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Great low level scenario


I've now run this several times and each time has been memorable and a lot of fun for everyone. It is well balanced with difficulty, some dangerous possibilities that can be mitigated by attentive play.

One of my favorite encounters in any scenario, make use of your right to secret rolls GMs!

The trololol caster just inside to complex is amazing, get your parties Perception, Sense Motive, and Will saves beforehand.. add a few red herrings if your players know why you want that info. Roll for them in advance, if their characters don't figure it out, there's a great opportunity to narrate the encounter from their ignorant perspective.

The aerial grappler is a neat encounter, potentially very dangerous though if the GM doesn't mind the tactics. All three groups I've run through have handled the social encounter differently, most of which were very entertaining and worthwhile. Oh and the ritual, man there are a lot of opportunities to mess with players in this scenario.

So you wanna do a ritual to an evil God, eh? You know, the one who revels in his followers wandering around in the desert until they die? Too many scenarios reward the players for questionable decision making, not this one. The ritual is almost always a bad idea, but players will do it anyways because it *must* be a good idea based on out of game knowledge..

The final fight is memorable and potentially challenging if the players aren't paying close attention to their environment. I do wish there was some 1-2 tier scaling for the lava damage though, even if that doesn't make a lot of sense. Killing a level 1 character in that manner does not feel good. Good ending to the scenario too, be sure to whisper creepy Moloch things to PCs from the great beyond and play up the danger if any of them get "stuck" to the portal.

There are a few mechanical warts in this scenario, but they can be easily covered up with a decent amount of preparation. Not enough of a problem for me to deduct a star, the scenario is just so much fun!

Our Price: $3.99

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Not great, has some moments though


The difficulty seems kind of all over the place with this one. A lot of really easy encounters, and then a potentially devastating BBEG(or potentially super easy). Haven't GMd or played against the 6-7 version but the 3-4 is a joke and the 1-2 is a potential deathtrap for some parties.

The map is large, annoying to draw and keep track of. Which would be fine if there were fun, balanced encounters all over the place, but mostly there's just empty space and.. mites

Positives for this scenario are the RP possibilities with Torvic and the NPC captives. There really isn't much in the scenario and it's on the GM to bring something extra to an otherwise boring and meandering dungeon crawl. The thing I enjoyed most is the creepy, macabre, hilarious setting for the final encounter. That part is great, I really enjoyed messing with my players in that scene right before the fight.