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We're recruiting one player for a level of the Emerald Spire!

This is a PFS game, and the other players just completed the level immediately prior. The current adventure is #12 and the one just before it is The Tomb of Yarrix. The level range for this level is 9-11. This is a module equivalent, and the chronicle can grant 3 XP.

I can't confirm the classes of the current party of five yet since some of them started talking about changing characters. On the last level, though, the party they ran was able to self-sustain pretty well so I don't think they'll be badly in need of anything specific.

I'll keep recruitment open until Sunday morning (1 March 2020), roughly 48 hours from now. Then I'll do a random selection of any players who replied, so you don't have to worry about who replied fastest within the recruitment period.

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

After recovering from your last adventure, you move to descend to the next lower level of the Emerald Spire. The stairs leading down from Yarrix's tomb soon present the group with a shaft that necessitates a climb. The descent is easy for a time, before you come to a section where the rungs of the ladder as well as the walls are all coated in slime.

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

The discussion thread is up!

Let's do player information more properly this time. When registering your character with the thread, please give:

Character Name
PFS # & character number
Progression (slow track or normal)
Day Job Roll (if any)

Optional information I can include on the chronicle if you wish:

Player Name
Chronicle #
Starting XP
Starting Prestige & Fame
Starting Gold

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Our Ruins of Azlant adventurers have found ourselves ashore without a GM! We could use some help.

As noted above, our party has just barely completed Book 2 and our prior GM told us that the party is now level 7. We're unfortunately losing one of our players in the transition as well, but the current team is:

Aurelian Fache – human swashbuckler
Jenner Holystone – dwarven warpriest of Abadar
Sarine Dulciare – human bloodrager
Tettia Tuditanus – human arcanist

...I don't think anyone intended to have a full party of ACG classes, but there it is...

If anyone considering taking on our party wants to review the current campaign, they can find its many pages here.

Our current house rules include:
Feat Taxes
25-point buy (not really a house rule, but good to note)
Background Skills
Hero Points
Legacy Weapons
A few character specific tweaks

I confirmed with our group that we're willing to negotiate on the house rules above if that would help a new GM. Thank you to anyone who takes our plight under consideration!

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

Sorry for the lack of much introduction in the gameplay thread. I was aware that there are some prep docs for the Emerald Spire PFS introductions, but I went looking for them and wasn't able to find anything deeper than level 10.

If anyone (or their characters) is new to the Emerald Spire, let me know. I can try to give some spoiler-lite background information.

Edit: Just put up the maps link. You should be able to add a mini for your character and move things around. Let me know if you have any problems.

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

As you descend from the Magma Vault the stairs come to a small, level chamber of dressed stone blocks. To the north, the stairs curve around the Emerald Spire where it protrudes from the western wall as they descend. But to the east stand bronze double doors sealed with red-and-black wax and hung with lead seals suspended from rotting silk ribbons. Runes are engraved around the door frame.

Text in Azlanti or Thassilonian:
Beware! Within lie the remains of the dark heretic Yarrix, cursed be her name. Enter not her tomb, lest you join her restless soul in its banishment in the spaces between the worlds.

Recruiting here for up to five more players! This game will be under Pathfinder Society rules. One spot is reserved for whoever Qstor wants to bring.

This is a lower level of the Emerald Spire and the level range is 8-10.

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

Welcome to the Gameplay thread!

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

Discussion thread open here!

Treerazer is hungry for your souls.

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

You are Aspis Consortium operatives, hand-picked by your superiors for one of the most daring missions ever attempted against the hated Pathfinder Society. For centuries the Society has been the hyena of the archaeological world, descending upon legitimate Aspis operations to snatch whatever the Pathfinders want, kill hardworking contractors, and grow wealthy on the profits of their “historical preservation.” As they say, the victors write the history books, and the widely distributed Pathfinder Chronicles paint the Society’s piracy as heroism guided by a moral compass as true as the wayfinder each agent carries.

Despite the thick walls and heavy windows of the rented home that serves as your safe house, the passage of Pathfinders from across the Inner Sea region creates a muted rumble as they make their pilgrimage to the Society’s Grand Convocation, an annual gathering in which Pathfinders tell tales of their exploits, show off their discoveries, and celebrate another successful year. Every additional Pathfinder is another set of eyes to spot trouble and another blade ready to defend the Grand Lodge, yet every voice and footstep makes it even safer to discuss the impending attack.

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

Players from the recruitment thread can post here!

