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If your classes ability score is reduced below the minimum requirement to cast it off your slots. How does it affect your ability to use Wands and Scrolls?

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I recently unlocked the option to create a skinwalker and immediately wanted to create something similar to Darkest Dungeons Abomination hero. However, I start to stress out how to build its combat side. Initially, I thought of taking four levels of abyssal bloodrager to fit the theme but the thought dies in my head as I have no idea what else to dip into.

I thought adding levels of druid would seem fitting but stats alone seem to conflict.

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There's a chance for a change of scenery and would like to know if there are any play areas.

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Rune of Change:
1d6, 1: Dwarf, 2: Elf, 3: Gnome, 4: Halfling, 5: Half-Orc, 6: Human

So I wanted to expand more on the RP that this little gimmick offered and added the four additional races from the current season (Kitsune, Wayang, Nagaji and Tengu) to the table of available races that one could experience. A d6 to a d10. However, I wasn't sure how legal it is for Society even though it says at GM discretion. Since nothing is really breaking mechanics in their favor, making them more susceptible to Bane/Favored Enemy, and making training cost more. Is this okay?

On a side note, I turned a talking horse-companion into a Human.

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I couldn't help but feel stumped by a couple of things while reading new (and old) content. For starters:

Adventurers Armory - Magic Section:
If I were to use an Alchemist Fire as a material component to gain the benefits of setting people on fire via Fireball. Would that require me to have the item physically in my hand upon casting or would that just be covered as the unspoken rule when it comes to Spell Component Pouches?

Scaling Items
Am I able to purchase a specific level item so that it matches my own or does it just start at level 1?

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If one has multiple intentions, do I pick one or do they appear as all? Would seem awfully suspicious if there was more than one.

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I'm going into level 5 (Sorc1/Wiz4) and I'm already not sure what I'm supposed to prepare for. I am your run-of-the-mill blaster where all I do is focus on doing tons of damage.

Feats I already have:
- Spell Specialization [Burning Hands]
- Spell Focus
- Varisian Tattoo's

Things I've considered:

- Greater Spell Focus, helps makes my evocation dc's harder to overcome but that rarely seems to be the case.

- Spell Penetration, I have yet to come across a creature with SR and I'll be thankful when I have it but at the same time it's a dead feat until needed.

- Empower MM, while I'm only carrying an Intensifying Rod, my current traits only cater to Fireball which I don't have yet. So I will leave my 5th level in wizard for that.

- All other MM's, have to wait. Correct me if I'm wrong. With a heightened spell, I would have to make a CL check?

Also, I have the option to buy this:

Acrimony Veil
Acrimony veils are ancient magic devices created by Alaznist, the Runelord of Wrath. They are normally composed of several types of interconnected metal and human bones, each etched with complex designs. The device covers the wearer's entire face (forehead, cheeks, and jaw), but provides no benefits to AC. The mask functions as a lesser empower metamagic rod, but only affecting spells of the Evocation school. Additionally, the wearer of an acrimony veil may cast rage on himself once per day.

Slot: Head
Cost: 13,500 GP

Should I even invest in Empower MM if all I'll be doing is Fireballing?

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So I could use the communities opinion/ruling on the matter.

Magus spends Arcana to apply Ghost Touch to his weapon. Spellstrikes an Incorporeal creature.

- Magus does not have Ectoplasmic Metamagic Feat
- Incorporeal creature is not affected by Ghostbane Dirge.

One believes that the spell delivered through their weapon will gain the properties of Ghost Touch.

What I think:
The weapon will deal full damage against the incorporeal creature. The spell, if it is not a force effect, only deals half.

How would you rule this as?

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- Chronicle sheets. Do I give the Host my mailing address and wait for it in the mail if faxing is not an option?

- Granted that as long as we play by Society rules. There shouldn't be a problem if a PFS character is played between live and online sessions?

- Speaking of which, is at all possible to bring a live PFS character to an online setting?

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Correct me if I'm wrong about this. When one properly disables a trap that is an DT ooze. The trap effect does not go off and the ooze doesn't get its surprise round?

