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Female Human Cleric 1 AC 17 T 10 FF 17 - HP 12/12 - F3 R0 W5 - Init 0 - Perc. 4 - Melee +2 1d8+1

Hello guys! Just got back home from Vienna, going straight to bed, I'll be back and resume regular posting Tomorrow.

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Female Human Cleric 1 AC 17 T 10 FF 17 - HP 12/12 - F3 R0 W5 - Init 0 - Perc. 4 - Melee +2 1d8+1

Harbek, with 7 channels and all her spells left Celine could very well cure you and anyone else still hurt before going to sleep...

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Female Human Cleric 1 AC 17 T 10 FF 17 - HP 12/12 - F3 R0 W5 - Init 0 - Perc. 4 - Melee +2 1d8+1
Gelik Aberwhinge - NPC wrote:
"Let me guess, it's all a phantasm of my imagination, right? Pinch me, my orkish friend. Wait on second thought, let's let the tall dark beauty do the pinching. Hello miss!" he calls to Celine batting his eyes at her in an overly dramatic way. "I don't suppose you'd be up for pinching or slapping me around a bit, eh? Not a Calistrian, I gather?"

Celine frowns for a moment at the gnome's words, then shrugs and decides to ignore the harmless joke. "No sir, definitely not a Calistrian. Best of luck for your next shipwreck though!"

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Female Human Urban Ranger 4 - AC17 T13 FF15 - BAB 4 (Grtswrd +1: 9/2d6+7 - p.att. -2+6/Mwk comp. longbow 7)- F7 R7 W6 - HP 44/44 - CMB8 CMD20 - Init 2/4- Perc 9/11(11/13 against humans)
Nevynxxx wrote:
Guinevere "Gwen" Duchamp wrote:
If anybody has to cast a spell I think we'll need to retreat to avoid being heard.
To be fair, you are armed, and armoured. No one has made any attempt at stealth, and you are carrying lights in an otherwise dark set of tunnels....

Yes but we spoke in whispers! ;-)

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Congratulations to the chosen/most voted ones. Sorry Diego that we won't have the chance to play together this time (I've been having a peek at the discussion tab: if I were you I would definitely call forth another melee character).

Looking forward to Team B. B as in Best of the Best? This might turn into an interesting competition between teams. Which one will proceed faster? Which one will fare better?

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Remember Rule Zero. In the end, there's only one vote that really counts... and one voice we're all waiting to hear!

In the meantime... Enjoy ;-)

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My favourite background:
My mother's life, Elhspethaine, whose body lies over the funerary pyre in this first day of spring.
(Her hair, long and red as mine, emerald green eyes closed forever. The wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, even in her death they sing how often she smiled. Her little, callused hands, always green with the plants she handled with such skill. My mother, who lived with the pulse of the seasons and the blooming of petals at the first sun of March. My mother, deaf to the noises of the world to better hear the voices that revealed the misteries of life).

El had prepared so carefully the speech for the last goodbye to her mother. She even wrote it on some little pieces of paper she had found in a drawer. But a naughty gust of wind had scattered them all over the place, just like it used to happen more and more often those days. Oh well, she thought, I remember it so well anyway. After all, it would have been too hard for her to read it, with the tears filling her icy green eyes and threatening to stream down her rosy, maiden cheeks.

Sixteen years is too young an age to recite an eulogy for your mother, especially when you've already lost your father and brother before even getting to know them. Stubborn as ever, she clinged to her mother's favourite teaching: "love life, cure life, protect life, remember life before anything else". Her mother's hands were so beautiful when they gracefully danced like butterflies to phrase this thought.

"My mother loved life above everything else. She dedicated her whole existance to care for other people. Gathered here today, before her, each and every one of you has a story to tell. You, Gerda, you came to find her crying desperatly because your womb seemed sterile, and now you rejoice in your twins. And you, Umte, remember when you got hurt with your hoe and your foot got infected and my mother stayed at your bedside three days and three nights until the fever broke; you have her to thank if now you can run after your little granddaughter. And all the elderly who remember the terrible raiders' invasion from so many years ago, the suffering and the devastation: every one of you has been cured, cared for and consoled by my mother."

(The only moment of sadness in her eyes was when she remembered my father's death, trying to protect from the raiders this little village between Brevoy and Numeria, and the kidnapping of my brother Thannaris, who was only eight years old and whom she never saw again. I was just a little thought of light in her womb at that time.
A brother with red hair and green eyes like my mother, who maybe lives and breathes in this very moment in some far corner of Golarion, and I've never even seen him, and he doesn't even know about me. What else can I do now, except go and look for him?).

"I ask this of you, my friends, that your remember her love for life in any form. My mother lives in each and every one of you, and in me, and in my brother. And I, Elhriarhodan, will carry on her legacy, her gifts which are also mine... ooooops!" A stronger gust of wind forced her to stop, to pull down her skirt, threatening to fly upward in a very undignified manner, considering the occasion.

