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Kyrie Ebonblade, wrote:

Been wanting a Alchemist with a good sleight of hand and that feather quill wrist launcher from Ultimate intrigue. Add in explosive missile

"I dunno what happened, he was yelling something about some guy...then he blew up""

I did a very bad thing and made a gnome alchemist who kind of childishly wants to be a dragon. So as part of her starting equipment bought her a monster mask and a pocketed scarf (which boosts Sleight of Hand!), but I'm making it that the pockets on either end of the scarf she can put her hands into, like one of those hats for kids, and use the ends as her dragon wings or claws or whatever.

I decided I would find a way to use Sleight of Hand on this character, but she's definitely going to be...unique.
Then again, maybe not so much with what I've seen from other Pathfinders, thus far.

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technarken wrote:
Rule of Funny, man. Rule of funny.

That's my gnome alchemist, firing dye darts for zero damage, but leaving the victims bright-pink.

Or using regular darts, rolling 1d1, and shouting, "YES! Max-damage, every time!"

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ChrisLKimball wrote:
Flamethrower weilding spacerat bounty Hunter with adorable robot companion, I am in!

COMPANION? The last sentence CLEARLY lists Scout as in-charge!