Hopefully it won't take us very long to muster. It's awkward because I need to get the mission briefings out before we really get started and for that I need to know who everyone is for sure.

This scenario exclusively uses level 7 pregens representing members of the Aspis Consortium as they perform a heist against the Pathfinder Society. So, you don't need to have a character in the correct level range (6-8) but you do need to know which of your characters the chronicle will apply to.

I'll keep recruitment open until Monday morning (5/13/19) and then if we have more than six players I'll randomly select who will be in the game. That way we won't close out before most people have a chance to see the recruitment.

If want to join with a friend, post how many people are joining with you and, if they post, make sure they do the same (reference by the screen name you are using so I'll know who is who).

Edit: also, if you want to play a specific Aspis agent, post what they are. If there are conflicts among players we'll sort it out in discussion after recruitment ends.

Grand Lodge

I'm looking for information on which Adventure Paths form a series, even if the series is only loose. I have in mind things like:

Rise of the Runelords
Shattered Star
Return of the Runelords

While things like War for the Crown and probably Hell's Vengeance are more standalone.

Obviously, they aren't proper series since each Adventure Path has its own internal story and 1-20 (or at least very high) progression. The ones I mentioned above are all strongly Thassilonian/Runelord themed, however.

Are there other series out there? Did I get all the parts of the Runelords storyline?

Female Elf Verdant Sorcerer 4

Tayse breathed a sigh of relief as the ritual completed and the divine connection to the temple closed. So much had gone wrong tonight, and even more horrors lay ahead. She had nearly lost Tahlas, even. Each small victory gave her a measure of hope.

I can't let it happen again. I won't let them take everything from me.

"Farewell for now," she whispered to the collection of shrines as the chants faded from the air, her words just audible over the chaos coming from outside the temple. "We'll return as soon as we can. Phaendar will be back."

Female Elf Verdant Sorcerer 4

Start of discussion for our Ironfang Invasion AP!

For those new to the Paizo forums, you'll want to set up an alias. Any Pathfinder Society aliases you have created already would technically work, but you'll likely want to create a non-PFS alias for the gameplay thread here. You can do that under My Account -> Account Settings.

It isn't important in the discussion thread here, but standard practice for the gameplay thread is to use text formatting. You should see a 'How to format your text' spoiler at the bottom of the page. Typically, people will use bold for spoken words, italics for any internal conversations (somewhat rare) and out of character tags for any commentary you might want to give that wouldn't be appropriate for a story-like description. We probably won't use dice a ton since we're playing sessions in person, but you can roll dice here as well with the dice tags.

Another of the campaigns I'm in for the Ruins of Azlant AP is here if anyone wants an example. There aren't substantial spoilers on the first page, I think.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

Nearly a year ago, Absalom fought off an invasion of demonflesh constructs and undead marines remembered as the Fiendflesh Siege, during which the city's siege lord offered every slave freedom in exchange for their assistance in defending Absalom. Practically overnight, one of the city's cruelest industries came to an end, and many hundreds of the liberated have since become Absalom's newest citizens.

Although most have welcomed their manumitted neighbors with open arms, an unidentified serial murderer known only as the Rose Street Killer has systematically slain at least a dozen of these freed people. So far, the city's guards have questioned scores of witnesses and suspects with no luck.

Your team of Pathfinders recently returned from their Confirmation, an initiation trial for members of the Society. When you returned, a letter was waiting for you.

Letter signed by Ambrus Valsin:



The Society doesn't normally investigate crimes in Absalom, but events that transpired during your Confirmation have forced our hands. A member of our Society, a woman named Nelfurhin Zor, had disappeared. The Watch believes her disappearance to be related to this Rose Street Killer, but that seems too convenient an explanation and nothing will be done if we leave the matter in their hands.

I want your team to investigate the Band of the Palm, a flimsy front for a despicable collection of villany known as the Bloody Barbers. One of our own is at stake this time, Pathfinders. We will not leave a member of the Society to the cruel hands of fate, the Barbers or this Rose Street cretin.

Come see me for details.

Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin

Grand Lodge

I have a pair of groups that are forming up for the PF2 Playtest. One is hoping to meet on a weekly or biweekly basis, though we haven't decided on a day yet. The other group is going to go play-by-post.

I've heard that there are reporting deadlines by which Paizo hopes to have input on each part of the Doomsday playtest module. Additionally, I've learned that there are Organized Play scenarios.

