him exploded in light and noise, sending him into unconsciousness. When he awoke, he still looked a decrepit, elderly man; but as he pulled himself to his feet, his joints did not ache, his feet were firm beneath him, and when he pulled his rifle forward he found his aim to be as accurate as he ever remembered - maybe even better. Jamisen has no idea what happened that night - according to the constabulary, he died and his body was never recovered.

Jamisen attempted to see his mother - that did not go well. He was able to convince Eimerade of who he was, which was not a kindness; she could not reconcile reality and went mad, lost in her own reality. The nearby convent readily took her in to care for her, in respect for her prior service over the years. Given his mothers response to his new reality, Jamisen wrote a letter to Amily explaining that he was going to travel, and would write occasionally to keep her updated. In the midst of the chaos and turnover, Jamisen searched for rumors and myths of near-death experiences and otherworldly creatures, following dead end after dead end across the country. Eight months ago he tracked rumors of the wolf-man to a small mountain village without a name - just a collection of rough built houses and disturbing carrion piles that a passing trader mentioned. Jamisen followed the trail from the remains to an empty den. Unfortunately for Jamisen, he tracked the wolf as if it were only an animal; and he paid the price. He was ambushed in a gully near the den, savaged and left for dead. Two days later, he was found by the pack who had followed the mad wolf to put him down. They helped Jamisen through the transition and offered him a place with their pack, to settle and live; Jamisen was not willing to give up his search for information about his survival, and declined. Although Jamisen has never had much use for the church, he recently came across some writings suggesting that the Mormon church leaders in Salt Lake City may have actual experiences with the unexplainable, if not divine. He is now in SLC trying to get admittance to the church to question them about possible non-divine resurrections and near-death experiences.

Jamisen was not born into privilege, and has never had it to enjoy it; he did take the opportunity to learn to read and write while working towards a position with the constabulary, and has learned many odd and varied things in the last four years of chasing dead ends. His travels have taught him that the wise man says little and listens much; respects the sanctity of life as something that cannot readily be restored; and appreciates the fact that a quick hand on the trigger can lead to a longer life. During his quest for information he was inducted into the membership of the Walkers of the Wayward path (a semi-secret organization dedicated to information and truth; possibly similar to a less-religious freemason society?) two years ago, and maintains a journal of his travels and findings. Jamisen will not write an untruth, bound by oath to the Wayward Path.

Jamisen is more concerned with the nature of things unseen than the upcoming chaos - working with the constabulary led him to the conclusion that humans are neither good nor bad by nature, but they are certainly chaotic and warring; news of recent events has passed him by, not unnoticed, but without impacting him much. With a mother in the convent, his sister in California, and higher priorities on his list Jamisen intends to keep his head down and let humanity continue on as they have for millennia.


STR: 8, DEX: 24, CON: 16, INT: 19, WIS: 22, CHA: 17
BAB +4; CMB +11; CMD + 21
Stamina points: 7 points
Mythic Power: 7 points
Grit: 6 points
Hero Points: 1 point
Feats: Advanced Study: Black Seraph Glare, Intimidating Shot, Mythic Intimidating Shot, Toughness, Discipline Focus (Sleeping Goddess); Deadly Agility, Feral Vitality, Mythic Paragon, Black Seraph Style, Natural Telekinetic
Traits: Hair Trigger (Combat), Fate's Favored (Faith), Classically Schooled (Magic), Meticulous Drawback: -2 with untrained skills


Speed 30 ft.
Ranged: +14 , 1d10 +7 (18-20/x2) Capacity 5, free action reload, 80' range. Free action Intimidate check on hit for -2 attacks, skill checks, and saves
Melee: Shifted form bite, +11, 1d6 + Trip (+2 bonus on trip)

Special Attacks
Judgement: Spend 1 grit for +2 damage, +1 Attack, +1 AC, DR 1/magic, +1 saves,
Challenge: swift action 1/day, adds Character level -2 damage to each attack vs one target. Lowers AC by 2 points vs all other foes. +1 + (CL-2) / 4 morale to attack vs encountered species in previous 24 hours.
Deadly Aim: -2 attacks, and +4 damage
Combat Expertise: -2 attacks and +2 dodge to AC
Barrage: attack action (1 acts): Take -2 to attacks, make 2 attacks at full BAB. Can make 3 attacks if all 3 are vs different opponents.
Hair Trigger Trait: +2 damage vs opponents who have not acted yet in this combat

Maneuvers and Powers:

Assumed to be in Battle Mantra Stance at all times, with the +1 in AC.

