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I brought this mini module while purchasing the mass combat and the exploration guides to the River Kingdoms by the same company. I mainly purchased this product on a whim with the idea that it would have a map I could use on a VTT like maptool of D20pro. Unfortunately the colour maps are some of the worse I have ever seen in a gaming product. The cave walls are done in colour but the cave floors of the "color map" are plain white with a grid on it!

The mini adventure is little more than a few stats for a group of Kobolds, some thing I could knock up my self in Herolab given a few minutes. If you want to see some pathfinder mini adventures that are done right and have decent maps and a adventure that didn't take five minutes to write I suggest you take a look at Super genius's One Night Stand Range.

This product reminds me of d20 shovel ware of yesteryear, if I had come across and downloaded a free version of this quality of adventure I would of immediately deleted it of my hard drive. That’s what I have done with this adventure. AVOID!

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great module


Every you need in one handy package.I wish more publishers did full battle map tiles for their adventures. I managed to import the map tiles into D20pro and plan to use this module online. I brought two other modules in the range on the strength of this module but the map tiles had half a square tile on the top row of each map tile which makes it harder to import. I am going to have to assemble the maps in GIMP first before importing them to D20proL

It would be great in future modules if there is a seperate jpeg of the map done with 25 to 50 pixels to the square. This would make it very easy to use on most Virtual Tabletops

Aside from that the actual module is good