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An Excellent Starter RPG!


I backed the Kickstarter of FATE and received my print copy of it and FAE as well recently. FAE is quite probably one of the best starter RPGs I have ever seen. It's simplified without being simple, elegant in its design and made to accommodate just about genre. If I was stranded on a desert island with one book, this (or the full edition of FATE) would be the one I chose.

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A beautifully made miniature


I recently purchased this beauty after the case requirement was removed. And man, is it pretty! The detail on this beauty is worth the price alone. It's well-posed, well detailed (green tongue!) and sturdy. I compared the size to the Elder White and Elder Green from the DDM series. It's much smaller in size than the White, but only slightly smaller than the green. All in all, it's perfectly sized for a huge dragon and everything about it screams majesty. I would definitely love to see Paizo and WizKids produce a line of huge Paizo dragons and sell them separately from the Pathfinder Battles line; I would definitely like to see their takes on the iconic chromatic dragons.

Five out of five stars! I've seen this sold for $30-45 elsewhere. At $20 it's an excellent value and an excellent addition to my collection of dragons.

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Staves for the Masses!


Summary: Krazy Kragnar's Magic Staff Emporium is a PDF produced by Super Genius Games and designed by Marc Radle. It clocks in at 12 pages: a 2/3 cover page, 1 page with OGL and credits and 10 1/3 pages of crunch and fluff. It covers magical staves, introducing the concept of lesser, standard and greater staves as well as the imprintable magic staff, the tige vierge. A tige vierge is a clever idea: a sort of blank pre-prepared magic staff that can be rapidly customized upon purchase with only a day's lead time, allowing PC's to order custome staves and receive them with a very short turnaround time. Lesser, standard and greater staves are simple three tiered magic staves which allow a staff to grow in power with a wizard as they gain expertise and the use of the Craft Magic Staff feat.

Findings: The PDF introduces two feats: Craft Lesser Staff and Craft Tige Vierge, which give players or NPCs access to the afore-mentioned staves. It also introduces lesser, standard and greater versions of 10 staves:
- Staff of Binding: a hold spell-themed staff that focuses on paralyzing and binding foes
- Crystal Staff: a hypnotic themed staff
- Staff of the Four Winds: a weather/wind themed staff
- Staff of Scrying: a scrying themed staff
- Staff of Spiders: a staff at home in any drow's arsenal
- Stone Staff: a stone themed staff
- Staff of Thorns: a plant themed staff, tailor made for the druid on the grow
- Umbral Staff: here be shadows!
- Staff of the White Necromancer: sure to be a popular item for the necromancer looking to improve his/her image
- Staff of Winter: chosen staff of the winter witch, just in time for the back to witch-school rush

Verdict: If you play a spellcaster in the 4-16 level range, you're bound to find something to interest you in here. If you run games for said spellcasters, you'll find inspiration to create your own custom themed staves for your players. Given how useful this PDF is, I really don't think there's anyone who won't find something to love here. It's well written, well laid-out and incredibly inspired design of the sort I've come to expect from Super Genius Games.
I give it five cookies out of five. Crunchy and fluffy cookies, with arcane and divine chips.

Excellent game and amazing setting!


This game is amazing. Hands down amazing. I'm a huge Call of Cthulhu fan, so when I saw this on my FLGS, I didn't know what to think.

Wow. Wow is what I should have thought. This game is that rare mix of good mechanics, evocative setting and wonderful potential. Pilot giant mechs against the Fungi from Yuggoth. Bond with horrific symbiotes from beyond and become a monster to war with monsters. Infiltrate evil cults and do righteous battle with Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. ANd have an absolute blast doing it. If you like Call and you like Aliens, this book is well worth the investment.