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Personally, I was disappointed with this map. Only one side really represents a jungle world.

The flip side that has stone temple like structures on it is really frustrating. If it is a wild planet what are the structures doing on it?

I know I can make up just about any reason for why they are there, but if I want a completely wild planet, I'm reduced to using only one side of the flip mat...not very flippable at all.

Pathfinder Starfinder Maps Subscriber

Is there a page which indicates what the indicative line up of maps is?

The 'Spaceport' seems very similar to the 'Space Station' map released a couple of months ago. I thought as a subscriber I was getting a new map with every installment; now it seems I'm getting rehashed versions of maps?

As a subscriber it would be nice to see what is planned (accepting that there may be changes as various products go through the design and review process).

Pathfinder Starfinder Maps Subscriber

Lucky for me I haven't begun to run the Dead Suns AP. Figured I'd wait until most of the collateral had been released.

Pathfinder Starfinder Maps Subscriber

While ship maps are useful; they're nothing compared to the variety of planetside locations that will feature in my APs (so lots more flip maps like the cantina one please Paizo).

I've signed up to the subscription (first time I've done so), so I'm hoping my faith in this product line will be rewarded.