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Full Name



Init +4 | Perc +2 | SM +0 | EAC 15 | KAC 16 | vs. CM 24 | Move: 40 ft |


+2 saves vs. Fear | F +3 | R +5 | W +3 | Steward Infiltrator


LN Female Halfling | Themeless Soldier (Bombard) lvl 1 | 7/7 SP | 9/9 HP | 5/5 RP |


S - 2'6" (75 cm) tall - 25 lbs. (11 kg)


24 years old

Special Abilities

Grenade Expert




Follows Abadar


Absalom Station


Common - Halfling



Strength 11
Dexterity 18
Constitution 10
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Igna''

Current Adventure: 10 charges used on one of the extra batteries

SFS #101218-714
XP 1 - Fame 2 - Global Reputation 2 (Tier 0)
Slotted Faction: Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

Reputation with Acquisitives: 0
Reputation with Dataphiles: 0
Reputation with Exoguardians: 0
Reputation with Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo): 2
Reputation with Second Seekers (Jadnura): 0
Reputation with Wayfinders: 0

#2 - 1-05 - The First Mandate
#1 - 1-01 The Commencement

Boons Slotted this Adventure
Faction: Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)
Personal: Legacy Heritage-Existing Halfling (increase one ability score 14 or lower by 2)
Promotional: Promotional Record Keeper (SFS Player Character Folio) 1/session to either:
• reduce the Resolve Point cost of resting to regain Stamina by 1 (down to 0 RP), or
• reduce the DC of 1 starship combat check (including gunnery) by 4
Social: Faction’s Friend (get some Rep' if failed mission) (from 1-01)
Slotless: • Marked Field Agent (the SFS hand augment) (from 1-01)
• Star Sugar Heartlove!!! (from 1-01)

All My Other (non-slotted) Boons
Promotional: • Promotional Bonus (PFS Grand Lodge pin) 1/scenario add 2d4 to a Culture check. Also treat Culture as if trained, even if no rank in it

LN Female Halfling (from Absalom Station) - Themeless - Soldier (Bombard) Stewards Infiltrator - Level 1
Small Humanoid (Halfling)
Follows Abadar
24 years old
2'6" (75 cm) tall - 25 lbs. (11 kg)

Init +4 - Perception +2 - SM+0

EAC 15 - KAC 16 - vs. CM 24

SP 7 - HP 9 - RP 5
Fort +3 - Ref +5 - Will +3 (+2 vs. fear effects ; protected vs. low level radiation & +4 vs. high levels)

Speed: 40 ft.
- Melee -
• Tactical Baton
- Ranged -
• Ember Agitator
• Grenade Launcher + Grenades

Statistics (* key ability)
Str 11 (+0), Dex* 18 (+4), Con 10 (+2), Int 10 (+0), Wis 10 (+2), Cha 16 (+3)
Base Atk +1

Feats: Light & Heavy Armor - Basic & Advanced melee weapons - Small & Longarms - Heavy & Sniper weapons - Grenades - Fleet

˚ = ACP -0 (factored in) - c = class skill - * = trained
+10˚ *Acrobatics (c) (+2 racial counted)
+6˚ *Athletics (c) (+2 racial counted)
+3 Bluff
-- Computer
-- Culture
+4 *Diplomacy
+3 Disguise
-- Engineering (c)
+3 Intimidate (c)
-- Life Science
--Medicine (c)
-- Mysticism
+2 Perception (+2 racial counted)
-- Physical Science
+3 Piloting (c)
-- Profession (c)
+0 Sense Motive
-- Sleight of Hand
+10 * Stealth (c) (+2 racial counted) penalty -5 while moving & -10 while sniping
+0 Survival (c)

Languages: Common - Halfling


Society Subdermal Graft:
Left Hand
This implant rests underneath the skin of the palm of one hand, or at the end of a tentacle or similar appendage in species that lack hands. The augmentation can be activated or deactivated mentally as a swift action. Activating the implant causes a rendition of the Starfinder Society’s symbol to glow underneath the skin. This augmentation acts as a mark, letting others know you are a member of the Starfinder Society. It also increases the light level within 5 feet by one step while active.


• Ember Agitator (Level 1 - Price 330)
Damage 1d8 F - Range 60 ft. - Critical burn 1d4 - Capacity 20 charges - Usage 1
Bulk 2 - Boost (move action - 1 extra charge - multiplied on a critical hit) 1d4

An agitator is a portable generator of microwave radiation that rapidly heats up targets to create internal bubbles of steam or makes targets burst into flames. Ember agitators rely on individual generators, taking the form of a bulky cylinder in the middle of the gun that hums ominously as the weapon fires.
Flame Weapons deal fire damage without using lasers or plasma.

• NIL Grenade Launcher (Level 1 - Price 280)
Damage by grenade - Range 60 ft. - No Critical - Capacity 6 grenades - Usage 1
Bulk 2 - Analog
Grenade Launcher:
NIL (an acronym for “neutronic individual launcher”) grenade launchers can be fitted with any sort of grenade as ammunition. Grenades are loaded individually, rather than in magazines. You can load different types of grenades into a NIL grenade launcher, and you can select which grenade to fire as part of the action used to make an attack.