Maneuvers: 6 known, 4 readied. Strikes add +2 damage while maintaining psionic focus.
* Half Gone: Counter, make opposed stealth check vs attack. Veiled Moon 1
* Intercepting Shot: Counter, make a disarm vs a foe within 30'. Tempest Gale 2
* Ego Wounding Strike: DC 17 WIS or take -2 to attacks, damage, skills, and saves. Can augment to increase the effect. Lasts an additional round for every successful attack on enemy.
* Disarming Shot: Make a ranged attack; on success, deal damage as normal and get a free disarm attempt using Sleight of Hand vs CMD
* Ghost Hunting Blow: Boost, swift action for 1 round all attacks are made as if by a ghost touch weapon. Veiled Moon 1
* Cursed Fate: Target takes 2d6 additional damage. DC 18 Fort or take -4 penalty to all d20 rolls for the next round. Veiled Moon 2

* Battle Mantra: +1 Insight to AC, Attacks, or CMD. Sleeping Goddess 1
* Unbroken Stride: Can move at normal speed on liquids and other surfaces. Does not need to end movement on firm ground. Sleeping Goddess 1
* Black Seraph Glare: Can free action intimidate anyone damaged this round, with a +4 profane bonus

Marksman Powers Known: CL 4, Concentration +10, 5 + 12 + 4 = 21 power points
. . 1st (3)— Offensive prescience (min/level, +2 insight to damage, 2 actions), Control Light, Thicken Skin
. . Talents (6)—Detect Psionic/Magic, My Light, Ectoplasmic Trinket, Conceal Thoughts, Trick Shot, Far Hand (25 lbs within 45')


Defense: 22
DR: 7 / adamantine (Hybrid Form is DR 10 /-)
Vigor: 48 (4d10+2x4)
Wound Points: 36
Fast Healing 2
Fort +8, Ref +12, Will +11

Unseen: 7/day as swift, invisibility for 6 rounds
Salve: 3 doses, 15 minutes to create 2 at a time. 2d8+6 HP healed. Can treat one character up to 8 times per day.

Skills & Languages:

Skills: Acrobatics +11 (1), Autohypnosis + 10 (1), Bluff + 10 (4), Climb + 4 (1), Craft: Alchemy +11 (4) , Craft Weapons (Firearms): +11 (2), Diplomacy + 10 (4), Disguise +8 (1), Escape Artist + 11 (1), Handle Animal +12 (3), Heal +10 (1) , Intimidate +15 (4) , Linguistics + 8 (1), K. Geography +8 (1), K. Nature + 5 (1), K. Engineering +8 (1), K. Local +8 (1), K. Psionic +8 (1), K. Planes + 5 (1), Perception +13 (4) , Ride +11 (1) , Sense Motive + 13 (4), Sleight of Hand +14 (4) , Spellcraft +12 (4), Stealth + 16 (4), Survival + 8 (1), Swim +4 (1), UMD + 10 (4)
Languages: Read Lips*, Sign Language*, Common (English?)* French?* (*Racial) + one more (Native?)