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So, without spoiling anything, I ran a game where PC's had encountered an invisible trap. As written, it says "Visible only via use of Detect Magic, See Invisibility or other similar effects." So that brings me to my question. If lets say 3 of the 5 PC's who can see it with magic and are telling their "trap finder"/disable device-er to disarm the magic trap. How does that even work?

Next question:
When using an item that grants the effect of a MM feat. Must one still expend additional spell slots as described or does the limited use of Rods or X/day counter that?

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Trying to iron out these questions that are popping up before I run Assault on the Wound tomorrow.

- If a ranged group is engaged in melee, do they continue to use their Ranged OM or are they rendered ineffective until they perform a retreating maneuver?

- Special abilities. Example, channel planar energy. Is it used over their Melee/Ranged phase or in addition?

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By next monday, I will have enough pre-gen and gm credit to start this character at level 3.

Things I have already considered taking:
- Gnome with Lava Gnome racials
- Tattooed Sorcerer
- Spell focus and penetration feats.
- Elemental Bloodline

Seeing as this is my first non-divine caster. Things I could use help with:
- What would you prefer for Ability point allocation.
- Level Progression, should I dip or go prestige?
- Things I should/must buy.

Please note that the character is not been conceived yet.

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While I cannot prove that the VL's are pulling favorites, I'm upset that they wouldn't attempt max out what's available. 22 players and 4 tables. 5/5/4/4/4 could have worked for a 1-5 scenario. I even took into account couples & friends. I spent a whole month waiting to run this and never been so disappointed in Society.

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A Long Story
So I finally retired my first character in Society play last weekend and my last game showed me that I am not ready for anything 12 or higher if this will be a recurring theme. So it got me thinking.

What happened in my last game: The Sealed Gate 5-#20

The first encounter

Our group
- TWF Rogue
- Freebooter Ranger (I'm not entirely sure what he was.)
- Sorcerer
- Cleric

I'd prefer to not make a rant about this. However, I was effectively useless in this situation given the difficulty as well as our group composition. I was incapable of dealing with the multitude of Swarms. I was oblivious to the Swarmbane Clasp at the time and they pretty much ate through my celestial armor as well as one of my +1 Cold Iron Shortsword. Also not being able to receive a flank for the two big bug demons made my 1d6+8 (five attacks total) awful than it already is. We can get to that later. In the long run, combat was a success despite the death of our Cleric (though we went back to town and started fresh again) and the remainder of the Scenario was a breeze.

The character Stats
Tengu Rogue
STR: 13, DEX: 20, CON: 17, INT: 10, [b]WIS: 12, [b]CHA: 10

I could have easily moved points around however I was still new to PFRPG as well as my second character. I also didn't like the idea of having negative scores.

Current Levels in Classes
(9) Swordmaster Rogue
(1) Urban Barbarian
(1) Two-Weapon Warrior (planning on using my 12th level here)

Feats Taken/Class Talents
Two Weapon Fighting/Improved, Trap Spotter, Bleeding Attack, Finesse Rogue,
Weapon Focus (Shortswords), Combat Trick (Double Slice), Combat Reflexes,
Dodge, Iron Will(boon)/Improved, Improved Critical (Shortswords)

AC28/30, Touch18/20, Flat-Footed22/24
Fort12, Ref13, Will8

Acro:21, Bluff:4, Climb: 3, Dis. Dev: 15, Esc. Art: 9, Fly: 3,
Heal: 1, Kn; Nature: 5, Local: 11, Nob: 5, Ling: 16, Perc: 22,
Prof: 12, Ride: 3, Sense M.: 5, Stealth: 18, Surv: 6, Swim: 3, UMD, 4

(2) +1 Cold Iron Shortsword
Celestial Armor
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier
Eyes of the Eagle
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Cloak of Resistance +3
Snakeskin Tunic
Spring-Loaded Wrist Sheath
Gloves of Reconnaissance
Ring of Protection +1
Belt of Mighty Con +2
Boots of Elven Kind

At the end of the Scenario, a few things were brought up to me.
- In cases where I can't get sneak attacks. My base damage alone is not enough.
- I cannot dex-rage forever. Seven rounds is poor.
- I lack in DR penetration. I've only had CI weapons forever.
- I need more HP.

