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Not sure how many of us are still frequenting ideascale but wanted to see what the community thought about the Keyword System adding more than just a numerical bonus?

Heres the idea:

Make the keywords do more than just add a numerical bonus. I like the keyword matching system, but I definitely feel the keywords should do more, much more (eventually). The system itself has a large number of possibilities. I'm looking forward to slaying weapons, flaming, frost, lightning, life stealing, returning (if and when we can throw weapons and not just shoot arrows), and vorpal (actually causing wounds), as well as many other classic Pathfinder weapon and armor, magic or mundane, abilities.

I feel that your keywords on items and attacks should do something more than just add a +5 bonus to damage or defense, but actually penetrate armor better, if it has that keyword, bypassing some of the physical protection the armor normally grants, or the slashing keyword being much more effective against leather and cloth. Obviously, the higher end keywords would most likely need to be attached to at least a tier 2 weapon (because it would require Masterwork to enchant at that level). When enchanting comes into play, hopefully you will be able to specify exactly the keywords you want on a weapon, armor, or item, to perfectly match up to your play style. That would also mean that eventually they may need to let you customize your feat keywords to match them up with your enchanted item keywords for even more specialization.

Anyway, please go vote on the idea and feel free to refine or better define the limited outline of the idea I've given.

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Chartered Company: The Veiled
Planned POI: Tavern - The Veiled Distillery
Affiliation: Phaeros and The Seventh Veil
Theme: Gather together, have a good time, drink some brews, have some brawls, help the settlement party. The free wheeling, free spirited rough riders of Phaeros and most importantly: The Darker side of The Seventh Veil.
Alignment: NE, LN, TN, CN
Roles: All non-good roles.
Patron Gods: Any non-good

The darker and mysterious part of The Seventh Veil, The Veiled are those of us who handle the jobs others in T7V are uncomfortable doing. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty, and welcome all roles for those who want to play the darker side, such as assassins, necromancers, thieves, and crafters of death.

Roleplaying: The Veiled is a sponsored company intent on having a good time no matter the outcome. Of course we love our home that lets us do what we do so we want to ensure it is safe and prosperous. Grab a good drink and come brawl with us while we work on controlling Towers in the wars for Phaeros, fight monsters and do some brewing with a bunch of like-minded folks who don’t mind doing what needs to be done. This group will be PvP centric and we will help our members to become PvP enabled while also handling PvE, whether that be stamping out those encroaching on our settlement or escalating the issues around our enemies. The Veiled is devoted to ensuring the freedoms of the River Kingdoms, and then some. We advocate self expression, fun and merriment even if someone "loses an eye". When it comes to defeating our enemies, we enjoy honest PvP combat. We aren't afraid to bring the fight to the enemy, be it lowly goblins or high level PvP. We intend to make our home in one of the controlling Towers surrounding Phaeros though we will roam throughout our lands. For us, the neutral and evil alignments we are associated with, are more about freedom than sadism.

Who can join: The Veiled seeks those who want to have fun, set fire to a goblin or three, enjoy life as it comes and be the sort of folk that your parents warned you about. If you are an individual looking for a good time while not worrying about being a goody two-shoes, looking for a good group of buddies to go out drinking and do some old fashioned brawling and don’t mind getting your hands dirty with all that brew please register on The Seventh Veil's Website then apply to The Seventh Veil here and then join The Veiled here.

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In Pathfinder TT there is unconsciousness before death. In the recent Video at 2:09 it looks like the fighter falls to the rogue with a small bit of red (HP) left. From checking the past threads I couldn't find anything definitive on this point. In PVP it looks to have unconsciousness where you could possibly be healed before dying or conquer your opponent without killing them and still loot them. In PvE it looked to be that the monsters went to 0 HP and fall. Anyone have some detail on this or know if it is set to have unconsciousness and an opportunity to heal before death or have mercy but still win in PVP?

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I know that I was for a long time a Forum Lurker. I never posted although read almost everything. This thread is to try and see if all those "Forum Lurkers" will throw a post in here and we can see if the community is much larger than we think or mainly just the regular crowd with a few Lurkers. We would love to get some of your Lurkers out of that Lurking status and into the discussions!

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I've been lurking these boards long enough to have a pretty good handle on how the game is shaping up as a whole and the more I read the more I see the Sandbox of meaningful interaction heading in the direction of a PFO full of one against all. By that I mean that a huge portion of the focus of the game is centered on PVP, confrontation, taking what others have created or ruining/destroying anyone not on your side/team.

While this can be fun and I fully intend to play this game no matter what comes out in the end, I had always imagined a Sandbox where the Players build the world and make the story as giving us more options to have Players Assisting Players or PAP.

When I read over these forums I see so many ways shaping up to destroy everyone else and as territory warfare is the object of the game now, it seems like each settlement will be an island in an ocean of enemies (with maybe a couple of other linked islands or allies). The ocean is everyone else and I for one wish to have more options to build and assist others and not have the only option be that we are only allies or enemies. There is a large world to build and I would love to see more options for being neutral to other settlements but being able to help each other grow, trade services, training, resources and other meaningful interactions that don't force everyone into a dichotomy of ally/enemy at every turn. I am not against PVP at all though.

I know that in order for you to have a game you have to have apposing sides, ways for you to have meaningful interaction, build teams, overcome obstacles, create a CC, Settlement, or Kingdom eventually. I know this isn't a PVE centered game and I don't want it to be so. What I do want to see is just as many options to help each other as to attack each other. Just as many ways to help that other settlement next door as to destroy it but not have to ally with everyone in all settlements to do so. Sure there should be perks to being allies that you don't get with simply assisting in some mutual way but when there is no neutral ground you always have to make the decision of ally or enemy to have meaningful interaction. I don't want to always have every other player be suspect unless an ally. If they are an enemy though, game on, play it to the hilt and annihilate them...or make peace if that is possible. Life isn't black and white, there is a ton of grey that we can play with. I'd like to see that filled with options.

Before everyone tells me that you can stay neutral and don't have to make everyone friends or enemies, I know that, but I don't think it very likely in a PVP world to have that be the case based on what I've seen and read on these forums. It will be kill or be killed unless you make another option. I'm just looking for ways to give those other options for the middle ground and not only options for allies or enemies. These may exist and just are not focused on. These may not be desired by anyone but myself.

What do others think?