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Great Resource, great inspiration


I like others received a full copy for an honest review, I think it is a great resource for both new GMs and experienced ones alike. I thought the tables were great because sometimes you get in a rut designing new dungeons and just a simple roll can get you out of that and thinking a new way. Sometimes answering what the walls look like for the 15th time that night you can have a new response.

If I had known about it before I was offered it I would have gladly purchased it. In fact I enjoy it so much I am considering having it printed myself so that I can have when I design dungeons as I still prefer to draw them by hand. The section on dungeon designing was very much needed as when I started 20 years ago, we did not think about the realities of how did monsters get there, we just created a dungeon and filled it with things to go boo. Now with this you think more about the ecology of how monsters and that river got there.

If you ever agonize about what to make the 5th room look like, or create a dungeon at the 11th hour pick this book up. If sometimes you need inspiration, pick this book up, I saw no cons with this book and have thoroughly enjoyed using this resource.