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Mad Paladin wrote:
My understanding is they're a complete blank slate.

This does make sense. But Androids also hit maturity at awakening. So how do they learn basic skills?

ArtimisEntrari81 wrote:

I must say I love the core rulebook. The images are outstanding, the rules are simple yet flexible and the game itself is outstanding. I am a member of the Starfinder Facebook page as well and have found out there is a problem with the bindings of the core rulebooks. It seems the inside binding (the soft white one) becomes unglued from the pages. Then outside hard cover binding is fine but I and others are worried about pages falling out and the books falling apart. Has anyone addressed this issue? If so can I be pointed to the proper thread, if not, is there anything that can be done for it?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

How many of you got the core rules book from Gen Con?

Hello Everyone,
I am fascinated by the androids in Starfinder and I'm looking for some clarification about them.

Would, or could, androids maintain memory of past "lives" when they release their spirit to draw a new one? Is this similar to birth that other races experience? Are they a completely blank slate?

Thank you,