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Anyone going to U-Conn in MI? I have signed up for BoneKeep Part 1 on Friday night and 3 Sat Morning and am looking for a group. Wizard, level 7. PM if you're interested. Planning is key to finishing bonekeep.

You may discuss things here that would clog up gameplay thread

----------------------------------- Day 7 ------------------------------------------
The winds are raging and the heavy rains rock the ship back and forth. Back and forth.
Back and forth.
It is hypnotic as you lay in your beds, trying to grasp on to the last bit of sleep. The warm cot engulfs you in dreams of comfort and bliss. Suddenly, the top door slams open as a wet and miserable looking Mr. Scourge climbs down the ladder.
"Wake up you barnacles, the rains are heavy and tomorrow there be a full on storm for sure. Mark my words you lazy crabs better work your asses off today. Besmara is crying hard out there and I can barley hear anything so we are doing roll call here." , Mr. Scourge blares as he takes out his whip and begins to crack it along the side haul. Mr. Plug follow behind him silent and stern faced as ever.

All the sailors form a ling against the haul and wait anxiously for their name to be called off.

Mr. Scourge begins to bellow out the list.

"Erzi and "Barefoot" Samms Toppins. -Rigging Repairs. Be mindful to not beat up retards Erzi.

"Ratline" Rattsberger Slippery Sly -Lonegan Line Work

Gilligan, report to the cook, and don't serve us anymore of that feather s%%# soup.

Kai and Jack Scrimshaw -Repairs

Arius and Tilly Brackett -Man the Bilges. You won't be able to f@&~ up ropes down there Arius.

Dreanor and "Badger" Meldar -Rat Catcher

Velius and Shivikak -Swab the Deck"

He reads off the other names and chore duties, after the list ceases he takes a deep breath and says

No Horsehitting around today, if you do lashes not knot bashes tonight, the storm is going to to be coming on full swing. This is where you earn your sea legs boys!

Ok so here is the recruitment thread.

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Hey all,

Our Scenario pool is getting low with some of our people. I think 3 nights is a stretch for a module, so does anyone know of modules that can be ran in under 8 hours?

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Where is the subject of free captains discussed in the AP? If you have a fleet, are your captains not free captains?

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Ok so I have been working through this since I am going to be hosting a party of six. I have the Wormwood Mutiny done.

So here it is

Ill_Made_Knight's GM Guide to Skulls and Shackles for Six Players .

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Ok, so my search fu is terrible right now, but I need to know if playing the season 5 special at 12th level will disqualify a person from playing EotT with that character. Please site sources too.

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Does anyone know when the sign ups are going to start?

Also is there any way I can sign up as a group? We want to do the special at High Teir and have a group of 6.

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Hey all,

I saw that they had what scenarios would be played at Gen Con but I am kind of in the dark on what will be played at Paizo Con. I know they are running the season 5 Special and Bone Keep, anything else?.

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After reading the other discussion on the clear spindle ioun stone's Resonant effects I thought it was about time that we had this discussion as a community. I believe it differs from the previous thread because it is not talking about what it does but why it should even be in the campaign in general.

The clear spindle ioun stone's resonant effects, is in a word, bonkers and/or broken. There is no other item with that cost that does that ability. You don't even have to activate it, it is ALWAYS ON.

I mean you completely shut down a good number of Manipulator bosses, thus we don't really feel the weight of their CR or challenge. For example, Succubus are not even the least bit of a challenge if you take away dominate person, suggestion, charm monster.

And if anyone thinks I have not been on the receiving end of dominate person, we had a 10 level Magus dominated by a vampire, who proceeded to decimate our entire team. It was a travesty but one of the best games I have ever had.

On top of that, I have seen many people say "Well screw wisdom, I just get the clear spindle and I am fine." There should never be an item like that, which allows you to dump a stat and for 4,000 gold be able to block out one of the most powerful mechanics in the game.

Now, what I am going to put forward seems silly, but please Mike, Mark, and John can we just get rid of this item all together or Errata it in the following: X/day as a standard action.

I know you will have an uproar but the item has no place in organized play because most people auto buy it when they can. The reason most people don't have it, is because they don't even know it exist and when they do they auto buy it.

Please let us be constructive, and charitable towards one another in a helpful discussion.

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Is anyone hosting PFS Games on Thursday night?

