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LittleMissNaga wrote:

It basically just gives them one extra use of it. Not too big a deal. Their access to loot is supposed to be bonkers in the dream world anyways.

If they use up their dream copy of the scroll, they retain the physical one, but they don't get a new dream copy every time they go back into the dreamlands.

But they do!


First, each time the PCs enter the Dreamlands, they manifest dream bodies that resemble their waking bodies. These lucid bodies have all the same spells prepared and all their usual gear, but spells and items used in the dream world are not expended in reality.

That is, PCs in the Dreamlands have their usual gear.

So as long as they don't use it in reality they keep getting a new one in the dream?

So I know I'm a little late to this party, but my group has just completed their first dream quest (Bloodwind) and have seemed to stumble into a sort of loophole.

They have 1 of the scrolls of psychic surgery left, and can now enter the dreamlands at will, and attempt to use the scroll without fear of losing it because it is a dream thing.

This makes gaining sanity/madnesses irrelevant in my game unless I nerf it as they can freely remove all their lesser madnesses/ability damage/drain etc

Anyone got some suggestions to help me out here?