Automatic Bonus Progression And Other Gear:

Automatic Bonus Progression: +1 weapon, +1 armor, +1 deflection, Resistance +1
Other Gear: Buckler (5 gp), MW Rifle (modified with Concentrated Shot, 600 gp), +1 Haramaki (153), MW Tool for Intimidation (25 gp), Portable Alchemists Lab (300 gp), Sunderblock x2 (35 gp), 6 doses of Desna's Star Tea (30 gp), Beast Whistle and Training Harness (Horse) (15 gp), Spring Loaded Wrist Sheathes x2 (10 gp), Travelers Any Tool (125 gp), 1298 gp spent

Special Abilities and Details:

Favored Class Bonus: +1/6 of a gun mastery (4 times selected)
VMC: Cavalier (Order of Vengeance): Edicts, Challenge, (VMC, trades 5 feats at 3, 7, 11, 15, 19)
Detect Alignment: At will detect evil (Gunslinger)
Combat Stamina: BAB + Con mod pts (Free feat from Character generation)
Nimble: +1/4 level as Dodge to AC and Competence to Initiative (Gunslinger)
Amazing Initiative: +tier to Initiative (Mythic ability)
Precise Shot: bonus feat, no penalty for shooting into melee (Bonus feat Marksman)
Weapon Focus: Firearms (Gunslinger Deed)
Improbable Prestidigitation: DC 20 for light or 25 for one-handed Sleight of Hand check, move action, extra dimensional 4 cubic feet storage (32 lbs) (Trickster Path, 1/2)
Fleet Warrior: 1 simple action, expend 1 MP and can move + make one attack at full BAB (Trickster base ability)
Surging Psionic: Expend 1 MP, 2 simple actions, and can manifest one power known at +2 ML, with ML level augmentation. (Psion base ability)
Longevity: Cannot die of old age. Do not take physical penalties for old age. (Trickster Path 2/2)
Expanded Knowledge: Add Control Light and Thicken Skin to powers known. (Psion Path 1/2)
Armor of Force: 3+Tier armor. Constant, can be re-manifested with 1 simple action if dispelled. (Psion Path 2/2)
Mythic Surge: Expend 1 MP for +1d6 to a roll as an immediate (Mythic Base Ability)
Deft Manuvers: +2 to trip, disarm, dirty trick, feint, reposition or steal, and do not provoke AoO (from werewolf template)
Gunsmithing: Can craft firearms and ammunition. Ammunition is 1% of listed price: 1.5 silvers per (Gunslinger)
Gun Training: Add Dex modifier to damage on firearms, cannot exceed level before 5th. (Gunslinger)
Grit: WIS Mod points per day. 1 point restored on critical confirmation on enemy, downing an enemy, or succeeding on saving throw. (Gunslinger)
Deeds: Saving throws are 10 + 2 + Wis (Gunslinger)
Gunslinger Reflexes - do not provoke for shooting/reloading while having at least 1 grit
Utility Shot - Stuff.
Trade Quick Clear for Dedicated Specialist: Bonus Weapon Focus and at 8th Weapon Specialization, while having at least one grit point
Solemn Traveler: +1/2 level to Intimidate, Mount (Horse) as equal level Druid, and Judgment for 1 grit (Gunslinger)
Combat Grit: gain 1 temporary point of grit at the start of combat (Gunslinger)
Gun Mastery: Improved Critical (19-20/x2) (Gunslinger)
Unseen: 3+Level per day, can swift action Invisibility for WIS rounds while maintaining psionic focus (Marksman Shroud)
Marksman: +2/3 level to Stealth (Shroud and Mind's Eye)
Favored Weapon: +1 competence to ranged attacks with firearms (Marksman)
Discipline Focus: Sleeping Goddess for +2 to DC for sleeping goddess maneuvers, and +2 damage with ranged weapons, thrown weapons, flails, heavy blades, monk weapons, and spears (First level feat 5/5)
Bonus PP: 1+3 extra PP from sleeping goddess. (Marksman Minds Eye)
Intimidating Shot, and Mythic: free action intimidate on any creature damaged by a ranged attack (Mythic Feat 1/2, and First level feat 2/5)
Cover Fire: 1 simple action shot within 30' that will leave enemy staggered. Can make DC 10 + 1/2 level + DEX reflex save to negate. Does not deal damage, lasts one round. Is affected by Boosts.
Barrage: Make two attacks at -2 penalty. At BAB +6, can expend martial focus to take one more at -4 all. When expending focus, gain another attack and -2 per 5 pts of BAB, to a max of -12 all attacks to make 7 attacks (Martial Tradition 1/4)
Blitz Focus: can regain martial focus as a reaction when using barrage, so long as two attacks hit. (Sphere 1/3)
Spinning Shot: When using barrage, can make an additional attack so long as all attacks are vs different enemies. At BAB +10, can make two additional attacks. (Sphere 2/3)
Strike Fear: Full round action to 30' intimidate. Counts as Dazzling Display. Expends Martial Focus. (Sphere 3/3)
Wayward Path Martial Tradition: trades Solar Wind access for Veiled Moon; Gains a travelogue and Endurance as a bonus feat. Must record journal and events factually. -> character trait of only writing the truth
Uncowed: +1/2 ranks of Intimidate to DC to be demoralized. +1 morale to saves vs fear. (Gladiator Sphere drawback)
Combat Medic Martial Tradition: Custom (rifle, pistol, longsword, dagger, Spear) + Expert Reloading, Alchemy (Salve), and Barrage. (Spheres Martial Tradition)
Deadly Agility: use Dex for damage on natural attacks and finesse weapons (First level feat 4/5)
Mythic Paragon: Count tier as two higher for variable effects (Mythic feat 2/2)
Focused Eye: +2 competence to damage on strikes with ranged or thrown weapons (Marksman Minds Eye)
Black Seraph Style: +1 profane to AC and Saves vs shaken or worse (4th level feat)
Advanced Study: Black Seraph Glare (Level 2 feat)
Natural Telekinetic: Gain Far Hand as Psi-like ability, except the weight limit is 5 lbs per HD. (Level 1 feat 1/5)
Toughness: + HD Wound Points (Human Bonus Feat)
Feral Vitality: FH 2 (First Level feat 3/5)