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It is my honor to announce that over the weekend, Nathan King got his 4th star. This is a huge milestone for the man who started playing PFS in APRIL (That's right, he did it in 9 months). Nathan is a great GM and player and I am humbled by the fact that he has put so much effort into building our community here in Saint Louis. His dedication and fortitude is unmatched. It is a pleasure to know you good sir.

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The title says it all, any ideas for feats. This is PFS so no wonky stuff and it only has an int of 1...

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I was just looking at the new scenarios for season 4 and noticed that their wasn't any Multi-part adventure. I mean sure we have like 7 left that haven't been revealed but at least one of them should have been spoiled. Are they doing away with these?

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Just some context, I have a friend who says they get 6, I disagree. The rules state

"How do I determine hit points for my animal companion?
Animal companions receive average hit points per hit die. For d8, the average is 4.5. Multiply 4.5 times the number of hit dice your animal companion has and round down. Recalculate hit points for your companion each time it gains additional hit dice. After its hit points are calculated, add in appropriate bonuses from its Constitution modifier, feats, and so on."

I can infer from this that since an Eidolon is like an animal companion it would get 5.5 per level, however, there is nothing that says that we are to treat it like one. The only clause that says anything about them is in regards to how many animal companions/familiars/Eidolons you can have in combat.

How many are they suppose to get?

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Hey all,

Just a question about the fight with the Otyugh, if a character gets knocked out in its lair, do they die from drowning the next round since it is a foot of sludge?

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Back with LG, they had a wonderful item tracker sheet, has anyone updated it or would be willing to do that? I am using the LG one right now...

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The title says it all...

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Hey all,

I am brewing again and here are my thoughts on a Bard/Rogue build for PFS. She is going to be a support character/face.

Aasimar Bard10/Rogue2

Traits: Maestro of the Society, Reactionary

Favored Class (Bard) alt Choose one bardic performance; treat the bard as +1/2 level higher when determining the effects of that performance. I am choosing (Inspire courage).

Pathfinder Society 20 Point Buy

7 STR (-4)
14 DEX (5)
14 CON (5)
14 INT (5)
14 WIS (2) (+2 Racial)
17 CHA (7) (+2 Racial)


Brd1 Level 1 - Inspire courage +1, Feat: Improved Initiative
Rog1 Level 2 -
Rog2 Level 3 - Rouge Talent: Trap Spotter, Skill Focus (perception)
Brd2 Level 4 -
Brd3 Level 5 - Spell Focus (Conjuration)
Brd4 Level 6 - Inspire courage +2
Brd5 Level 7 - Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration)
Brd6 Level 8 -
Brd7 Level 9 - Harmonic Spell
Brd8 Level 10 - Inspire courage +3
Brd9 Level 11 - Discordant Voice
Brd10 Level 12 -

Some people may ask, other then inspire courage how are you supporting the party, my response would be spells which would look like this:

Brd1 Level 1 - Grease, Saving Finale
Rog1 Level 2 -
Rog2 Level 3 -
Brd2 Level 4 - Liberating Command
Brd3 Level 5 - Feather Fall
Brd4 Level 6 - Glitterdust, Cacophonous Call
Brd5 Level 7 - ?
Brd6 Level 8 - ?
Brd7 Level 9 - Haste, Confusion
Brd8 Level 10 -
Brd9 Level 11 -
Brd10 Level 12

I need some help on the spells,

Her offensive abilities would consist of a cross bow till 5th level and after that she would be UMD scorching rays or acid arrows.

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I want to make sure I understand the function of this option.

It states "Choose one bardic performance; treat the bard as +1/2 level higher when determining the effects of that performance." So if I choose "inspire courage" it will progress as such if I choose it every level:

1st level 1.5
2nd level 3
3rd level 4.5
4th level 6 (which means it is a +2 at this point correct?)
5th level 7.5
6th level 9
7th level 10.5
8th level 12 (which means it is a +3 bonus)

Is this logic correct? and if so, that is bonkers...

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I think the title says it all...

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After attending Gen Con, I have to say that I ran the gambit of GMs. For the majority of the Con I had some great GMs. Who ever ran Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment on Sat, I was the cleric of Sarenrae and my buddy was the halfling summoner with the silver Dragon mount. You did the best job out of all the GMS I played with and I was really blown away at how well you knew your scenario.

