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Hye Azakyte wrote:
Well, that would be because amazon has completely different departments for shipping things ordered through amazon vs things amazon is just fulfilling. One department messed up, the other didn't.....

Of course. But it's so frustrating when I debated whether I should order from Amazon, which would've been much cheaper and free ship. But I went with Paizo to show my support...and look where we are.

I realize this won't matter in a week or so when my books are here, but again, I have to wonder exactly what did I spend all that extra money for to have such lackluster service?


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Very disappointed. I'll be away from Friday through Sunday, so was hoping I'd have the books Thursday for my trip. Good thing I had the post office hold my mail so it's not just sitting on the doorstep getting wet from the rain that's predicted.

The shipping cost was outrageous to begin with for standard delivery and no tracking, so I hope you and Amazon make good on refunding that cost.

The fact that the folks who order directly through Amazon, or their local store, will get their books before those who supported you directly is maddening. What exactly are we getting for paying list price and excessive shipping?

Sorry to be upset, but I do feel you guys should be aware of how I feel, and how I will think twice before doing this again.