• Grenades:
Smoke Grenade:
Level 1 - Price 40 - No Damage - Range 20 ft. - No Critical
Bulk L - Explode (smoke cloud 1 minute; 20 ft.)
A smoke grenade deals no damage; instead, it releases a cloud of dense smoke. Each character who inhales smoke must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw each round (DC = 15 + 1 per previous check) or spend that round choking and coughing; he can do nothing else. A character who chokes for 2 consecutive rounds takes 1d6 nonlethal damage. (Active environmental protection from a suit of armor prevents this effect altogether.) Regardless of the armor a character wears, smoke obscures vision, granting concealment to anyone within it.

Grenade Expert (Ex):
You increase the range increment of your thrown grenades by 5 × your Strength bonus. In addition, you’re able to salvage enough materials to create a grenade without paying for it. Creating a grenade takes 10 minutes. You can create any grenade whose item level is less than or equal to your soldier level, but this grenade is unstable and only you can use it effectively. If anyone else tries to use the grenade, it is a dud. You can have only one grenade created by this ability at one time (if you create a new grenade using this ability, the old grenade no longer works).

Homemade Grenade

• Tactical Baton (Level 1 - Price 90)
Damage 1d4 B - No Critical - Bulk L - Analog, Operative

Second Skin (Level 1 - Price 250 - Light)
EAC Bonus +1 - KAC Bonus +2 - Max. Dex Bonus +5
Armor Check Penalty 0 - No Speed Adjustment - Upgrade Slots 1 - Bulk L
This flexible body stocking fits tightly against its wearer and can be worn under ordinary clothes. If a second skin matches the wearer’s skin tone, this type of light armor can be difficult to detect. A second skin can also accept upgrades, making it popular for celebrities, diplomats, and other individuals who want protection without appearing to wear armor.
boots can anchor feet to solid surface in zero-gravity, allowing to orient & return to normal footing
environmental field (24/1 hour increments - standard to turn on) cf. p. 297/298 CRB self-contained breathing, protects vs. vacuum ; smoke ; thick, thin & toxic atmospheres (including airborne poisons & disease) ; functions underwater & similar liquid environments. Allows to breathe in corrosive atmosphere. Protects vs. low levels of radiation & +4 to saves vs. higher levels. Protects vs. cold (below –20° F) & heat (over 140° F)
• comm unit (80 charges, use 1/hour) device combining minor portable computer & cellular communication device, allowing wireless communication with other comm units in both audio- and text-based formats at planetary range.

Also includes calculator, flashlight (increases the light level one step in a 15-foot cone), and several entertainment options (including games and access to any local infospheres).

worn on chest
• Mk 1 Serum of Healing (1d8)
• Medpatch
(2 x 1 L)

On Belt:
2 x Standard Batteries
3 x Serum of Healing Mk 1 (3 x L)

Carrying: 4 Bulk 9 L (5 Bulk = Encumbered)

Wealth: 393 Cr.

A small and frail lass, even for a Halfling, with green eyes and red hair.

Igna was raised on Absalom Station, and has joined the Stewards.

Space Combat:
+3 Bluff
+3 Diplomacy
+3 Intimidate


+5 Gunnery

+4 Piloting

Science Officer

Bot the Hobbit Lass:
• [dice=Ember Agitator vs. EAC]1d20+5[/dice] (60 ft. range)
[dice=Fire]1d8[/dice] if move action to boost add [dice=Fire]1d4[/dice]
• [dice=Grenade Launcher vs. AC 5]1d20+5[/dice] (60 ft. range)
[dice=Baton vs. KAC]1d20+5[/dice]

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________
___________________________________________________________________________ ___________

Igna is a petite lass, even for a Halfling, barely 2 1/2 feet tall (around 75 cm) and probably not weighing more than 20 some pounds (10 kilos).
Bright green eyes, red hair, and a cheerful smile, she is quite cheerful and charismatic.
She is dressed in a flexible body stocking that fits tightly against her slender body, and she has a baton attached to her belt, alongside a couple batteries, and some serums of healing.
Slung over her right shoulder is an agitator - a portable generator of microwave radiation with a bulky cylinder generator in the middle -, over her left shoulder is a grenade launcher.

She smiles as she brings two fingers up to her temple, in a brief salute:
"Hello, hello! Name's Igna, and I'm with the Stewards. But don't come asking me to get rid of your illegal docking tickets."
Then she becomes a little more serious, and points to her chest, where she has attached a serum of healing and a medpatch to her armor: "In case of emergency".

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________

Starting Credits - 1000 Cr.
Spent before 1st adventure:
330 Cr. - Agitator
280 Cr. - Grenade Launcher
90 Cr. - Baton
250 Cr. - Second Skin
40 Cr. - Smoke Grenade, Mk I
Left before 1st adventure: 10 Cr.
Credits from 1st adventure - 753 Cr.
Credits before adventure 2: 763 Cr.
50 Cr. - Medpatch
200 Cr. - 4 x Serums of Healing
120 Cr. - 2 x Batteries
Left before 2nd adventure: 393 Cr.