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I already posted this question in response to the Valeros strategy blog post but I realize that there is probably more chance that I will get an answer if I post it there instead, so there it is :

If I am reading the rules correctly, Valeros Drunken avenger role is risky, as proficiency with liquids give you a roll for recharge during recovery (that Valeors will usually get to do with a base 1d4 for not having the craft skill plus the 1d12 bonus) but doesn't prevent the liquid boons from being banished if you fail the recharge roll (and at 2 dice without any static bonus, it will happen).

This also mean that the power feat to recharge a liquid boon from your discard is almost useless, outside discarding for damage or similar, your liquid boons when used will eitheir recharge or be banished.

Did I miss something ?