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You be Wearin This!!!


Excellent quality material. Graphic is nice & clear & has held up to many washings. Wore this, along with the goblin hat at ReaperCon '14 when I ran We Be Goblins for PFS play.

Love Paizo goblins!!

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Buy this if you want to run Savage Tide!!!


just got my order yesterday from Paizo (great service btw) & it included this book. I have the pdf, the High Rez version & while it's free compared to the $5.00 + shipping for the book, I'd still say get this book before you decide to run the game. Being able to look at the book without having to go to the pdf window is a godsend + being able to read the book away from the computer is also a godsend.

From the great cover artwork by Todd Lockwood to the interior maps & such + the quality of the glossy paper. It's a great bargin.

Even thou I gave it 5 stars, I would have rather seen the map on the inside cover as a fold out poster, but you get that if you buy the Dungeon Magazine that starts the Savage Tide adventure path, so no worries.

thanks, Paizo!!