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Could have been better


Played and ran this scenarion, and I agree with a lot of what's been already said. Sadly, there aren't too many high level scenarios so when we do have them it's a real letdown when the scenario misses the mark.

The scenario rewards 2 Reputation for Horizon Hunters and Radiant Oath factions, but the NPCs associated to each give players zero clues as to how they could earn that reputation.

If the PCs open the box and fail the Will save, the scant bit of information sends them to an NPC who is suspicious of the NPC you're supposed to save. This meant that my party was suspicious of Lumna for the entire scenario... and the main mission turns out to be that they need to free them. This alone sets the tone for the scenario all wrong, and took me as a GM a lot more work to help the players understand that they should trust Lumna.

Too many NPCs. 3 that give your mission (Evni, Kamenya, Ziri), 2 related to the mob (Saban and Kistur, who really could have been 1 NPC), and 5 in the manor (Revecka, Vilo, Narcela via 'phone', Lumna, and Gleam). Narcela is thrown in strictly to connect the scenario to the metaplot, but largely is a 'so what'. It's hard for the players to even care about these NPCs.

The map is a real problem too. It's very obviously shoehorned to fit the scenario, and as mentioned doesn't even fit the combat encounter with the Roiling Incant and Black Puddings. Thankfully when I ran it the PCs opted to sneak in (and had a way to foil their senses) so I let them get in and get out because they did a Cool Thing. But the Incant and 1 Pudding I put on the map were in separate rooms. I know map art costs money, but I'd hope there'd at least be a check to make sure monsters FIT the space they're supposed to be in.

The fights themselves are fine though. I like challenging encounters. The harpies were fairly easy (there was a Bard in the party, so that helped). The black puddings are tough but the Roiling Incant does interesting things. And the clockwork vessel was able to put a PC unconscious before they were able to win the day.

Also, can we talk about how the PDF throws an error message stating, "Cannot extract the embedded font 'Alcoholica-Bold-SC700'. Some characters may not display or print correctly."? Ignoring the name of the font, how did this pass QA?

I'm hoping that part two of this series connects dots to how this fits in the metaplot. But I won't be recommending this scenario in general.

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Will Not Buy Due to Sexualized Art


After learning that several pieces of art within this book are unnecessarily sexualized, I will not be buying this book. I was disappointed to learn this, as I enjoy the system and lore of Golarion.

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Fun Scenario with Many Callbacks


I ran this scenario at a convention (after having played it a few weeks prior) and enjoyed this. It was more fun for me to GM than play even. It's a great lead in for War for the Crown, but also has several fun callbacks to earlier scenarios (which, sadly, none of the PCs had played with their PCs). My only significant gripe would be the massive map (used near the end) which, although fun, isn't terribly conducive to convention play.

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Great Module!


The short of it: This is a great module. I highly recommend it to anyone. Perfect balance of roleplay and roll-play.

I've given the module a read-through, and have started running it as a mix of PbP and online play. It actually works well for this format, which is really nice. Plus, the artwork for the NPCs is good stuff.

Without babbling too much on possibly spoilery details, I can say that this module does work very well as a segue from The Wormwood Mutiny. A+