That being said, is there a way to report poor GMS, ones who don't know the rules, or make poor calls that end up getting people killed. I will be the first to say that dying is apart of the game, but not when a GM guns for a character.

I had a GM run a chase scene but didn't allow us to know the DCs for the options on them, or which option was easier, because that is "meta gaming". For the record I LOVE CHASE SCENES, however, the problem with withholding that information is he is able to see which is easier for the NPC, and thus he is doing what he doesn't want us to do. Which is hypocritical and poor Gming

On another note, I try super hard not to meta-game since I know almost every freaking creature in this game, but when the GM acts like his creatures know every class ability, that is poor GMing, esp if the end boss has no knowledge skills to speak of.

I know in LG there was a way to report poor Gms so they weren't able to judge, is there any system like that in PFS? Or for rewarding awesome GMs like the one I talked about earlier in my post?

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Here is my build for a PFS character that I am interested in making.

Half-Orc Fighter (Weapon Master) 3/Inquisitor 9 (Sarenrea)

Alternate Racial Traits: Sacred Tattoo

Inq Domain- Heroism

Favored Class (Inq) alt Add a +1/2 bonus on Intimidate checks and Knowledge checks to identify creatures.

Pathfinder Society 20 Point Buy

17 STR (7) (+2 Racial)
12 DEX (2)
14 CON (5)
14 INT (5)
14 WIS (5)
7 CHA (-4)


FTG1 Level 1 - Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm
INQ1 Level 2 -
INQ2 Level 3 - Power Attack
INQ3 Level 4 - Teamwork Feat- Coordinated Maneuvers, Str bumps to 20 with belt and ability score increase.
INQ4 Level 5 - Weapon Focus (Heavy Flail)
INQ5 Level 6 -
INQ6 Level 7 - Cornugon Smash
FTG2 Level 8 - Greater Disarm,
FTG3 Level 9 - Improved Critical (Heavy Flail), Weapon Training (Heavy Flail)
INQ7 Level 10 - Teamwork Feat- Lookout?
INQ8 Level 11 - ???
INQ9 Level 12 -

I need a feat for 11th level, also I would like to hear peoples thoughts on going the disarm rout, I think he would be pretty versatile in combat. Having spells, judgement, Bane, Intimidating as a free action, disarming and dealing a fair amount of damage.

By Level 7, whenever he power attacks, he gets a free intimidation check at +19 (-2 Cha, +2 Racial, +3 Favored Class, +3 Stern Gaze, +3 Class Skill, +7 Ranks, +3 Circlet of Persuasion)

By level 8 his Disarm check would be +21(+1 WF (Heavy Flail), +1 Enhancement, +2 Heavy Flail, +2 Coordinated Maneuvers, +4 Greater/Improved Disarm, +5 STR, +6 BAB), which is pretty spicy.

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So if FOB works like two weapon fighting, how would it interact with a reach weapon using the sohei class feature of Weapon Training?

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to know who was going to Gen Con. It is going to be my first one and I look forward to meeting people on the boards

I will be playing Martel (1 Dragoon/6 Paladin) for

King of the Storval Stairs

And Markus (1 Cleric) for

First Steps—Part II: To Delve the Dungeon Deep

First Steps—Part III: A Vision of Betrayal

The Goblinblood Dead

The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment

The God's Market Gamble

Rise of the Goblin Guild

Can't wait to meet you

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I am pretty sure the title explains it but how would this work in a scenario? Would they just have to pay the money (500 for LPA) and say this is what we need to do X will you help this for our God's Glory?

Because getting a Hound Archon as a buddy at level 7 for 500gp is Righteous.

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I know a couple of people have posted a guide/expectations and I am going to start Heavily GMing after Gen Con and I want to clear the air over issues that I have seen as I have been playing PFS at my locale store. I won't take credit for these thoughts but I have systemically put them into a a single sheet which I can pass around to players who sit at my Table when I GM.

I look for maturity in all things and these rules are a to help grow the PFS and our community.

10 Rules of PFS when I GM spoiler:
1. Before we Start I want to see Spell List and Abilities, and I will do a quick audit. I Have seen to often people changing their spells in the middle of a game. If I am not familiar with a spell or ability you need to have the book and description in hand, I will always ask "show me". If their is an errata, bring it with you because I am not up on everything but I will try to be.

2. Introduction will be first. Your Characters Name, Faction, Level/Class, Brief Description, and Goals, who are you and why are you in PFS. Their needs to be more role-playing and less rolling. No one will be calling each other Bob or Bill. In Character names only.

