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Well, I'm one of the GMs that went to SwampCon in Gainesville, FL.

Over the 5 slots/2 days of gaming, I got the exhaustion put into me and the energy drained for me, but it was for a great experience!

At SwampCon2013, we must have handed out at least 55 new Pathfinder Society Numbers. We haven't even done that many number handouts for MegaCon (30k+ Total Attendance, 9-15 Tables of PFS Gaming/slot, 10 slots), which is fricken awesome.

Its opened the eyes of all of the PFS GMs that took the trip from their home areas to Gainesville to see that, while there is an extreme amount of interest in a Pathfinder Society setup, no one has offered it for quite some time (hearing stories of what previously transpired, its definitely a "I graduated, now I'm leaving," thing). We planted the seeds of offering people to come to the FloridaPFS boards and chat with other Florida Pathfinders many times. Hopefully it stuck in their minds, but, as 90% of the new players were current college students, I have no idea if college would override it.

Its one of those things you can't believe we did...that is, until you see that we did 3+ tables of just pure walk-ins per slot.

I'm glad I went, and thanks to everyone who joined us. If you're just coming to the boards from Gainesville, shoot over to FloridaPFS, we should be starting a discussion to possibly establish a PFS Presence in or around the UoF campus.

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How I've come to understand it, there is an unlimited amount of time between one module and another, in respect to conditions, healing and other such things. While this "unlimited time" cannot grant you more money in any way (Profession rolls and such), it just simply means you need to:

1. Resolve all Poisons so that they are recovered from (or the character dies).
2. Resolve all Diseases so that they are recovered from (or the character dies).
3. Resolve all temporary negative levels so that they either become permanent, or disappear.
4. Resolve all other debuffs.
5. Recover any temporary loss of stats to full.

This simply just means that if there is some kind of spell, status effect, poison, or disease on you that will go away from the passage of time, it will go away at the end of the module. If a debuff is permanent (such as someone putting on a Girdle of Gender Change at the end of a module and failing their fortitude save [its happened]), it should be noted on the "Conditions Gained" section of the module.

Notation of Death should also be applied to the "Conditions Gained" section.

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Page 274
The Shackles of Compliance's second paragraph should be changed to the following wording to get rid of the duplicate, correct the grammar and standardize the wording.:
The Shackles of Compliance have hardness 10, with 10 hit points. A DC 30 Disable Device check is required to pick the lock. A manacled creature can attempt to break free with a successful DC 28 Strength Check, or a DC 35 Escape Artist check.

Balance Question! The Shackles of Compliance have a DC 25 Will Save associated with it. With that, it would require a +14 to make these shackles. If I remember correctly, an item should *generally* be around a Will Save appropriate for a minimum required to cast the spell, which is an 11, or +0. At a Level 1 Spell, it should be DC 11, DC 12 or DC 13, don't you think?

On that same page, (274) The Shackles of Durance Vile has no Saving Throw DC.

Lastly, HeroLab pointed something out: The Shackles of Compliance are 2,810 GP in Skull and Shackles. The Shackles of Compliance in Ultimate Equipment are 3,280 GP. Which is it?

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This can only end in awesome. I love the Munchkin games, and I love Pathfinder.

Paizo, how come you're always finding ways of clearing out my wallet? :P

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For some reason, I don't seem to see these same issues. It might be who I'm playing with, but Magic doesn't dominate the game. In fact, I see more fighters being the "bad ass" than Wizards/Sorc/Clerics in 3.5e, specifically because lots of Magic Spells were nerfed, and everyone got nice little boosts in PF to compensate.

In the OvD Feats, it is true that some feats look to be absolutely useless, very situational, or outright badly worded, but that goes without saying that some things in the RPG are terribly worded. However, saying that *every* Offensive feat should be picked *before* a Defensive one seems to be...short sighted. I've seen some pretty beastly Defensive feats used against me at the PFS Table. It can be very nasty.

As for class balance, yes, there have been some issues (see: Summoner Synergist), but for every issue, there are 10 other great things I see in PF and pleasantly surprise me every day.

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Airhead wrote:


Cast detect magic
Cast identify
Learn about the new sword, etc.

cast detect magic
cast identify to add to spellcraft vs. item's DC.
Success = know everything about that item? or separate rolls vs. each attribute? (+3, flaming, icy burst, dancing longsword)
Failure = you know "it is magic."
cursed items?? (loadstones, etc.)

Here is the REAL way to execute an Identify:

None of it required Forums, because it's all given (although you have to do some page digging).

How to Identify an Item:
1. Identify it is Magical.
- DC (25) Appraise Check (1 Round)
- If this method is used, no retry is allowed by the same person.
- Only way to determine if the item is just Masterwork.
- Cast Detect Magic (3 Rounds)
- This method will not determine if an item is just Masterwork.

2. Identify the Properties.
- Maximum attempts: Once per 24 Hours per Item.
- Requires Identify or Detect Magic Cast.
- DC (15 + Caster Level) Spellcraft (3 Rounds per item)
- Must be able to thoroughly examine the object.

Spellcraft DCs for Magical/Enhanced Items:
- DC is the Highest of all of the enhancement/magical bonuses.

MINIMUM Caster Level is 3*Enhancement Bonus
- +1 = CL3 (DC18)
- +2 = CL6 (DC21)
- +3 = CL9 (DC24)
- +4 = CL12 (DC27)
- +5 = CL15 (DC30)

All other items are Spell based. Note that Magical Properties (such as Brilliant Energy) are Spell based. (Brilliant Energy requires gaseous form, continual flame and is A CL16 (DC31).)

For example, a +4 (DC27) Brilliant Energy (DC31) Armor would require a DC31 Spellcraft Check in order to identify that it is a +4 Brilliant Energy Armor. Otherwise, you just know it's magical.

Properties Locations:
- Magical Weapons, PRGCR 470
- Magical Armors, PRGCR 464