("These little incidents are a part of your gift, my sweet El, just like the silence that surrounds me. Remember, we don't belong to the gods but we respect them, and we cherish Sarenrae above all others. And we don't belong to the laws of men, fickle like the moon or the sand in the wind, but to the laws of life")

- This is my background for El, oracle of life with the haunted curse. The AP is obviously Kingmaker. She is the queen now, has found her beloved brother, who happens to be a dear friend of Irovetti's... -

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If he's that much into healing, have him take a look at the oracle of life. Lots of options to cure without loosing his own standard action.

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On top of everything else (including good action economy with the swift actions) don't underestimate the Teamwork Feats. I'm playing an Inquisitor with the Travel Domain and I'm having a blast with Outflank and Precise Strike, combined with Dimensional Hop from the domain to get in position. Shake it off is also quite nice.
Perhaps the most fun class I've ever played. Just a bit challenging to keep track of all the boons and stuff.

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Born and raised in Italy, you know, the province of the Vatican, never had any such issues with playing DnD or the likes, not once, even in the late 80's / early 90's! Reading these posts makes my head spin and my eyes spindle. It's honestly unbelievable how much horse manure can spread from bigotry coupled with downright ignorance... or is it a burst?

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Same Inquisitor, different battle.

The Magus is in very bad shape, the Inquisitor (who has the travel domain and the eight level power Dimensional Hop) is trying to take him away but has failed her last four concentration checks.
The player of the inquisitor is using an automatic dice roller on her smartphone.
Fifth attempt, needs a 14, rolls a 4.
Sixth attempt, the magus' player begs "would you kindly use a REAL die for once???"
Inquisitor player rolls a REAL die. Gets a 13. Fails for one.

The bard: "well, that's even WORSE."

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Once upon a time in Feldgrau there were a Mystic Theurge of Groetus and an Inquisitor of Cayden Cailean.
After a huge battle where the whimsical MT placed a Stone Call over the group just because she didn't care to calculate the correct area for the spell ("come on, it's just 2d6 after all, it won't hurt much"), the Inquisitor grudgingly consents to cast a CMW on said MT with this sarcastic remark: "may Cayden reward you for your smart contribution to the group's efforts" (meaning: "now see what happens when you mess with your friends in the middle of a fight!").

Player rolls the dice for the CMW.

Two eights.

A few seconds of silence.
"Cayden, you DO have a wicked sense of humour."
"That, or he's drunk."

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I'm surprised nobody mentioned this, unless I missed something (all boys around here, huh?)
Would-be rapists, intruders, kidnappers, stray dogs on my favourite jogging path, generally ill-intentioned creatures, BEGONE!!!

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(One player to another, while the group was debating whether to kill a very rare kind of *being* that had just attacked them)
"Do you know how many XP we could get by wiping out an entire species???"

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Jubal Breakbottle wrote:


However, to avoid party conflict and stepping on other PC's toes, we've always either directly raised a character or replaced them with a character that serves the same role: martial, arcanist, divine, skill monkey, etc.


This, 100%. Bored of the fighter? Play a ranger, a battle cleric or oracle, whatever, but see that you mainly serve the same purpose as before. Otherwise the party might lose the (much needed) fighter and gain a (not so needed aka redundant) second arcanist, and all players would have to adjust THEIR roles to fill the void YOU created out of sheer boredom. Fun for you? Maybe. Fun for everybody else? Highly doubtful.

Not cool IMHO.

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Subject: Intimidate skill

"Demoralize: You can use this skill to cause an opponent to become shaken for a number of rounds. The DC of this check is equal to 10 + the target's Hit Dice + the target's Wisdom modifier. If you are successful, the target is shaken for 1 round. This duration increases by 1 round for every 5 by which you beat the DC. You can only threaten an opponent in this way if they are within 30 feet and can clearly see and hear you. Using demoralize on the same creature only extends the duration; it does not create a stronger fear condition."

"Try Again: You can attempt to Intimidate an opponent again, but each additional check increases the DC by +5. This increase resets after 1 hour has passed."

- Does the +5 increase to the DC from Try Again apply ONLY if the previous demoralize attempt has failed? Or does it apply even if the previous demoralize attempt was successful?

Since we can't seem to find a shared interpretation, and given the various (unresolved) threads on this subject, I'm marking this for a FAQ, hoping for an official answer. Please click FAQ if you're interested.
Thank you.

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Diego Rossi wrote:

You can find a "do it again" section of the rules?

What skill has a "Do it again" condition?

Craft - not really. every check is 1 week or 1 day of work. You don't reroll that day of work.

Acrobatics - when tumbling you can make multiple checks, but they are against different targets. Not a "do it again".

Perform - no, different check, I already cited a few post ago how it work.

Profession - different check made another day.

Use magic device - this is the only one with a "do it again" function and it is under Try again.

UMD wrote:

Try Again: Yes, but if you ever roll a natural 1 while attempting to activate an item and you fail, then you can't try to activate that item again for 24 hours.

There is no "do it again" rule, just as there is no "breath again" rule, just as there is no "walk again" rule. The PC just does... well, the same kind of action it has done before. I honestly find nonsensical to think in terms of "try again" after a successful check. It just doesn't compute, not in my language nor - afaik - in English.