Argenti (Horse Companion):

Horse Animal Companion, Buraq Archetype Mythic Tier 2 (Guardian)
Mythic Agile Simple Template (ignoring Initiative)
N Large Animal
Init +2; Perception +5, Senses LLV, Scent 30'
Defense: 14
DR: 6 / Magic
Vigor 42
Wound: 46
Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +2 (+4 vs charm / compulsion)
Speed 100 ft. , Ignores Difficult Terrain and can walk on liquids
Bite +7 (1d4 +4) + 2 x (1d6+4)
Mythic Power: 7 uses
STR: 19, DEX:14, CON: 19, INT: 3, WIS: 12, CHA: 6
Base Atk +3 ; CMB +7; CMD 15 (17 vs trip)
Feats: Shape Veil (Bonus Feat), Combat Reflexes, Mythic Combat Reflexes, Bodyguard, Stable Gallop
Skills (Ranks): Perception +5 (1), Stealth +7 (2)
Languages: Common (understands, 1 rank in Linguistics)

Essence: 2
Veil Shaped: Boatmans Ferry, 2 points invested. +20' movement, ignore difficult terrain and can walk on liquids.
Veil Shaped: Gorget of the Wyrm. Standard action 1d4 acid damage in a 15' cone
Special Abilities
Link: +4 circumstance to Handle Animal Checks by master
Share Spells: Is a valid target for spells that normally can only target the master
Essence: A Buraq has an Essence Pool of half it's masters' level
Combat Trained: Knows Attack, Come, Defend, Guard, Heel, Down
Additional Tricks Known: Attack, Flee, Rescue
Light Armor Proficiency
Combat Reflexes & Mythic; infinite AoO
Bodyguard: Can spend AoO to Aid Another for AC
Indefatiguable Traveler: Can hustle longer in overland travel
Burst Through: Charge through allies squares without penalty
Absorb Blow: As a reaction, spend a mythic point and reduce incoming damage by 10 pts. For 1 minute, gain DR 1/epic and Resist 5: all elements
Mythic Agile Simple: +8 Wounds, + 2 dodge to AC, +30' speed, and evasion. Also +20 initiative and dual initiative, but ignoring those.