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In our home game, we run them as sudo minions. By that I mean we never take them into combat, but if their character would normally perform a vital skill, like the rogue disabling a trap we have them do that. We don't have them in combat because we don't want bad choices, or luck to kill them off. On the other hand not having them there to fill in the skill gap can be horrible too.

Samy wrote:
There's only individual redemption codes for each tier. So if you wanted to give away an entire tier, I think you could do it by giving away your redemption code for that tier. But there are no redemption codes for individual books, so I don't think you can give away individual books.

Bummer. Oh well, I am still grateful for the bundle. It supports a couple of great charities and gives me lots of reading material.

I agree, Thank you so much for the amazing bundle. I do have one question. I own a couple of the books and was wondering if I can gift the duplicates to my players?