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I had a few questions regarding the RAW perception skill.

1. Let's say you have a party walking down a corridor with a corner at the end. Ten feet from the corner is a creature with total cover from the party (because of the wall). The creature is deaf, and automatically fails its perception check to hear the party. The creature is not stealthing, not moving, and not talking. What perception check, if any, would the party get, and at what point would they make it?

2. When it comes to perception DC modifiers (+1/10 ft, etc.), are the modifiers applied in a straight line from the perceiver to the source, or does it take the path of least resistance, to modifiers that are most beneficial to the one making the check. For example, in the corridor scenario, assuming the party gets to make a perception check, would the DC be determined by drawing a straight line through the corner (incurring the penalties from going through a wall,or by going around the corner, avoiding the wall?

I'm curious how other GMs draw maps in their games. Do you draw the entire dungeon out as the players go through or only draw it out for tactical encounters? If it's the latter how do you deal with player navigation? I find relying on description alone tends to lead to more confusion, but I wanted to get other peoples' thoughts on it.

My party is about to explore Skull's Crossing and I was wondering how exactly the pit fiends bound to the dam suffered from any negative levels at all. A normal pit fiend gets a +24 on fortitude saves and it's only a DC 20 fortitude save to remove the negative level, so in the beginning they'd have to roll 1s to fail to shake off the negative levels. Considering the floodgates only opened 150 in the last 10,000 years, it seems both of the pit fiends would have plenty of time to recover in between floods to remove the levels.

Also, on a side note, couldn't a pit fiend with 19 negative levels still easily beat a party of 9th level PCs with its Sp. and Su. abilities?

The wording of the Plague event in the Ultimate Campaign rules seems unclear to me, especially the part about the plague spreading. Assuming a kingdom failed both of its stability checks and the plague spread to an adjacent hex, would the kingdom then have to make four stability rolls during the next event phase, two for each plagued hex, and then take the the multiple hits to unrest and stability?

Could a kingdom abandon a plagued hex during the edict phase and avoid taking the penalties during the event phase? And even so, would the plague in the abandon hex still spread?

Also, on a side note, the whole plague event seems like it would easily obliterate small kingdoms.