3. Prestige Points. I do not hand these out like candy, I know a lot of DMs do, I don't. I will work with you on a different alternative skill check within the spectrum but don't expect me to lower the DC or fudge the numbers. If you bring X home broken don't expect to get your candy. A couple of people were shocked and horrified when I said we should only be getting 3/4 of prestige and that was the expectation.

4. Death. It happens, I am not asking you to be mad/disappointed or grieved by a character death, I am not emotionally dismissive and I understand that you put hard work into your character, (I know I have). However, know that if you sit at my table, I will play the monsters ability to its max. If you die, I am sorry, but that is a possibility you must understand and live with. I will not gun for a TPK and try and avoid that but death is near at every combat.

5. Skills. Know what they do *I am looking at you Handle Animal*, this has been brought up multiple times, if your a Ranger and your Cha 7 and you have only a +4 in Handle Animal you will be rolling HA on everything. Flanking, distracting, or anything else outside of the box I will need you to push the animal.

6. Disagreement on "X". I will look at the issue but understand I have the finale saying with ambiguity in rules. I will not spend more then a minute arguing.

7. Dice/Figures. There will be no dice on the board representing figures. If you need a figure I have multiple to choose one. Rolls are in the open. No crazy dice I can't read and don't use dice big enough to smash into the combat mat. Rolls that go off the table are auto re-rolls, as are dice on cracks.

8. Paladins better play Lawful Good. Atonement is in the rules for a reason. I am a stickler about this. Sometimes your going to have to bite the built and refuse your faction mission.

9. 2 Strike rule on Cheating/Meta-gaming. If you have played the scenario, don't talk about it. Play dumb. Don't Metagame, if you do I will call you on it and if you do it again I will ask you to leave the table.

10. Have a lot of fun, these rules are here to give guidance on what to expect, not to be a kill joy. If you have a problem with anything I have here, please ask me about it rather then dismissing it. I want to be firm but fair and I am not doing this to be a jerk but to give you an understanding before any of these issue pop up. I want this to be enjoyable for you and everyone else at the table.

Thoughts would be appreciated.

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Human Fighter (Weapon Master) 3/Inquisitor 9 (Sarenrea

Pathfinder Society 20 Point Buy

12 STR (2)
17 DEX (7) (+2 Racial)
14 CON (5)
14 INT (5)
14 WIS (5)
7 CHA (-4)


FTG1 Level 1 - Weapon Focus (Scimitar), Weapon Finess, Combat Expertise
FTG2 Level 2 -Improved Disarm
FTG3 Level 3 - Dervish Dance, (Weapon Training)
INQ1 Level 4 -
INQ2 Level 5 - Combat Reflexes
INQ3 Level 6 - Precise Strike
INQ4 Level 7 - Improved Disarm
INQ5 Level 8 -
INQ6 Level 9 - Coordinated Maneuvers, Improved Critical
INQ7 Level 10 -
INQ8 Level 11 - Disarming Strike
INQ9 Level 12 - Seize the Moment

Domain: Heroism

Trait: Defender of Society, and a Trait that Gives acrobatics as a class skill

I wanted a Dervish Dance style build... thoughts appreciated worshiper of Sarenrea

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I wanted a rule clarification for PFS. If I am a Paladin, can I choose to get the Companion Figurine feat later on, like for my 9th level feat or do I have to take it right when I get my Divine Bond ability?

For instance, If I get my Mount at level 5, can I choose the Horse but then at level 9, dismiss it and take this feat and choose Gold Lion?

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I wanted a rule clarification for PFS. If I am a Paladin, can I choose to get the Companion Figurine feat later on, like for my 9th level feat or do I have to take it right when I get my Divine Bond ability?

For instance, If I get my Mount at level 5, can I choose the Horse but then at level 9, dismiss it and take this feat and choose Gold Lion?

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I wanted a rule clarification for PFS. If I am a Paladin, can I choose to get this feat later on, like for my 9th level feat or do I have to take it right when I get my Divine Bond ability?

For instance, If I get my Mount at level 5, can I choose the Horse but then at level 9, dismiss it and take this feat and choose Gold Lion?

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Is it possible to be a Crossblooded Wildblooded Sorcerer in PFS? Can those stack?

