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Hi GM!

Before anything else, with full disclosure in mind, I'd like to ask if you are ok for someone who knows about the AP to apply for your game.

I'm a GM myself and I've been preparing this same AP for my F2F group. I ask this because even if everyone usually changes the APs to fit their group (in my case I've changed a lot of stuff), generally the main plots are preserved. I have a deep knowledge of all of it.

Aside from being interest in playing, I'd also like to see your take on it. I'm generally pretty good in separating player/character knowledge, but I'll understand if you prefer me not to apply.

I am in a similar situation. If that's disqualifying it's fine of course.

I have a couple of different character ideas that could easily fit into the SA path. If you wanted I could present those in addition to Junior.

Triplicate here.

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Well, this guy didn’t make it at the other Strange Aeons game, and it’s late in recruitment here, but screw it. Let’s see if he can make it at this "table." (Fair warning, I’m still new-ish to Pathfinder, so please correct me if I put something in the wrong place or what-not.)

Dhomirren Tailbitter
** spoiler omitted **...

Sticking with Naiyla, eh? Noice.

20 questions:

1.What emotion best describes your character?

2. What emotion does your character evoke in others?Friends would claim that Henrik is tender of heart, always looking for the best in people. Enemies might say that he is weak yet persistent.

3. What does your character need most?
Henrik needs a family. People to love him and to be loved by him. But in order to get that he needs to forgive himself for what he did in the past - once he is able to recall what he did.

4. What is your character’s goal in life?
To show others that love, compassion, and kindness truly can change the world for the betterment of all.

5. How does your character believe this goal can be accomplished? One small act at a time. And by rooting out the creatures from beyond that seek to enslave, destroy, and turn loved ones against each other.

6.Where did your character come from?
Henrik comes from a comfortable family in Lepidstadt, Ustalav. His father having been a respected professor of the university for which the city is most well known. And his mother a forlorn elf Though his father held Henrik accountable for his wife's death during childbirth, Dr. Cordovan did manage to pull strings in order for his son to attend the University. With the passing of Dr. Cordovan the University turned Henrik out and the young man was forced to find his own way in the world.

7.When did you grow up?
Though learning of his father's feelings pushed Henrik into maturity at a young age, it was not until he left University that he truly began to understand what it meant to "grow up." Always having had a knack for art, Henrik did his best to sell his works to survive. When the goddess Shelyn (or one of her heralds at least) took an interest in the malformed half-elf, Henrik found himself a would-be champion of the goddess of art, love, and beauty.

8. What values does your character hold? Sacred: compassion, innocence, and beauty (whether it be art, a living thing, or an action.) Ideologically opposed: harming innocents, destroying works of art, treating others as though they are not worthy of kindness.

9.How does your character dress? Henrik dresses no better than most street level merchants, opting for comfortably fitting clothes under a practical armored coat. His one concession to style is an elaborate is a simple filigree of a silvery metal woven into the cuffs of his sleeves. In his younger days, henrik kept his hair long and over his ears to hide the misshapen features. As he aged, Henrik began keeping his pulled back. The boots - which are slightly different sizes - on his feet have been repaired and patched and reinforced and stitched a multitude of times over the years.

10. What are your character’s means? Originally coming from a home where “wanting” was seldom an issue, it took Henrik quite a while to adjust to the lifestyle of earning a living. Most of his funds came from selling his paintings with small bumps confiscated from the hiding places of foul creatures. By far, Henrik’s greatest asset is his ability to befriend strangers wherever he goes. Often times this would lead to work of some kind and he invariably offered service or a percentage of his reward to whomever pointed him in the right direction. At some point the sword at his back began to whisper in Henrik’s mind. It spoke of helping the half-elf achieve great things similar to mother’s ancestor. Not just a powerful tool, the sword quickly became Henrik’s closest friend and eventually took the name Passion’s Ghaele, or simply Ghaele.

11.What are your character’s personal tastes? Henrik loves the sound of a charcoal pencil scratching across the surface of a sketchpad and the smell of pigments on canvas. A meal prepared by hands that truly cared for the full stomachs that would come after. The warmth of a cozy bed after a long journey. These are the things that bring Henrik comfort.

12.What are your character’s opinions? Henrik feels that children are among the most pure beings on Golarion and that, if it is in your ability to help, denying a child a loving home is among the worst sins one can commit. People put far too much importance on “intelligence” and “formal education.” Just because someone could not afford to attend The Acadmae in Cheliax does not mean they are dull. Ustalavic citizens spend too much time paying homage to the counts and barons and not enough time trying to better their communities.

13.What is your character’s comfort zone? Put Henrik in a room full of people who are openly sharing stories while a bard performs in the background and a blazing fire burns in a hearth and you will see him truly come to life.

14.Who has had the biggest impact on your character’s life? Henrik’s father, Dr. Cordovan, inadvertently instilled in Henrik the need to treat others (even those who at first appear to be undeserving) with goodwill. No person should be made to feel the way that Dr. Cordovan made his son feel.

15.What are some of your character’s unexpected quirks? Henrik finds nail biting to be a disgusting that he worked hard to break himself of. When working through a problem, be it academic or practical, Henrik often asks Ghaele’s opinion and many people assume he is simply thinking out loud. Henrik tends to avoid bright reds when he is painting, it is a color his father often wore.

17.What role does your character fill? Henrik is a frontline combatant and ranged support. He can probably offer a little more spellcasting that most Paladins and is able to remove harmful mental conditions. Outside of combat, he is a charismatic leader who knows that letting others utilize their own gifts is the best way to achieve victory.

18.What should the other players know about your character? Humanoid races (not monsters) will almost always be offered one chance to stand down. If they say "no" all bets are off. If/when memories come back, Henrik will most assuredly struggle with the fact that he was a fallen paladin. Anyone that offers wisdom or guidance in things that Henrik is openly less informed of will quickly become a the nicest way. He doesn't have all of the answers after all. Anyone that just wants to murderhobo or refuses redemption will find Henrik as an antagonistic individual.

19.What is your play style? I've been called a crazy person for the amount of time I spend in my characters' heads. I'm in it for the story. And I don't mean the greentext. Ttrpgs are a unique situation that allows for cooperative storytelling and that's what I like to see.

20.How do you want your character to die? If it has to happen during the course of the AP, I would prefer it to not be to random goblin #184. I try to avoid such deaths in my own games because while it is more "realistic" for any given enemy to take down a PC, it's not particularly fun for anyone. Besides, we're not playing PF for realism.

Just added Henric a HAlf-Elf Paladin (Mind Sword/Oath Against Corruption ) for Strange Aeons.

Chapel here submitting Henrik Vlastimil Cordovan. Mind Sword paladin with Oath vs Corruption.

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He remembers losing a duel atop a hill.