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Nohwear wrote:
I had this dream last night about USA government supers fighting Vietcong government supers during the Vietnam War. I believe it was using Savage Worlds. I have no idea if I want to do something with it.

This is a great idea. I'm going to write up a short story and then copyright it. Do you have any other ideas?

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
The odds are the same either way, 1 in x number of whatevers. Go first and get it over with.

I would go last. Because by that time the short straw is already gone.

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Quark Blast wrote:


So I repeat - Isn't that what Piazo did here (UNCHAINED) ?
Just what you want, right? A good way to introduce new players.

No. "Unchained" is paizo testing the water with a not-backward-compatible rules system before deciding to publish the new Pathfinder 2e. If it catches on, they'll begin targeting content to that not-backward-compatible rules system. See what they did there?

Thus, it is only a matter of time before Pathfinder 2e is given the green light. Because, as you said, it is a good way to introduce new players to the game -- which is one goal of the new Pathfinder 2e rules.

Coming sooner, rather than later to a retail store near you.

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Let me start off by saying this is one of the Best Threads ever.


Do we have to use them only for animal ancestry?

I've never heard of Cladograms and I'm learning from reading wiki right now. It seems that we can use them to track the way the rules of D&D have evolved too.

( Someone smarter than me must start a new thread and use Cladograms to log the D&D rules' divisions over the last 30 years? )

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Hi Kobold Cleaver,

Hey, can I borrow some money from you, like $500, I'll pay you back next week. This is just a short term thing.

I promise to have good excuses if I can't pay you back however, or ever.

Your the best,
<Problem Player>

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Taliesin Hoyle wrote:
Jail House Rock wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Actually those are the same runes on the cover of every book... they're the word "MATRIX", converted into Japanese characters, then mirrored.

No they are not. They are Cantonese and spell out fire.

You don't spell fire. It is a basic pictograph like this:


That's the exact symbol representing the light radiating from and heat associated with something like a camp fire, or maybe a small bond fire.

Harry's staff uses a sequence of symbols to represent azz-crackling, hyper-energy combat fire. I thought that was obvious.

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I'm having coffee with Jim Butcher right now.

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My dog peed in your drink.