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A satsifying senario


This scenario should not be run cold or by a first time GM the scenario demands a lot of prep and knowledge about the events of the Hao Jin tapestry. The fight is appropriate and up to tier however like most it cuts the GM by the knees. While there is a great amount of role playing here I feel its too heavily slanted to one side but not enough that it feels ham fisted.

Now on to the good this scenario has some of the best interactions I've had as a GM it allows great moral questioning and a ton of role play options. It forces players to think and develop their characters in a way they might not of before. The systems and layouts are all well explained and interesting. No check feels out of place here nor do any of them feel pointless or too easy. All in all a wonderful scenario that deserves a 5.

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I love this senario


It is one of my favorites, it's not overkill but its not a push over plenty of role playing and the loot is great. both tiers are meaty enough to challenge and the checks are tough enough that it warrants party cooperation.