Do we know what the deadlines are like for each one? Do we have two weeks for each part of Doomsday? How long are the parts? I have a feel for the length of PFS scenarios, but how much time do we have to complete them?

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

Closed group. We're doing some initial party planning for the playtest.

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

Discussion thread for Champion's Chalice I.

We need our pregen players to declare which character numbers they are playing under and which pregen characters they are using.

I guess I need everyone's PFS & character numbers sooner or later.

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

The adventure begins in Sargava:

The sweet scent of pipe smoke vies for dominance with the salty morning breeze blowing through the wide harbor window in Venture-Captain Finze Bellaugh’s small office. Bidding everyone to sit on one of two large brown couches, he pats his belly and settles in to the chair behind his desk. “Welcome, Pathfinders, and thank you for coming on such short notice. I have some fine work for you. As you may be aware, the Sargava Chalice is set to begin tomorrow morning, and you have been chosen to represent the Pathfinder Society in the competition. “For those of you unfamiliar with our customs here in Eleder, the Sargava Chalice is an annual overland foot race held just outside of Eleder. The course, which changes every year, crosses some of the wildest territory in Sargava, from the Laughing Jungle to the Bandu Hills and everything in between. To further complicate matters, there is a survival element to the race. Participants are allowed to bring only a set of nonmagical clothing with them—no weapons, no tools, no magic items. If you are to win the race, you’ll need to find ways to feed yourselves in the wilderness and craft makeshift weapons to defend yourselves from wild animals. “I assure you, we’re not putting you through all this trouble for our own amusement! You see, the race is named after the prize, a finely wrought golden chalice that was discovered during Eleder’s construction. Ordinarily, the winners simply get their names engraved on this chalice, but we’ve made a special arrangement with the Sargavan government to take possession of the chalice for a year should we win the race. Our studies indicate that this chalice dates to the time of the ancient cyclops empire of GholGan and that it serves as a key to unlocking ruins long sealed by magic. “For this reason, it is imperative that the Pathfinder Society wins the Sargava Chalice this year. You have some time before the opening ceremony tonight—you may wish to familiarize yourselves with the terrain of Sargava’s interior. My library next door contains a great many books on the subject; you are free to peruse it as you wish. Aside from that, you are free to perform any errands you have around town, though again I must remind you; you will not be allowed to bring anything with you when you start the race. I would caution you against trying to cheat in this matter. The officials are cracking down rather hard this year, and I wouldn’t want to smear the Society’s reputation or jeopardize our chances at retrieving the cup as our prize.”

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

We continue our story with PFS 4-05 The Sanos Abduction:

The renowned Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch strides into her study at the Magnimar lodge. Her eyes scan the space with habitual vigilance, honed by years of successful adventuring. Satisfied that there’s nothing amiss, she stands behind her desk, and turns her blade-like attention to the party before her.

“The Pathfinder Society has long been interested in the First World—the otherworldly realm of the fey. By all accounts the fey homeland is dangerous, bizarre, and entirely unpredictable. It’s the very type of place sane people avoid, and Pathfinders flock toward."

“Countless expeditions and research teams have been dispatched over the years to investigate regions where the boundaries between the First World and our own Plane grow threadbare. Sanos Forest, which lies to the east of this very lodge, is one such place. The Pathfinder Society’s latest research party is currently stationed there, under the capable direction of the druid Ignizi Dinnelletter."

“Dinnelletter doesn’t normally work well with others, but this time she’s got several newly recruited Pathfinders assisting her. We thought it prudent that she pass on some of her best practices, just in case. After all, we Pathfinders are not known for our longevity. Dinnelletter is entirely self-sufficient, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for her five trainees. Consequently, Ignizi’s station needs to be resupplied periodically, something the Magnimar lodge has taken responsibility for."

"I would not have called you here if all that was needed was a simple supply run, however. Dinnelletter's periodic reports have not been arriving, and the last supply team we sent has not returned. It is more than likely that our Pathfinder agents are in trouble."

"I called for your team due to your familiarity with matters of the First World. It is possible that the fey of the Sanos Forest have turned against our agents and are attacking them. I need you to find out what is happening. Rescue any Pathfinder agents that you can, put a stop to any attacks and if necessary do what you can to appease the fey."

"Do you have any questions?"

Tomb of Yarrix Maps

Discussion thread start.

Closed recruitment.

Dark Archive

I was doing some bookwork on my Bladebound Magus earlier today and ran into the section where the Black Blade gets skill ranks in Knowledge (Arcana) at a very weird pace. That's all fine.