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Hey all this is a question for rules In PFS,

If I am a Cleric and I have proficiency with the Longbow from my God Erastil, do I also have proficiency with Composite Longbow and Composite Str longbows?

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Excuse me for my ignorance, but what is fame exactly? It says that you can buy from your faction items dependent upon your fame. What is the point of having access to a cloak of resistance from a certificate, if you can just buy one from your faction?

So for example your a 4th level character and you have gotten 2 fame from every scenario for a total of 18, which allows you access to an item of 5,250. Which means you have access to every 2nd level wand in the game. Why do I even care what objects I get on my certificate?

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If I choose a bird as my animal companion, it says I can choose a number of feats, but they are lacking fly by attack. Is there a reason? How can a hawk even be some what good if he doesn't get fly by attack? I am very confused by this. Also if I am a ranger and take Boon companion, will that upgrade it to my normal level?

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Hello fellow pfs,

I am playing a Dragoon/Paladin and I completed my first mod this past Sat. I wanted some thoughts on a build I am planning. I want my character to be good but have a little style of my own style (the Lucerne Hammer is a non negotiable). I am going for a Mount Heavy build but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. I have a lot of Questions....

Here are my stats
Str 14
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 7
Cha 17
Race Human
Feats at 1st: Skill Focus (Ride), Mounted Combat, Ride by Attack, Combat Reflexes.
Traits: Dangerously Curious, Armor Expert
Skills: Handle Aninmal, Ride, UMD. I gave up my skill points for Heart of the Wild.

Level Progression and questions
01 Dragoon (as stated above)

02 Paladin +1 Ride, UMD, Handle Animal. After gaining 5 ranks in Handel Animal is it worth it to continue? at that point I would have a +8. I have an extra skill point what should I do with it? (Paladin being my favored class or should I continue to gain more hit points?).
Gear: War Horse, Studded leather Barding,. Mw Cold Iron Lucerne Hammer. Lance, Long Bow, Battle Axe, Steel Shield, Dagger. MW Chain Shirt.

03 Paladin +1 Ride, UMD. I have +2 skill points. What should I use them on? I was thinking Knowledge (Religion or Nobility), but then if I travel with a healer they probably have the religion but is Nobility ever worth it? Diplomacy is another thought but I don't think I would ever have enough points to be a face. Thoughts? Also Feat: Indomitable Mount (How do I gain last wall affinity or w/e in PFS?) or Rewards of life? Or some other feat...
Gear: War Horse, Chain Shirt Barding,. Mw Cold Iron Lucerne Hammer. MW Lance, MW Composite Str (+2) Long Bow, Mw Silver Battle Axe, MW Steel Shield, Dagger. MW Chain Shirt. Potion of enlarge.

04 Paladin +1 to Cha. What Mercey is the best? I was thinking Fatigue. Gear: War Horse, Chain Shirt Barding,. Mw Cold Iron Lucerne Hammer. MW Lance, MW Composite Str (+2) Long Bow, Mw Silver Battle Axe, MW Steel Shield, Dagger. MW Mithril Breast Plate.

05 Paladin. Gear: War Horse, Chain Shirt Barding,. +1 Cold Iron Lucerne Hammer. MW Lance, MW Composite Str (+2) Long Bow, Mw Silver Battle Axe, MW Steel Shield, Dagger. +1 Mithril Breast Plate. Wand of reduce animal, wand of reduce person. Wand of enlarge person.

06 Paladin: So as a Human, is heavy warhorse the only available mount for me (other then camel or light warhorse)? Can I wait till latter to get like a Tiger or something. I mean a Heavy War Horse is BA but what are some other options? What would be some good selection of feats for it, I was thinking Armor proficiency (Light, Medium), but other then that I really don't know. Also Barding, How much would it be for Mithril Breastplate Barding? How would the math work out? Feat: I was thinking Spirited Charge or Power Attack.

07 Paladin: I am thinking remove Disease for my mercy, other thoughts
08 Paladin: +1 Cha
09 Paladin: Spirited Charge or Power attack

Ill probably know enough by level 10 to know what I am doing. I have heard people call cheese a at reduce person/ reduce animal but I have also hear that when you pass level 5 these mods are no joke, so how do you balance "cheese" with not being worthless? I hope to acquire these other wands along the way, Glitterdust, Grease, Haste, Freedom of Movement. If I am trying to do too much with this character please tell me.