So please, be brutal but insightful.

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So I've reached that point in my society life where I'm going to explore multi-classing but I have no clue what it means towards my favored class.

The things I assume:
I get the BaB, HD, Ft/Rf/Wi saves and skill points but do I also acquire the class skills? Or does my favored prevent that? I would hope so cause that'd be silly but amazing if it didn't.

Also, because it's a level 1 class/etc. Does that grant me the extra feat?

I am curently a Swordmaster Rogue dipping into Urban Barbarian.

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So I am DM'ing my first PFS game Among the Living and I've read the PDF at least four times. However, I am nervous, scared, and riddled with anxiety. I am trying to recall the steps of how our level 0 game went and trying to simulate it like so but I would like to have PC's appreciate my own effort. I was told by my VC that there was a section here on the forums that has a run down of each mod. From Point A to B. Any chance someone can point me in the direction or maybe coach me a bit?

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I've recently overheard a conversation from my last Society game in regards to E.C.B's being optimal for dex classes. Do I have to take a size lower in order to two-weapon fight with it? It's a shame I'm not a part of my Venture Captain's inner circle on non-game days or I wouldn't have to be posting these kinds of things here. Oh, and before I forget. This is a rogue.

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I've just finished some games with my second character, a Tengu Rogue. Since I've been playing as a caster, I know nothing of the steps to take in order to make him a better survivor and damage dealer. Note, I am still level one but I did get carried in two 3-4 games.

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I've reached level 2 with this pc and ran into issues.

My first encounter with hordes of mindless undead. I am a cleric of sarenrae and have sun's blessing. I've never encountered anything that uses 'Channel Resistence' and upon being advised to channel into dealing full, non-mitigatable damage to them.

My question for this is, does sun's blessing bypass an undeads ability to will save against my channel positive harming damage as well? Cause I did read that it does not allow them to add their channel resist to their save but since I've never encountered undead up to this point. I wasn't sure on anything.

Secondly, not enough spells inbetween each day?

I've finally understood the tables for both my class and the wisdom modifier that follows. (level)X+(wis)+1(dom) = number of different spells I can cast per day.

However, I feel like I'm short-changing myself when it comes to the spells I choose individually. Is there not a base allotment for each spell, like 3+wis?

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Now that I've gotten my feet wet (and dirty lol?) with my first society character. I've been been more inclined to create a new pc for days when high tier tabled is undermanned and low is promising. I've been looking through the ARG and saw the Tengu and immediately fell in love. However, I've heard that majority of these require a chronicle from a Con. Most of the threads I've found are dated and mainly pertaining to those who acquired a chronicle.

So my question is, if any, which races have been lifted from this requirement?

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I've been watching friends play for quite some time now and eventually got drawn into playing. It's super fun (survived my second scenario) but I'm still at that point where I don't know if I'm doing anything properly. My friend is letting me borrow his core book but attempting to understand on my own is...daunting (TL;DR also).

So my questions that I'm trying to have a better understanding of my class is (if someone wouldn't mind dumbing it down):

- Do my Orisons have infinite uses?

- How many spells can I learn after each level? Also, at level 1. (Haven't reached level 2 yet but will by my next game.)

- How many uses of a spell can I cast per day?

- How many skill points am I getting per level?

- Where are these wands of (spell name) people seem to be starting off with? My level of ignorance is making it hard to find.

I feel like the should be more to ask but this is what's been chewing my mind since my last society game.

My character is a Dwarf Cleric of Sarenrae

My Ability Score is:
Str: 11 | 0
Dex: 12 | 1
Con: 16 | 3
Int: 10 | 0
Wis: 16 | 3
Cha: 13 | 1

If I missed out on anything, please let me know.