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One sheet lobotomizes several NPCs and mixes up the names.


I had a grotesquely misaligned sheet and paizo graciously replaced it. However the replacement sheet with Lady Lucretzia Marthane, "Lady Martella Lotheed", and Lady Nenareen Adella have all three of them partially lobotomized still, and from further research checking some unboxing videos on youtube, it seems the entire batch has that page shifted up.

Also as stated in the previous review, Lady Martella Lotheed has her name swapped with Lieutenant Fanalyx.

As the owner of every single pawn collection released so far, I hope Paizo's Q&A steps up their game a bit.

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Got it on sale for $8 Canadian


I don't know why, but my FLGS was having a clearance sale on a completely new product and I picked this up for around $8 after tax.

Artwork is exquisite, and perfectly aligned. Only problem is I'm running out of places to store my giant pawn collection. (I've got every pawn set released so far)

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Good with 1 problem.


One sheet is misaligned, with both the image and text shifted to the upper left of each token. Art is a bit dark at times.