The text doesn't have any suggestion that Knowledge (Arcana) is a class skill for the Black Blade. I'm fine with that although it seems weird. Is there some rule coming from somewhere else (or something I'm otherwise missing) that would give the blade Arcana as a class skill? Just making sure I'm not missing something.

While I'm at it, my reading of the languages part is that the Black Blade gains additional languages but not any ranks in Linguistics. I wouldn't have mentioned it but while browsing the web for advice on the first point I ran into someone claiming that the Black Blade got Linguistics ranks and that just looks wrong to me.

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Tomb of Yarrix Maps

A wail of agony ascends from the last paladin of Shiver as the necralith falls and its paired spirits flow outward to begin their journey to the Shadowfell. As the ritual falters the arcane field holding Lairess Kallios's body fades away, dropping the black-clad form into the pool below. The woman catches herself, falling to her hands and knees in the shallow water. "I'm alive," she gasps with a surprised look on her face. "I'm alive!"

Throughout the halls lie the bodies of the fallen, many of them former soldiers of the alliance.

Arcana DC 26:
Necrotic energy still pulses through the emptied chambers of Shiver's temple.

Zaar is not present.

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Tomb of Yarrix Maps

Hi everyone! This is Nathan. We'll probably have a few growing pains as we try to move the campaign over to play-by-post, and it may not even work. I'm glad everyone is willing to give it a shot though!

Take a look at the "How to format your text" section below, as we'll be using the tags down there. Typical conventions are that character spoken text go in bold tags, out of character tags go in out of character & so forth. I'll probably be using spoiler tags to hide information that you can acquire by making a skill check with an associated DC. We're going to at least try rolling dice with the dice tags as well unless it gives us trouble. If it is working correctly, an attack might be like:

Attack: 1d20 + 28 ⇒ (1) + 28 = 29
Damage: 4d6 + 2d8 + 5 ⇒ (3, 6, 6, 3) + (3, 5) + 5 = 31

I recommend clicking on the leftmost tab (Campaign Info) and bookmarking that link. In the campaign I'm already participating in, we never post in that one. That makes it useful to reload the page, however, since the other tabs will then tell you if there are new posts to view. If you bookmark the Gameplay thread, you'll constantly be scrolling to the bottom of the page to find out if anything new has happened.

There's more I'm sure, but that is enough for now!

This campaign is a continuation of a long-running home game and is not looking for new players. Those who should join know who they are.

Sovereign Court

I've been talking with another player from my area about the faction cards, and our general consensus is that the Sovereign Court faction card from season 8 is really bad. Perhaps unbearably so. What I'm trying to figure out is if anyone out there thinks differently. Perhaps I'm missing something.

* Practiced Diplomat is awful in my view. It gives a minimum result to a skill check of your choice, but for many of the skills the minimum provided is too low to be of any use. It would be a *very* dedicated member of the Court to get their minimum up to 17 in a time frame where that sort of skill check result was of any use for, say, Diplomacy. Knowledge (nobility) could perhaps work, but the same card encourages Court members to put points into that skill as they complete their goals.

* Advocate is similarly bad. I just don't make enough prestige point purchases to make this trait worthwhile. I could perhaps imagine someone purchasing a whole lot of vanities, but the savings wouldn't be extreme even then.

* Spymaster is pretty decent. If the whole party is having to make certain skill checks, this could help. But if you select Stealth, for instance, the heavy armor guys are still going to blow it 90% of the time even with a bonus. A better use might be to boost a party member that's good at a skill to make them even better. Overall, I consider Spymaster to be good, but not nearly good enough to be the only worthwhile reward on a faction card.

Am I missing something? Or should we be making some noise to get a better card for season 9?

Grand Lodge 4/5

My Dwarven Ranger has finally come up to level 5 and it's time to choose a new favored enemy (first selection was Undead). My initial plan was to take dragons or evil outsiders - something that you really want a bonus against when it comes up.

My Grand Lodge faction ranger has been fighting the Aspis Consortium a lot lately, however, and it makes sense that he would try to specialize in fighting them. I'd rather not take something like humans as my favored enemy, as I'm not a fan of seeing that selection frequently on either side of the table.

Is there any way to take something more specialized? Perhaps Favored Enemy (Humanoids - Aspis Consortium)? I could maybe choke down +4 vs Undead and +2 vs Humans, but I'd rather not if I have a more direct option.