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Okay, thanks for all the info guys.

So any 12th level sorcerer can use a metamagic rod of quickening to cast any spell they have as a swift action while waving the requirement for any use of higher spell slots.

I think I've got it now.

Thanks again. :)

Okay, per a conversation with the DM, out of session, he told me that the Aboleth was a level 12 sorcerer and however many levels of Aboleth needed to make it a CR 21 (this was vs our level 9 characters). Ugh.

Anyway, he said that the aboleth did indeed have a metamagic rod of quickening.

At the risk of appearing dense, I have to admit I don't understand how this works.

The Quicken Metamagic rod makes the Enervation spell a swift action to cast. Does it not still take up 4 spell slots higher, which the level 12 sorcerer doesn't have?

So does that mean that a greater metamagic rod of quickening would allow a level 1 sorcerer to cast a spell of 9th level origin as a swift action?

<shaking head and mumbling> :)

Thanks everyone.

Recently, during one of our sessions, I found my level 9 fighter (7 fighter, 2 paladin) facing an aboleth on a barge. The foul beast hit me with a quickened enervation spell, followed by dominate monster/person.

I lost 5 levels of fighter and was mind controlled.

The DM told me the negative levels would last for 12 hours. That's one hour per caster level, correct?

So here is my question (and admittedly, I've never played a caster, so I'm on unfamiliar ground), I thought quickened spells require a spell slot -4- levels higher than the actual spell? If enervation is a level 4 spell, wouldn't it need a spell slot from the 8th level group? I didn't think a 12th level sorcerer/wizard would have an 8th level spell slot to use.

Or am I just not understanding what's happening here? Is there items or gear that would allow this all to happen legally?

Also, considering that it was an aboleth, with sorcerer/wizard of at least level 12, what overall level was this thing? 19? :)

Thanks, and sorry if the answer is obvious, I can't seem to wrap my head around this.

Okay, I'll pass that along to the DM.

Thanks for the suggestions/advice! :)

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Hey gang. Had an encounter tonight where the DM dropped "Wall Of Fire" right between us, splitting the party and leaving 2 members standing alone against a bunch of Hill Giants.

Nobody in the party had anything that does cold damage (which is apparently what will stop a section of the wall of fire) so I said I was going to use an orison, "Create Water" and drop it on a section of the wall. Well, the DM was lenient, because it was a pretty good spot solution and allowed it to dampen the fire in that section for one round.

Here is my question; technically speaking, would/should that have really been allowed to work?

The group was just curious. Thanks! :)

Okay, thanks gang - appreciated. :)

What was throwing me off was the core rules book's description of concentration. I can see now though, that the spell entry has to have a duration of "concentration" for it to apply.

Thanks again.

Hi. I'm new here and new to Pathfinder, so apologies for any newbie type question but after googling and reading the core book I couldn't find an answer so here goes...

I'm playing a (battle)cleric in our campaign. If I cast the spell "Silence" successfully on an opposing caster, can I end it when its not my turn (possibly as a free action since you can speak off turn?) so that one of my caster allies can use a spell on the same target on their turn?