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captain yesterday wrote:

my guess is its explained in Shifting Sands:)

I'm waiting until at least half is out before i run it:)

The answer you are looking for can be found in the character description of Meret-Hetef, page 57, of the Empty Graves module.

Non-Deific divine casting is available via Druid or Oracle.

In a 5th level slot, maybe one would be haste. In a 6th level slot, slim chance would select, but effectively not. And, in a 7th level slot, no, I would not.

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On the matter of falling unconscious: Did the victim make a Spellcraft check to know what spell was being done to them, so that they had time to shift their stance? If not, in my opinion, then the only way they'd remain standing while prone is by shear random luck.

On the matter of held items: If the victim falls to the ground, the chances that they'd maintain an uncontrolled grip on any object is very low. When unconscious, muscles relax and digit muscles return to their un-stretched state. This is unlike other status affects that cause a bodily surge or charge of tension. In my opinion, it is unlikely that common object would be held in grip, unless any other fastening or adhesion was applied.