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example Alpha:

1. Napoleon Invades Russia 1812
Napoleon was a great general, but even a great general has an off day. The little Frenchman must have been really off his nut when he decided to invade Russia in the dead of winter. Although Napoleon took Moscow with many losses, he lost more men on the frozen march back to France. In total, half a million soldiers were killed during the entire debacle and many were forced to eat substandard cheese and wine. Napoleon regretted this and his appearance in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Fortunately, no one would be stupid enough to ever repeat this mistake.

2. Hitler Invades Russia 1941
Adolf Hitler, never a good student of history, decided to exactly what Napoleon did, only more evil. In a plan called Operation Barbarossa, Hitler betrayed his former ally, Stalin, and invaded with 4.5 million troops. Things actually went worse for Hitler, as he attempted to occupy Russia. That was kind of like sending four cops to occupy all of South Central L.A. Overstretched and pounded by winter, the Nazis were killed, captured or routed by the Commies. Hitler and Stalin never spoke again.

example Bravo:

1. The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan 1979
Also known as the “Soviet's Vietnam" or the “Big Russian Suck", Leonid Brezhnev got the bright idea to invade Afghanistan one day. After ten years of letting Osama Bin Laden kill their troops, the Russians wised up and left just in time for their entire country to collapse. America won the Cold War shortly thereafter and no one would be stupid enough to ever repeat this mistake again!

2. The US Invasion of Afghanistan 2001
Called by retired Lt. General [REDACTED] as the “greatest strategic disaster in United States history", the invasion of Afghanistan continues to be a long, drawn out occupation that has expanded into Pakistan. Started by George W. Bush and continued by President Barack Obama, occupation continues to be about as much fun as paying a guy to kick you in the nads every five minutes.

(HOWEVER, atleast we got dibs on the Lithium mines. Ha ha Russia.)

Can someone tell me which book it was when Harry was playing D&D (Arcanos) with the Alphas and made reference to casting a Fire Ball in a dungeon; and made his comment about laws of physics & magic??

My party was TPKed'ed by a night ambush. Damn. Apparently, the snores of our Paladin were not enough to scare away the wild things in the darkness lusting for our blood. I don't understand the whole, "Ok. We take 2 hour watches" thing. That's dumb, because we get ambushed anyways.

How do you build an encampment Security Program that is understandable by both DM and Party, and is... useful? (let's add in 'fun' too)



Brilliant? Lucky? Pure Pysch-out of opponent?? I'm going with #3.

My 12-year-old wants to know what career would prevent him from being replace by a robot.

I'm thinking Game designer.






Here is your chance to gain wisdom and understanding from a Paladin's horse.

Ask your questions wisely.

Newt for President.

It seems Newt will win simply by being the last man standing as the other candidates self-destruct around him. As the saying goes, if I give you enough rope you will hang yourself.

Or, maybe not:

Gaff i.:

Gingrich horrifies viewers when, during a CNN debate, he jumps off the stage and backhands Anderson Cooper for asking him to limit his answer to under three hours.

Gaff ii.:

Gingrich is caught on video telling a little girl at a town hall that her question is "fundamentally defective and dramatically lacking in historical awareness."

Gaff iii.:

Gingrich crashes through a lectern after his increasingly large head leaves him so top-heavy that he becomes incapable of balancing himself.

Gaff iv.:

Gingrich stuns the political world when, just days before the crucial Iowa caucuses, he sets off on a three-week African safari with his wife.

Gaff v.:

Voters finally realize that this Newt Gingrich is the same guy as the Newt Gingrich from the nineties.

A real Ogopogo posted on youtube yesterday?!

Why are all monster videos blurry and stupid?

This is most likely two dead trees.