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NG Haan (WIld Warden) Soldier (Armor Storm/Star Knight) 7 | SP: 8/56 HP: 53/53 RP: 9/9 | KAC: 27 EAC: 25 vs CM: 32 (20% fortification) DR 5/-, elec res 5| F: 7 R: 6 W: 6 (+2 vs Spells) | Init + 3 Perc: +8 | Speed 35 ft/40 ft unarmored




Common, Haan, Brethedan

Strength 22
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 13
Charisma 12

About He-who-grinds-blades-to-dust

SP: 56 HP: 53

KAC: 27 (+14 Armor + 3 Dex)
EAC: 25 (+12 Armor + 3 Dex)

Base Speed: 40 ft With Armor 35

Reach 10 ft:
Battleglove: [dice=The Iron Legs of Justice] 1d20 + 13; 1d4 + 20 [/dice] (9 [1.5 Str via Melee Striker] + 4 [Hammer Fist] + 7 [Weapon Spec])

[dice=The Venom, DC 13 Fort or take 2d6 damage til save is made] 1d20 + 10; 1d4 + 12 + 2d6 [/dice]

Reach 15 ft:
Apprehending CryoPike: [dice= The Pike of Common Sense] 1d20 + 13; 1d8 + 17 [/dice]
1 per 10 min rest get free trip attempt on hit.

Ghost Killer Thunderhead Dragonglaive [Dice=Glaiving Through Evil (Sonic/Electric)] 1d20 + 13; 2d8 + 17 [/dice]

Starknife Trailblazer: [dice= Chucking a Star from my Mandibles] 1d20 + 13; 1d4 + 13 [/dice]

Hutchket Rifle [dice=Old School Bug Gun] 1d20 + 10; 1d8 + 7 [/dice] 80 ft range

Single-Wave Divergent Laser (60 ft Blast) [dice=Laser Blast Gun Fire] 1d20 + 10; 1d8 + 7 [/dice]

Social: Xenowardens (Add +2 to Life Science to ID plants and animals, Expend for 20% discount on certain weaponry)
Ally: Duskmire Allegiance Yeti: +1 Fort, Dex, Str checks
Promotional : Reroll (Starfinder Year of the Scoured Stars T Shirt)
Starship: Defender of the Fleet
Slotless: Starfinder Insignia: Tier 1 Datapad
Faction: Exo-Guardians (improved)


Fortitude: 1d20 + 7
Reflex: 1d20 + 6
Will: 1d20 + 6
vs magic: +2 on all saves

Athletics +12 ( +3 Str + 6 Rank + 3 Class Bonus -2 Armor Check)
Acrobatics +5 (+3 Dex + 1 Rank + 3 Class Bonus -2 Armor Check)
Life Science +12 (+0 Int + 7 rank + 3 Class Bonus + 2 feat)
Intimidate +13 (+1 Wis + 7 Rank + 3 Class Bonus + 2 feat)
Survival +12 (+1 Wis + 7 Rank + 3 Class Bonus +1 Theme)
Perception +8 (+1 Wis + 7 Rank)

1 Starknifes L
1 Tactical Pike 1
1 Ceremonial Plate Mail 2
1 Irridescent Spindle Aeon Stone
30 foot of cable 3L
2x mk 1 serum of healing
1 ring of resistance mk 2 (Reflex/Fort) (magic item 1)
Aura Goggles (Magic Item 2)
Mk 2 Synaptic Enhancer (Str)
Mk 1 Ability Crystal (Int)
Vesk Overplate w/ Electrostatic Field and Jump Jets
Venom Spur (hand)
Speed Suspension (minimal)

1 Skill Synergy (Life Science and Intimidate)
3 Spell Bane
5 Kinetic Resistance
7 Cleave

Racial: Web Balloon: Once per 10 minute rest: fly as Flight 1 as reaction to falling
Racial: Fire Breath: Once per 10 minute rest: Fire breath 30 ft cone 1d6+1 damage (DC 12 Reflex Half)

Armor Storm Style
Hammer Fist (Ex) 1st Level
You treat any unarmed attack you make while wearing
heavy or powered armor as being made with a battleglove with an item level equal to or lower than your soldier level, and you calculate damage for these attacks as if you had the melee striker gear boost or +2 to damage if you already have melee strike.(see page 112).

Armor Mastery (2nd Level)
You gain proficiency with light armor. If you are already proficient
with light armor, you instead gain proficiency with heavy armor.
If you are already proficient with heavy armor, you instead gain
a fortification ability when wearing heavy armor or powered
armor. Your fortification gives you a 20% chance that a critical
hit is treated as a normal attack, dealing normal damage and not
applying any critical effect. You roll your fortification percentage
chance before the critical hit’s damage is rolled. If you have a
fortification ability from another source (such as a force field),
you instead increase the chance of a critical hit being created as
a normal attack by 20% (to a maximum of 100%).

Melee Striker (Gear Boost 3rd)
Add an additional bonus equal to half your Strength bonus to damage rolls with melee weapons.

Challenge: 4th. As Full Round Act, move and strike. Roll Intimidate Check to Demoralize. If successful on Demoralize, target also off-target against not-you

Enhanced Tank: +1 Upgrade Slot, Powered Armor Prof

Holy Attack (Su) - 6th Level
A Knight of Golarion can choose the holy attack alternate class feature. This acts as the anchoring attack alternate class feature, but it grants the holy weapon fusion as a standard action to any weapon of 2nd level or higher that the knight wields.

Protector of the Wild (6th Level)
You harm creatures of the wilderness only when necessary for survival, preferring to simply knock them unconscious whenever possible. When you use a weapon that deals lethal damage to deal nonlethal damage to a creature of the animal, plant, or vermin type that you have identified with a successful Life Sciences check, you don’t take the standard –4 penalty to your attack rolls. In addition, if you are dealing nonlethal damage in this way and score a critical hit, you can choose not to impose any of your weapon’s critical hit effects. Finally, you can use Life Science to provide first aid (as per the Medicine task) to creatures of the animal, plant, and vermin types.

Gear Boost: Unstoppable Strike:
Your attacks with weapons that deal energy damage slice through part of your target’s resistances. If your attack with a weapon does not already overcome the target’s energy resistance, treat the target’s energy resistances as though they were each 5 lower.At 15th level, treat the target’s energy resistances as 10 lower.