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Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 15

About Irakli


Irakli was orphened young when his parents were killed by bandits while traveling in northern Brevoy while trading out of Kyonin. The boy was stranded, forced to live on his own for awhile, travelling the land place to place trying just to survive. One cold fateful winter he meet a hagard man that took pity upon him. The man, Jules Laindir, took the elf under his wing, becaming a mentor to him. Over time the mentor slowly became a surrogate father to him, teaching him his customs and ways as he might have his own son. He taught the elf his own trade, that of sell-sword, how to make it on his own as a mercenary and blade for hire. Doing odd jobs throughout Issia for the various Houses and other wealthy families, they saw the width and breadth of the north, spending time in all the major cities. They traveled where the jobs took them, earning coin, seeing sites, and growing closer with each passing day. As they came to forge a close bond, they also by fortune's irony forged their own end. Being a sell-sword is not an easy life. To make one part happy, there must always be one not so happy, and in a successful career, that tends to lead to a lot of unhappy someones. In Northern Brevoy, that usually means at some point it is a Surtovan. One day while on a job that took them South of Issia, out to the border of the Solen Lands, Irakli and Jules were set upon by bandits. The caravan they were guarding was sold out to the Stag Lord and his filthy cohorts. It the desperate struggle, the elf's mentor was killed by an arrow from the cowardly bandit leader, firing from the cover and safety of his band. The job was a set up, payback for earlier successes, and Surtovans always pay back a slight, no matter how small, and the punishment is always death. Irakli fought his way clear of the bandits and their demonspawned leader, after fighting a running escape for three days, fearing for his life, until finally he made it clear of the Greenbelt, back into the safety of Brevoy, alive but still near dead inside. He was now on his own again, without guidance and without the stability that had been Jules. Now armed against the bandits he was illprepared to face before, the elf will travel back into the Stolen Lands, find again the bandit leader that killed Jules, and learn exactly who it was that set them up, which Surtovan would feel his blade.


Often seen wearing a mask with his reddish brown hair hanging around it, all it shows is his brown eyes.
He is young for a elf,114,and stands about 6'1. He likes to speak in his own tongue,but will speak common when needed. Seen wearing leather armors with rivets on the shoulders and boots that come just to the knees. Has a rapier and dagger on his left side and another dagger on the right. When having a bow on him the quiver is equipped on his lower back at a slight angle, and the bow's bottom just above the quiver and also at an angle. Is fairly easy to get alone with but can be on the not so talkative side at times.
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